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: name: Philip ign: Pleasure is mine Age: 16 Role: Adc Country: Greece Languages: English, Greek Why choose me? I've been playing league for a long time now and I understand the game and how it should be played.
Welcome to tryouts.
Sillu1321 (EUNE)
: ***
Welcome to tryouts.
: 1) Name, Surename Alfred 2) IGN (EUNE ) Fakertiltedwife 3) Role (You are applying for ) Jungle 4) Country Sweden 5) Age 16 6) Languages. Swedish and English 7) Why should we choose you? Because I'm playing to imrove and have always been very competetive. I have played many teamsports and i want to be in a team in league of legends too. So i have been in team enviorments before.
Welcome to tryouts.
: 1) Name, Surename / Robert 2) IGN (EUNE ) / Δ MIDKinG Δ 3) Role (You are applying for ) / MID 4) Country / Lithuania 5) Age / 18 6) Languages / English, Lithuanian 7) Why should we choose you? Because I have been playing this game since season 1, what means I have huge experience, was challanger 3 times already, and I think Im one of the best MIDLANERS on this server. :p
vadr (EUNE)
: [EUNE] Forming a serious team
If anyone wants to try themselves, don't be shy.
Leguik (EUNE)
: LF experienced support player to duo (Gold/Plat)
Lel, so many scrubs want to get boosted.
Arzzo (EUW)
: She is especially bad in Soloq, she has a weak early game compared to a few adc's, obviously because she is a hyper carry. But why play the weakest hypercarry in the meta if you can play much more efficient ones. Jinx got a buff recently and still still almost never picked. About the facts, Jinx has on every single Server on every single elo a negative winrate, her pickrate is also pretty low that you see her max 1 time in 20 ranked games. A Champion is considered good for climbing if he has at a MINIMUM a winrate of 51% or more. Talking about the facts, many more adc's are much safer picks, comparisons to similar roles as jinx that do it just better as hypercarries. Tristana: She has mobility, she has a spell that pushes a threat away, she has a higher range lategame and she shreds towers much faster than jinx. Vayne: Absolutely insane in fights, slight mobility with her tumbl, tons of true damage, a condemn that pushes threats away or even stuns them for a pretty decent time and a pretty strong stealth ability which also boosts her damage Output. Xayah: The only downpoint on xayah compared to jinx is that she doesn't push the towers as fast, everything else much higher and more consistent damage output and pretty good snare abilities. Twich: Now I think twitch speaks for himself. Varus: Still a stronger pick than jinx, by far, is good in poke comps, has also a pretty good damage output especially on tanks, heal reduction and he has a pretty strong ultimate when placed, forces the enemies to split up so they don't get all hit by it. Kow Maw: Maybe the most vulnarable adc of all the one's I mentioned so far, thus his insanely high range makes it much easier for him to position, also his %age damage is insane against tanks, not to mention kog does both, Magic and physical damage which makes it not that easy to handle since you Need both the defensive stats to tank him out. The reason why Jinx sucks in Soloq and i mean especially in soloq, is because she maybe THE most teamreliant adc that exists atm, if both have the same lvl and noone has an item advantege over the other, jinx is most likely to automaticly lose a fight against every other adc. So no, jinx is not good in soloq at all, many famous Diamond - Challenger Players who know a single bit about the adc role mentioned that
vadr (EUNE)
: [EUNE] Looking for a Coach/Analyst
Arzzo (EUW)
: Okay, not be be toxic but... the clichéé is WAY to heavy here. 4 Out of 5 champs your are "maining" are exactly those champs the community identifies with the word toxic, the 5t champ is just a pretty bad pick. Honestly as ADC DON'T pick Jinx, she is in a pretty bad state rn. 2nd point, if you can't climb solo, one premade won't do to much difference. 3rd point, if only ONE lane is loosing all the time, shouldn't that give you an advantege to win more? Cuz apparently 2 lanes in your team should be winning by conclusion which makes 2 > 1. There are 2 things to speak out, you either lack mechanics to efficiently snowball and win fast, and which im pretty sure of, your decition making is most likely pretty bad, exactly BECAUSE you main champions that have a need for more micromechanics. Don't make it hard for yourself, spamm something like malzahar or annie and you are gonna improve your decition making by quite a lot and thus win much more games cuz you don't need to focus on mechanics.
Actually Jinx is good in soloQ.
: im 19 yrs old student. i was working with some teams but that was nothing special. i did some spreadsheets for tournaments the others spreadsheets i did was for polish league
Add me in Discord, please.
ProDem0N (EUNE)
: 1) Darko Andonov 2) ProDem0N 3) mid/jungle 4) Macedonia 5) 20 6) Macedonian,English 7) I am experienced player current ranking master, have played lots of tournaments I am worth the shot :))
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kailor (EUNE)
: 1) Savvas 2) Kailor 3) top 4) Greece 5) 17 6) Greek,English 7) Big champion pool,knowledge of top laning face, Flexible {{champion:92}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:58}}
Welcome to tryouts.
Xiouuu (EUNE)
: 1) Bob Diamantakis 2) Xiouuu 3) mid-top 4) Greece 5) 24 6)Greek, English 7) Experienced in moba games for like 8 years. Map awareness, team play, dominance on my lane especially on top giving space to my team.
Thank you for your interest, unfortunately, I can not say, we're impressed by your Mid/Top results.
SilencerGr (EUNE)
: 1) Andreas Panagos 2) SIlencerGr 3) Knowledge of bot lane both support and adc. 4) Greece 5) 29 6) Greek, English 7) My experience in moba games comes from dota and dota 2. I am an ex proffesional player in dota. I got more than 9 years experience in moba games so i can understand the game mobility plus my map awareness is in high level.
: 1) Dimitar Rusev 2) Tensa Zangetsu 3 3) Jungle 4) Bulgaria 5) 17 6) Bulgarian, English 7) Why not? Im playing league from 5 years. When we are 5 premades we play Flex instead normals, so I have experience with team playing in ranked. I choose champions in champ select from current situation so I can play AD, AP and tanks.
Welcome to tryouts.
Defender (EUNE)
: 1) Name, Surename: Marcin Barwiński 2) IGN (EUNE ): Defender 3) Role (You are applying for ): Supp 4) Country: Poland 5) Age: 25 6) Languages: Polish,English 7) Why should we choose you? : Because I read the map well and understand this game.
Please to join the Discord channel to proceed, Marcin.
Coulibali (EUNE)
: 1) Name, Surename: Ádám Markal 2) IGN (EUNE ): Coulibali 3) Role (You are applying for ):Jungl 4) Country: Hungary 5) Age: 21 6) Languages: Hungarian, English 7) Why should we choose you? : i would say im better than avarage in jungl.
Welcome to tryouts.
vadr (EUNE)
: Please, join the channel, Nico.
Thank you for attending, have a good luck there.
vadr (EUNE)
: Welcome abroad, Toni.
Thank you for attending, have a good luck.
Sashii (EUNE)
: 1) Name, Surename: Alexander Kunchev 2) IGN (EUNE): Hofhearted 3) Role (You are applying for): Top Lane 4) Country: Bulgaria 5) Age: 19 6) Languages: English, Bulgarian, German 7) Why should we choose you?: Heey it's me Hofhearted. I got invited personally my vadr a couple of days ago. I think I've made up my mind and I wanna do my best to join and get a team forward. I've been playing since season 2 and I've been following the competitive scene for a long time. I love playing competitive. I've been playing on the ESL Open Ladder I've gotten up to number 9 out of 444people I believe on the 1v1 ladder. I'm college student so till the end of the week I'll be getting in from 22 to about 4am bulgarian (GMT +3) time however when the week ends I should be available from 20 to 4 for 8 hours for warmups games or anything else. I don't know the training times but if it's not in there I might fit it in nevertheless ^^ Of course I'm gonna say I'm a good player but I'm not gonna go into details about it :D I suppose that'll come up in the trials. I'm a Garen main and I mainly use lane minion manipulation to outfarm and get ahead. I love the game and I can't wait to try it out in a more serious team. Thanks for reading the wall of text :D Have a nice day ^^
Welcome to the tryouts, Alex.
Lovs (EUNE)
: 1) Name, Surename: Arek 2) IGN (EUNE ): Lovs 3) Role (You are applying for ): ADC 4) Country: Poland 5) Age: 22 6) Languages: polish, english, some german and a bit of spanish 7) Why should we choose you? I've been playing the game for 5/6 years total, been intrested in pro scene since the beggining, followed it step by step and was silently learning how 5v5 premades are different from soloq and in wich aspecsts. I believe I would be both good player and also could give quite some notes, maybe be a shotcaller.
Welcome to tryouts.
Huusiii (EUNE)
: 1) Name, Surname : Fredrik Huus 2) IGN (EUNE ) : Huusiii 3) Role : Support 4) Country : Norway 5) Age : 17 6) Languages : Norwegian, English, a bit French 7) Why should we choose you? : Because i am an adaptive player who likes to play many different champions in support role. I always look to improve, and I am a pretty tilt-proof player who doesn't flame.
Welcome to the tryouts.
Bp1Tep (EUNE)
: 1) Name, Surename : Stanko Joranović 2) IGN (EUNE ) : Bp1Tep 3) Role (You are applying for ) : Top/Mid/Adc/Jng 4) Country : Serbia 5) Age : 19 6) Languages : Serbian, English 7) Why should we choose you? I'm playing league for a long time and i can work good with team, i'm able to adapt to any team and play stile we need. I'm able to play new league clash tournament everyday and other tournaments we sign up for.
I am ready to tryout you for the team.
: 1) Name, Surname : Toni Marko Peša 2) IGN (EUNE ): Hotline Bling 3) Role (You are applying for ): Support/Toplane 4) Country: Croatia 5) Age: 21 6) Languages: Croatian, English, German 7) Why should we choose you? High elo tournament experience, former member of Bontech gaming (VIP Adria League), have a lot of game knowledge etc.
Welcome abroad, Toni.
: 1) Name, Surename: Bartosz 2) IGN (EUNE ) : BladeLegends 3) Role (You are applying for ): Support 4) Country: Poland 5) Age: 23 6) Languages: PL/ENG 7) Why should we choose you?:im good player :)
Gángsta (EUNE)
: 1) khaled 2) Gángsta 3) mid 4) Egypt 5) 17 6) arabic/english
Welcome to the tryouts, Khaled.
vadr (EUNE)
: Eric, I'd like to sign you up for the tryouts. To proceed, please to join the Discord channel.
Thank you for your interest in a team, good luck for my fellow countryman.
nnico (EUNE)
: 1) Nico 2) nnico 3) ADC 4) Denmark 5) 25 6) Danish,English,Farsi 7) I always wanna improve, im meta adaptive, i have a history as a coach and know a lot about the game and can be a voice ingame
Please, join the channel, Nico.
xFreeZzee (EUNE)
: 1. Milo 2. eune xfreezzee 3. adc 4. Poland 5. 19 6. English/Polish 7. Im tiltproof i want to improve and play competivive. Plus we played together two games duoq so you kinda know what to expect from me.
Welcome to tryouts!
U Kva (EUNE)
: Ohh its okay... but I am just messing around in preseason.. Did u look at my flex rank or solo dou?
I've meant your soloQ rank, I've carefully been through your profile.
: 1. Eric Spure 2. Derick danger (euw) Der1cks briesmas (eune) 3. Adc 4. Latvia 5. 21 6. Latvian/English 7. Lan experience and interview skillz
Eric, I'd like to sign you up for the tryouts. To proceed, please to join the Discord channel.
U Kva (EUNE)
: 1. Name.. Thomas Leonovs 2. ING.. Karry 3. Role ADC/Supoort 4. Contry.. Latvia 5. Age.. 18 6. Languages.. Latvian English Russian 7. Why should we choose you? I play around 5 games per day.. i have good macro knowlage.. and i usaly play with others.
Hello, Thomas. Thank you for your interest in the team. But, so far, you're not passing rank requirements mentioned above.
: 1) Name, Surename Valentin Nikolov 2) IGN (EUNE ) UnderYourskin 3) Role (You are applying for ) ADC/ Sup 4) Country Bulgaria but curently living in Denmark 5) Age 20 6) Languages Bulgarian, English 7) Why should we choose you?Playing for so long that probably I know every shit about this game :)
Valentin, please to join the Discord, so we can speak further.
Flopus (EUNE)
: serious and gold don't mix
You can re-read the article again, to understand where you went wrong.
Flippy34 (EUNE)
: 1) Name, Surename - Jaroslav Moravec 2) IGN (EUNE) - Flippy34 3) Role (You are applying for) - Top 4) Country - Czech Republic 5) Age - 18 6) Languages - Czech, English 7) Why should we choose you? - About myself: I am playing since end of season 1. I like competitive play but I dont have anyone to play with and this year I wanna push for Master or even Challenger no matter what. I always want to improve. I dont mind criticism as long as it is not toxicity. I am quiet guy but once I get to know you I wont stop talking. Even though I am young I know League really well. About my LoL playstyle: My main is TOP but I can play other lanes too. My career high was Dia II. Right now I am Plat III. I like to play bruisers and tanks my mains are {{champion:98}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:240}} but I am used to most top champs. But In the and I am just memer that wants to enjoy competitive play.
Jaroslav, I would like to sign you up for the tryouts, come to the Discord channel, please, so we can have a talk.
: 1) Name, Surename: Patricio Đošić 2) IGN (EUNE ) Maksimilijano 3) Role (You are applying for ): Mid 4) Country: Croatia 5) Age: 19 6) Languages: Croatian, English 7) Why should we choose you? Im playing this game for like 4 years and Im sick of playing solo/duoq or in some not serious team. Looking for something more and something bigger then that.
Thank you for your interest in the team, Patricio. At the current point I am not ready to accept you on the tryouts, but will be glad to meet you again, once you improve your performance.
kKeyn (EUNE)
: 1) Name, Surename: Kristaps Atslēga 2) IGN (EUNE ) kKeyn 3) Role (You are applying for ): Support 4) Country: Latvia 5) Age: 24 6) Languages: Latvian, English 7) Why should we choose you? Well, im always down to play team game. In solo Q not always thats possible! And ofc im always interested on trying somthing new!
Thank you for paying the interest in the team, Kristaps. So far, I don't see you're passing the first requirement. If your will is truly strong, come back when you meet all the criteria.
vadr (EUNE)
: So far, Damian, may I ask you to join the Discord channel, by following the link given?
Sorry, I didn't see you're not passing the requirements mentioned.
: 1) Name, Surename: Jakub Teodorowicz 2) IGN (EUNE ): Bequaskel 3) Role (You are applying for ): Jungle/ADC 4) Country: Poland 5) Age: 22 6) Languages: English/Polish/German ( a bit) 7) Why should we choose you?: I like memes
So far, Jakub, may I ask you to join the Discord channel, by following the link given?
Jesús Imaz (EUNE)
: 1) Name, Surename: Damian 2) IGN (EUNE ) BlackShrek 3) Role (You are applying for ) ADC 4) Country: Poland 5) Age: 23 6) Languages: Polish/English/Ger/Russian 7) Why should we choose you?: I like games with teamplay, without blame, without troll, in this team this can be possible. Cheers {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
So far, Damian, may I ask you to join the Discord channel, by following the link given?
D1me (EUNE)
: 1) Name, Surename: Nick Aiva 2) IGN (EUNE ): D1me 3) Role (You are applying for ): Mid 4) Country: Greece 5) Age:19 6) Languages: Greek, English 7) Why should we choose you? I have play in a lot teams in greece i have good experience at tournaments at esl so i can help the team with that. Also i can do good shotcalling in game ( i was doing that in my old teams). I never flame my mates and always try to focus on the game never give up at any point of the game. I think that i can give a lot to the team but also i have a lot to take.
Welcome to the tryouts!
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Finnap (EUNE)
: said the hardstuck not typical gold player..
Offended typical D5 player is much worse. :S
Finnap (EUNE)
: Im looking for a serious competetive team! Top lane main
Typical D5 player, not more than that.
31313 (EUW)
: Previous High Plat Jungler looking for DuoQ Partners
Gasparuz (EUNE)
: G1 69% winrate toplaner looking for a duo partner
: Yea sure . Silver player skills vs Platinum player skill . I am not that good at this game . Not enought to beat a platinum player ( that didn't got boosted ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
It is you who makes these limits, no one else does. Platinum players in general are the same Silver players, like it or not.
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