: Explain me mate what is the logic of downvoting someone who is being in such a nasty situation which he couldn't possibly help.
They are just edgy kids, that's it. I know they'll grow up one day so I'm not even mad.
: Hey, Unfortunately, due to the way the very internet itself works, there's no way for us to determine whether you disconnected because your power went out (unintentional, most of the time, although you could turn off your power at the fuse box) or because you unplugged the Ethernet cable (intentional, most of the time). As a result we have to just assume that you left on your own accord. :/ If this is the first time it has happened then no need to worry, you'll get that LP back in no time!
: Someone already downvoted you but I upvoted you because it is indeed a shitty situation to be in. I can relate to it, but I don't think the system doesn't have another solution because it can't detect whether you dc'd or had a power shutdown or a blue screen.
They could just punish those who keep going AFK but honestly taking away someone's LP is just stupid imo because you take away both the troll's lp and those people's lp who didn't afk intentionally. Edit: What is up with these edgy 15-16 year old kids downvoting everything?:D
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ElectricKui (EUNE)
: Please help me i receive a wrongly bann
: Fix matchmaking, this is just absurd.
Btw why is it showing promotion for the master tier?:p Masters can only promote to challenger if they reach a certain LP level like 600 there is no promotion games :p
: I am silver. The majority of players are silver why cant i get matched with people of my skill level in a normal game. I dont mind goldies in my matches but plat and above just ruins my mood to play. Its anti-fun.
In normals i get unranked and bronzies, silvers tops, and I'm diamond 2, normal is for trying out builds and going casual
Ficaaaaaaa (EUNE)
: Good job Riot
Started league in season 4, since then I get constant idiots as well, this is how the game has always been. Mostly asshole people. I don't know what elo you are but for me in diamond 2 the queues are never longer than 3 minutes at any time of the day
Jhynx (EUW)
: ***
Looks like the problem persists even if I just simply relog. I know smurfing is a big problem and I HATE THEM. There are actually more smurfs in diamond than silver/gold and those elos from my experience. But at least if I smurf I'll climb to where I was very quickly and I won't bother you, for example on my smurf I won 10 placements, got plat 3 and already playing with diamond mmr.
: Damn, I didn't see your thread before posting mine. This just happened to me too. I lost all my settings, including item sets.
Especially fun when you are tired and don't wanna tryhard on high elo main so you just hop onto plat 1 smurf and you have to redo all of your 50 keybindings
I voted no because the game is actually becoming more fun for me, might only be because I'm starting to get good(not trying to flex, kappa), but the game has always been a buggy piece of garbage. The game is good, the company is garbage. I mean they are nice people but GOD they are bad at maintaining the game
Tom6605 (EUW)
: I have 2 EUW accounts and i'm trying to create an NA account
: Banned for no reason
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Fajerk (EUW)
: If you mute the player emotes will not show.
I already ticked that box but it does nothing, amazing system
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Ok then. > Why replace the current mastery and rune system? It works perfectly fine, and maybe not with 97% discount but with a 75% discounted it wouldn't be overpriced either because current rune system is old and boring, it's only flat stats. Also i don't get your part about discounts it doesnt match with the rest of the sentence or do you think the cost is the main issue of it? Which was also adressed with the fact that runes are gonna be free. > Also why remove IP? So blue essence can't only be used in hextech crafting and so you open less chests therefore more $$$ ? Im guessing it's mainly because blue essence and IP have the same role or at least very similar one. According to Riot players should be able to get chiampions at a bit faster rate, but it's mostly gonna be the same so there isnt really any extra cash to be gained here. As mentioned previously Riot is making runes free so they're actually risking to lose money with these changes. > Jesus, thought this company couldn't get any lower but Riot outdid themselves again and they listen to 14 year old fanboys who say "Nice change I'm so excited" at every new thing they implement, instead of listening to actual constructive criticism. Lay the downvotes on me, I know you will, but I really hope I get an actual Riot employee to answer my question of what drugs they are on. stuff like this just makes and what's with all this disrespect and insults, it's what makes me question if your curiousity is genuine
I really like this game. I'm here from the beginning, but every single season they are doing more and more questionable decisions. In short my problem is great game, shitty community but even worse company and game changes. Might be just only me since everyone seems to be loving the new changes.
: The only reason why they removing Runes is, game is Pay to win, you have to grind IP for champions, then 6300 for rune page, then 16-19k IP for tier 3 runes full set that's why they reduce price, now you can buy runes cheap, after 2 months, there will be no more flat or scaling damage, defense or offence stats owned by everyone the Champs who need time to level up and need items to snowball, are basically receiving buff from this and the champ who can snowball early are getting nerfed, coz you cannot have that free +20 damage or whatever stats they want
I understand where you are coming from,but I think you are incorrect. Despite my bronze icon which hasn't updated on boards for some reason for years, I'm diamond so I think I have a pretty good knowledge of League. If they reduced the rune prices by like 75% they are perfectly affordable. You will have to grind the same amount for new champs, but this time you are using your blue essence so you'll activate less stuff therefore you spend more on the game by buying RP to unlock that champion you really want. Another thing you said is some champions can just stack aggressive runes early and then just snowball. Anyone can do that, but then you will have no resistances and you'll get oneshot. I'm top 1,000 katarina with about 250 games and 65% winrate, and I tried both the full magic penetration rune page and I tried rune pages with resistances as well, and I have to say I prefer the resistances because even though I do a lot more damage, I just get deleted by the enemy adc in 2-3 basic attacks.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It doesnt look like you're loking for awnsers, but just to complain.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Umm, at earlier seasons minnions did less damage, ranged speciffically then in one of the seasons Riot buffed ranged minnion damage. I think the issue in the past was that ranged and melee minnion were exactly the same except for the fact that ranged were ranged, to differentiate them Riot made ranged minnions defences lower, but damage higher. From then on early game minnions started to hurt hard as %%%%.
I dont care if they change basic things like minions but these new runes...doesn't feel like the same game
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Phrase (EUW)
: i finally joined ranked, i need help
if u need help just reply to this comment im diamond I'll respond when i come home tomorrow
Gondas (EUNE)
: Hledam midare
sure bro, now the English version ?
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