Únholy (EUW)
: If it's a draft mode, then yes, I agree with you. He was in the wrong. I was just making a point about blind games. People always want to report others simply because they called a position that was taken from them. In reality, there's no obligation to do so (i.e. give another player a position because he called it). It's just common courtesy and custom. Back to your predicament, It's unfortunate, yes, but, it is minor, and I still don't believe these sort of situations merit a report. People invest a great deal of time and energy (even money) into their accounts, is it really fair to ban that account simply because he hijacked your role? That's an over-reaction. People take the report system way too lightly. That's why it's a weak system. Somebody makes a bad decision? Report. Someone communicates in a distasteful way? Report. Someone constantly dies because they are being outplayed? Report. You suggesting I should be perma-banned because of my post is another example. It's absurd. You clearly have no notion of what constitutes an appropriate reaction for any given action, and so, you make extreme propositions. That's a very dangerous psychology. Just relax, accept it as a probable outcome (since many people have no interest in playing the SECONDARY ROLE), and adapt to the situation.
I said I lost 3 lp so it's ranked and it's draft.Ofcourse he's in the wrong.And also, i to think he shouldn't be banned.But atleast some minor punishment, like leaver buster, so he wouldn't do that in future.We already had top locked in so we had 2 tops.
Perilum (EUW)
: Just roll with it and remind the rest of the team that he force picked a role. Report after the game for griefing and go on with your life.
I would do that, but it's high probability to lose 20 lp and i don't want that because I am trying to climb.
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