: What would your grandma say if she knew how you talked about her?
She would tell you to suck her toes
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253IQ (EUW)
: ***
What does it have to do with anything?
253IQ (EUW)
: Kha'Zix is suck ?
This post is suck?
: What is the hardest champion?
jayce is not hard he is just very strong
Yehlemena (EUW)
: So I'm a smurf
are you retarted? this is an aram game wtf are you %%%%%ing about? not even a ranked game or smth
: I'm playing 3vs3 cause the nightmare with the trolls will end faster. I had many games the last 2 days with more players like Teemo ruining my games. And it wasn't just Teemo in this specific game, it was his premade Malphite too who was feeding.
you are playing flex 3v3 in silver why are you even talking about other players?
lXiIuLisa (EUW)
: I'm obviously better than you loool but that doesn't make you just "average" you're still trash though.
you are for sure better than me at making autistic threads but dont think you are better at league just yet {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
lXiIuLisa (EUW)
: never bet money you're clearly very bad at bets lol
And you are very bad at league lol
Raül (EUW)
: ***
you are maining janna in g5 not me so you are the autist {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: The current state of League for ADC
yeah kaisa lucian draven vayne sivir are really irrelevant lmao
Filles01 (EUNE)
: How to play from silver to gold?
you have 94% winrate from 18 games on kaisa what struggles? just keep playing adc your kds are good
Raül (EUW)
: Janna Buff Pre-Season 9
Yeah lets increase the autistic janna mains community cuz its not enought rn
: How much difference is there in skills between high bronze and low gold?
you can never know just like p1-2 players usually a lot better than most creatures you can find in d5
lXiIuLisa (EUW)
: 4 years and matchmaking has not improved
http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=lXiIuLisa%20 7 days ago 7 games in 1 you had a positive normal kd and you are talking about others being garbage xd
: The amount of toxic players today is insane
you are playing in euw the L9 land and you expect it to be not toxic xd
lXiIuLisa (EUW)
: of course it is, when it happens a lot yeah they do
bruh u are playing "int sion" and i bet oyu suck %%%% every game and you blame riot that they decide who wins?
: I can't seem to win any ranked games
you are s3 with 31% winrate and you played only sona how are you expecting to win?
: EUNE is making me hate this game
go to euw L9 land see how it is
: > [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JH8qLLVA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-21T20:38:50.426+0000) > > High diamond is where ADC's usually get peel from their teams. Im in silver 2 and still its sad to see they dont chance Much from bronze there
wtf are u expecting from them to do if you are in silver 2. silver 2 is the same lvl of a normal game no one cares about you or teamplay they are playing for themselves cuz they can carry sometimes and secondly if its the late game no one will give u a chance to get a kill cuz u cant let the enemy have a chance to escape in the late game
YernneF (EUW)
: Help me climb if you can !
find yourself a duo and you will start winning a lot more but if you are talking abotu solo play so your kda's arent looking that good 4 of them are under 2 and that's means you are dying a lot more than you need so i guess you might be over aggressive sometimes so try playing safer and increase your cpm that will help a lot in terms of powerspikes
: Ranked games become really fun now!
Gl when you get d5 its like bronze all over again while you dont get to d3 or higher xd
YasuoDude (EUW)
: My play style on my main.
just increase your champ pool find some more champs that can carry more or try to play meta sometimes cuz if you made 0 progress from last year in 400 games it means your yasuo isn't as good as it needs to be or its jsut not the champ that you are able to climb with although your winrate is really high on him or maybe the problem is the jax not the yasuo :() watch yasuo streams or lcs games so you can see what they are trying to do late game
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: You won't improve your gameplay by playing against players that are worse than you.
xd? where's the logic here? he plays ranked against the people at the same skill level not worse than him
: broken *in worlds*. check her stats. shes average across the board.
http://gol.gg/champion/champion-stats/140/season-S8/split-ALL/tournament-World%20Championship%20Play-In%202018/patch-ALL/role-ADC/league-ALL/ very average xddddd
: game is too team depedant
play kaisa {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Nolex (EUNE)
: You spend 3 years in bronze 5. my god.
you spent 3 years in low plat. my god.
Proppa (EUW)
: Identifying Power Spikes.
who cares just play kaisa
BC Zeus (EUW)
where is the problem?

thehero0123 bad

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