Wex0r (EUW)
: i deffinatly think there will be people who wil download this and and play for hours. Does it keep tracks of what you got so far ? and can you do re rolls ? OK and the important question did you get riot to sign off on the artwork and trademark licenses ?
Riot allows fan projects to use their IP,under certain circumstances of course . Read their "Legal Jibber Jabber". Also, yeah it does save your progress, and no I haven't implemented re-rolls yet.
Wex0r (EUW)
: so this simulates opening a chest ?
Yeah, basically. But it's still in its early stages though.
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: Well yes its true but that works in your favor since that mechanism actively want to demote players wiht negative winrate and promot players whit positive winrate. Your current loseing streak us probably triggered by your Ahri games 2 Days ago there you went 1/6/2. Your team had a big mmr upper hand you should have won that one to continue your winningstreak. Since that you had only losegames there the enemy had a smal mmr i their favor. If the system works the sam in plat as in bronze you will have 0-1 losegames left so make sure you do your best because if you win a game Before demotion you are will likely be "carried" to promotion.
Yeah, I was thinking the same about the Ahri game. I don't wanna say anything yet, but I just won a game so maybe I broke it. We will see.
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