zvejas123 (EUW)
: Riot doesn't want us to play our own game modes?
Somebody already created custom hide and seek rules for summoners rift. google should help.
St4rscream (EUNE)
: Rotating game mode
Nemesis Draft is currently on the PBE.
: Kindness begins with you
LOL what a scrub wants to remake because cant carry the game... Kappa
: Sometimes life is unfair. But it usually makes up for it!
I think you should try to start using that 1% crit rune...
: I'm a {{champion:11}} OTP, so naturally {{champion:11}}. However, if I get top (which is my secondary role) I play {{champion:23}}, because even if he loses lane he can farm up and just group up in lategame teamfights and deal a lot of damage.
: Will there be any mode whitout voicechat? I really dont want to play whit that if i dont had to.
They said it will be optional, so it will not even be on automatically.
: OMG they probably stole your money and diposited it in a off-shore swiss bank account. ITS A CONSPIRACY I TELL YOU! xD Nah, but seriously, in the slim chance you're not trolling, keeping secrets in such an important relationship could only lead to disaster (or, if you're living in a 70's sitcom, much Hijinx). As to the skin, I am certain they temporarily removed it due to a game-breaking bug ot might of caused. Rito is a respectable company, you'll get what you payed for! Or you could just ask for a refund :P Wishing you all the best, Slayer
If interested: The skin was disabled because every time thresh would appear on your screen, yo screen would freeze for a second or so.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 26
Top: {{champion:23}} I just don't like this guy. Sometimes I can beat him early on and put him under his turret for a while, sometimes he will crit me a million times in a row and kill me. Jungle:{{champion:35}} Everytime I see this guy I just pray that he doesnt appear at my second buff. no matter who I play or what I do, he still gets me somehow. mid: {{champion:56}} the 2 times I have played against this guy have been a nightmare. (I just had to put that pun there,) Adc/bot: {{champion:22}} Stunned! ... ... ... You have been slain. Support: {{champion:53}} the not-so-common time when I play ADC this guy ALWAYS shows up. I hate him. beep boop.
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sparpo (EUW)
: I want to main another champion. Can anyone help me decide?
Nobody has over 1 million mastery points on lucian so goahead and main him.
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 25
1. {{champion:51}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:115}} 2. {{champion:222}} 3. {{champion:22}}
: I got my first pentakill
I have played since season 3 and never got a single pentakill. well this season I actually started trying to learn (silver 2 now, and will not stop!) and now I have 5 pentakills on total, 4 of them in ranked, and all of them on Yi.
Kerrie (EUW)
: " lol look at this boosted shit/animal "
Boosted animal? should be taken as a joke. boosted shit? thats wrong.
: How does Criticial Strike Chance work in LoL?
There is also currently a bug what makes Yi not work. if you have 100% crit chance, you only crit about 60% of the time :(
Colsh (EUW)
: I actually lost this game but one time me and my friend ended up in a 2v5 because everyone else dc'ed. I was Akali top(when she was op) and he was fiddle jungle. We went up about 34 vs 10 in kills and were 2v5ing really easy because he did AoE with his ult then I would clean up. We lost the game because we could not keep up with them split pushing as we could not cover all lanes but it was a fun game. http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/1833479075/38486802?tab=overview
I had even better game. Jax gets killed because he dc'd and never came back. bot getting ABSOLUTELY destroyed, they both DC. me, the jungler, and our aurelion mid left. then aurelion also left. SO MUCH FUN!
Rioter Comments
: Well i am not angry at Riot. It's a perfectly understandable issue and i just hope they'll make other mages more favorable than the current trio we have at the moment. The reworked abilities and interactions now are really cool imo.
Riot posted abut a hotfix patch they are going to do soon in NA boards.
: Even though dragon is taken so many times now, Rift Herald still doesn't seem to get its spot in fame even with the 20 minute buff.
I think its because the dragons are much more valuable, and people cant find time to take the rift herald. I like to take it if we lose dragon.
DarkMoon195 (EUNE)
: Permanently Banned.
You got your 14 day ban, and you should have knew only worse things are coming. Permanent is permanent. you can TRY to sent a ticket ti the riot support but they will usually just give you more reasons why you were banned.
: I got banned
Is there a way to unbind the chat button?
: Two Silver 3 players looking for another teammate.
Shìkì (EUW)
: Minor Bug on Final Boss Veigar (Reworked Veigar).
You should post this in the PBE boards.
: Udyr Gameplay Update based on Elemental Dragon rework
I think this is a very good base, but needs some fixing. AND you also have to count what happens when you turn on other stances.
: Servers are getting rekt
10 mins in LoginQ, the best Q of them all
Shadow XIX (EUNE)
: You complain about Zed, yet you don't complain about the Ezreal who becomes extemely broken with just 2 items (Manamune and Gauntlet). Of course you wouldnn't complain about Ezreal, since you are spamming him since the beggining of this season. You know when i see long posts complaining about Zed, I immediately assume that OP is an adc main. I looked you up and i was right. Now, lets discuss the points you made: 1) Yes, Zhonya's may be a high cost item, but it's super efficient vs Zed. It denies his ult, plus gives you 100 AP and 45 Armor. Now for these stats, its price is pretty logical. Also, you say that Zed will have dominated the lane before you even buy the item. Now, that's not true since you can play passively and not give him any free kills or you can ask for help from your jungler. 2) QSS is one of the best items ever and it's pretty funny that, you as an ADC main complains about QSS. QSS later builds into Mercurial which gives you Lifesteal and AD. What else do you want as an ADC? Plus, QSS, except for the fact that removes zed's ult and ignite which 90% of the time a Zed has, it's also a great item vs teams with lots of CC. Let me remind you that full AD teams can have a lot of CC. 3) That's not true at all, if a Zed is underfarmed and doesn't have kills till mid game, he is basically useless late game. You can suck with Zed but i guarantee you, you will be absolute garbage late game. Now if he gets ahead with lots of kills and farm, you already know the outcome, but that happens with every champion in the game if they get fed. 4) He had been strong for some time and immediately received nerfs not only on his W but on his R too. Also, Riot said they are planning to nerf him. Plus, with this new assasin tank meta and with the variety of tank items, he is having a rough time. 5) Yes, you do complain about Zed. Now as far as the skill goes, it takes skill to be a good Zed. His Q is quite easy as you say but his combos are not easy. You can;t spot the difference between a good and a bad Zed player when they are ahead but im sure you 'll understand that a good Zed can pull of combos much harder that you are able to think. Now as for the E, you mention that it is an aoe slow. True that but it's like you are referring to him as he is a tank or sth. Have you ever seen a Zed to go in first in a teamfight just to slow 4 people around him? Also, he offerrs little to no cc. His slow is there but it's not that great. As for his ult, a Zed hardly ever uses it as an engage tool in teamfights. As an assasin he uses his ult to take down squishy targets but not to engage. Also, all his ult damage comes from what he does in these 3 seconds. Now, a good Zed can do a lot but a bad Zed can't do s**t. Also, late game is just a pain in the ass for Zed. If the enemy team has a lot of cc, plus zhonyas or qss, he can do practicaly nothing. And that's because in order for him to get a kill, he needs to follow on his ult with damage abillities. However, in late game teamfights are more compact and teams almost always protect their carries which gives Zed very few options to kill someone. Now all i get from this post, is that a Zed in your game maybe carried the enemy team and you lost. Especially, in lower elos he has quite a big ban rate and as you said you can ban him every time you decide to play. In general i believe Zed maybe has no risk or punishment if he fucks up, but he is one of the most countered assasins in the game, and you can itemise well vs him as AD or AP. PS.1 My English isn't that great. PS.2 Yes, i play a lot of Zed and he is my favorite champion, dont search it up...
First time zed, went bot with my friend who played shen, destroyed lane, later when I got like 6/2, end up dying a million times because I cant even.
: Is there truly a new latency hack?
I actually played a game like this. It was looking like a normal game, but our bot was DESTROYING the other bot lane, I didnt check what was happening because I was focused on mid and top. HOWEVER. I went and counterganked bot when {{champion:421}} was bot. as soon as he used his tunnel, he just stopped. and we killed him. now I was just thinking, what a bad time to disconnect. but later it happened again to the enemy {{champion:236}} , he just stood there, doing nothing. and then it happened to enemy {{champion:25}} . and now I kinda see why our bot was so confident picking {{champion:157}} / {{champion:54}} bot.
: The saddest part is that by the end of season 5 the game was at the most balanced it had been in ages, needing some tweaks to champs like Fedora and stuff. Then they do the marksman patch and make everything shit. Also LOVE how they're nerfing the items of tank ekko/fizz, isntead of hitting their base damages on their DPS abilities and increasing base damage/scallings on their other abilities.
: It is a shame that the Mana Potion got removed from the game, there are only two ways of getting mana back by consumables - {{item:2033}} or {{item:2010}}. Plus the fact that as an AP Mid if you rush a Mana Regen item like {{item:3165}} {{item:3174}} then you aren't itemising vs the Zed since the MR goes to waste and it only delays the {{item:3157}} making you even more more vulnerable until you get the item. Meanwhile {{champion:238}} rushes {{item:3155}} and odds are he wins the 1v1s from then onwards and the only way at the moment an AP can stand a chance vs him is by taking {{summoner:3}} instead of {{summoner:14}}. This season is favouring some champions more than others and it is unfair.
They Are actually changing {{item:3157}} , it will be much cheaper, but will give a bit less ap, and cooldown is longer.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: 1st April turned to a marketing & money making event instead of a fun event, I'm very disappointed
Goofrian (EUW)
: Teamwork Game play Quiz time
1.A, Even if he is bad, I know how to help and give him tips. 2. B, Zed can later roam top with or without me, starting the snowball there too. 3. B, Mundo can be the frontline, and since any fight they may try to do will be 3vs4, we have the advantage. 4. Based on how they say it to me, if they just scream in full caps and tell me to get cancer, B, otherwise A. 5. Based on their/our team, but probably A.
: Worst april's 1st ever
Nalenthas (EUW)
: Set up for disappointment. Draven-Day instead of URF
LoyalCircle (EUNE)
: Riot Please Ignore April 1 Next time
> APRIL FOOLS without URF is like JAX without rageblade More like: APRIL FOOLS without URF is like a JAX with a real weapon.
: Riots never care about players feeling who are not into the Draven
Adama (EUW)
: What did you get in your free hextech chest?
Toy soldier Gankplank. This skin is stupid because it still has the same VO
: Blurry in-game UI
same thing, but if I press TAB they come back to high. O-o
: LF bronze 1-2 jungler for duo
I would, but Im on EUNE. take a upvote tho
: LeBlanc or Kassadin
Lb is much stronger, but nobody expects the kassadin.
Driveskull (EUNE)
: Zilean - Old Guy with beard can be sexy
Saryn (EUW)
: Imagine if he had a real weapon! {{champion:24}}
Real weapon really stronk!
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 23
{{champion:266}} I like him alot, bit there there is just so many better champions to pick {{champion:38}} He is great being an anti-mage, but because hes early game AND AD assasins being great, he isnt too great. but, I have an odd feeling I should start playing him... {{champion:13}} I want him to be better, but I just simply dont know what could we do about him to not break him.
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: I am the support you hate! ...
So, you are the guy that I dont even notice, and the just randomly appears in teamfights?
: On AP, you can also try ekko jungle. But out of those two, I'd say Gragas if the team needs a tank or nidalee if otherwise.
Or... Teemo jungle.
Obbly (EUW)
: Locked Cam
Happens to me too, usually happens after I respawn.
Dane Sha (EUW)
: Pro as heck guide to Master YI (Updated)
Instead of {{item:3086}} double swords, can I build {{item:3046}} spooky double swords?
riscant (EUNE)
: Don't look at this if you don't have at least a 2 year experience!
Rioter Comments
: I have to agree, the champion just contradicts itself. There is no combo's that you can do with it to burst someone down. Get someone like Shyv with high movement speed, she will simply dodge all the orbs and take no damage. The escape is also useless because if he takes any damage, he instantly comes back down to the ground. The movement passive about moving in a straight line, essentially making him a useless laner because you need to always be moving and making sharp turns constantly in lane. He is a champ that is meant to stay away from the enemy and move fast but also get in their faces for no reason. There will be players that will work out how he works to perfection and they will play really really well with him, I can see him carrying games when played right but we are talking LCS level pro. Probably gonna be one of the lowest picked champions in the game. If not interrupted though, that E will be insane for ganks, no way you can ward against that range.
What I think is that you are meant to stay away from teamights, and then when one is about to happen, you QE. making your Q undodgeable with a 2 second stun. Also, the ganks with his E? there is a small orb thing that shows where he is going to land.
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