pawn ll (EUW)
: hey mate sorry for your miserable experience, i think you should of dodged your 2nd game with that premade. and btw the report system takes into account premade reports (for example if 3 premades report you, its not the same as if 3 non premade report you). gl man hope we never have to play with people like them.
thank you, damn honest and true, if we could just play the game at peace with players that play, it would be wonderfull god bless u
: Well, Yes in term of "mattering" only ranked games do matter for me, but what I was trying to say is, I played over 2000 normals and if I had to make a thread complaing about somebodys behavior every time it would take me quiet "some time". It just wouldn't be worth my time and I wouldnt even care enough to complain. If this is what annoys you, you shouldn't play ranked. So many tilted people there actually verbally abusing you for 20 Minutes straight 'cause they are not having their "fun".
i guess you only ever thought of yourself :) sure, ranked games matter more, but do you think there are more ranked games or classic games? id say they are equal or classic prevail now thats MANY games, many players, and there isnt a permit which gives you a "free to troll" licence that i know of
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
i was afk few times as well when my net broke, its not much of a deal ,you get like 5min bonus time on queue, thats all, but if you are red, afk untill the end of the game, thats more harsh than
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Still won't matter, as false reports are easily filtered away. You'll need a number of valid reports in order to get punished. Riot isn't in the business of falsely punishing players.
xD i somewhat find that unlikely, so many people brag about wrongfull bans nowadays, im sure there are few false positives there, and as one of my friends told me, the toxicity wont be drastically reduced in this game, becouse they dont want it so, if they suddenly suspended like half of our community, we would have queues at 30min+ ,and nobody wants that there are stages of punishment, and repetition, i got punished by stage I which is like a warning ,and you need to be chronically toxic who knows how many games to be suspended, thats why we often have toxicity :p
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It was sent to the e-mail you provided when you created the account. It also popped up in the client. You are also not restricted based on the behaviour your displayed in one game. It will take consistent derogotary behaviour towards others to get a penalty.
well i did kinda say above the same 2 toxic players were with me 2 games in a row, so they reported me 4 times total i guess..
Hansiman (EUNE)
: If you were falsely restricted, care to show us your logs?
how to show logs? the game is over i didnt copy chat log and dont know how to find now, hoped Riot will see it i dont need to convince you specifically, have nothing from that, chat logs here can all be imaginary anyway except if its screenshot what happened is they told me they reported me two games in a row in a mean manner, and i got chat restricted, hell maybe i did type much, but hell no insulted ,or verbally attacked them, they did that to others instead ..
: Ultra toxic duo strategy
My account got chat restricted from false reports those 2 players made towards me just now. I can almost certainly bet they got away with it xD Tribunal is automatic, you can exploit it, and thats exactly what they did. Hell its only 10 games chat restriction they archieved ,but still, justice turned a blind eye yet again.
: i hate the mute things any tips for being less toxic or braking monitors (tilting) going to a tough
actually many tips hm mute them? try it, it works if you get too much tilted to mute them try these: respond with "ok" ,never type anything other than "ok", that will make you look civil, and they will get even more angry try to be better than them in the game , so much that they tilt themselves, or try to be better, and you win anyway stop playing the game -works 100%
: Leaverbuster is in place for just this reason, although I acknowledge that people do afk out in fountain, walking in circles and so on. I'm not sure what the answer would be to this. {{champion:37}}
i just had a player quit after the 3min mark, and rejoin just before the match ended his friend who trolled in the game told him when to rejoin :) they will never get punished #Fact
: No punishment for direct Chat abuse?
Tribunal "Exists" loominaty :)) thats why i see all the ppl i reported in my games yet again, and thats why toxicity was not reduced ,it only got worse for years now
: Ultra toxic duo strategy
If i were some random player out there lucky enough to not see this much toxicity ,i wouldnt know what to think of this as well, but im not, im in the thick of it, like many others mostly solo-que players, we see alot of things, dark things.
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: You have to send that to Riot support.
riot explicitely said they dont want to be bothered via support about issues related with player behaviour, ALL you can do is report them and hope tribunal suspends them ,one day, but ,even so, they create new account instantly, so .. doesnt matter anyway xD that is, if they were bots, they might just not speak english and are just very bad at the game
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kurnubego (EUNE)
: Getting penta-kills doesn't make you win. However playing the game to win does. If you're stuck in a mindset of being concerned what you team is doing bad and not what you're doing to win the game, this obviously doesn't add up to your chances. It's not stunts or big fancy plays which makes you climb. It's those little things which aren't obvious at first sight. Correct warding, good cs'ing, objective control, being thoughtful of where your opponents are (minimap), standing in tower range to tank a few hits so your team can secure a kill on a dive and so on. Do these consistently and you'll climb. If you're stuck in clownfiesta mentality of who dies more or who kills more... when it will continue to be very very frustrating. If you have trouble with flaming and trolling: /mute all and use pings to communicate, they are sufficient. You can ping stuff on face of people if you think they aren't notified. Like if mid is missing, you can ping missing once on their face in lets say bot lane, once on your mid lane once you get their attention. A very useful trick. I think there is also function which removes in game chat box from the game too. You have absolutely nothing to lose if you're not playing ranked at high dia this way as far as winning is concerned. So a player annoys you by dying to much? You won't be able to do much about his play anyway. No need to get irritated too much. Just take him as a circumstance of your situation you have to solve or play around in order to win the game. Remove the humanity part of it and see it as a mob of some sorts. Helps. Since you're not using chat box anyway, you are safe to restrain from any sort of flaming anyway. So think whatever you want of em.
hey im lvl 21 atm, its maybe that, but my 9/10 matches are with trolls on EUNE, hell, most of them dont ward AT ALL, so theres that its not min-maxing teamplay, its 1 afk+1-3 players 0/10-20 score most of my matches last 2 matches i had, 2 players threatened me to report me whenever they see me, becouse they dont like me telling them what theyr doing is bad and theyr doing this: one of them enters the game, feeds, goes afk, and waits untill the end of the game to rejoin another one plays alistar or similar champ and kills his teammates with misuse of his skills now, when i say, my team makes me lose I MEAN , MY TEAM MAKES ME LOSE ON PURPOSE , i dont mean anything else by that and i dont imagine things hey, maybe its better on EUW or in ranked, ill see, but for now, its like i wrote, almost every match
: you are not saying the truth ... and you loose because you think you are better when you arent look only AT YOUR OWN MISTAKES, your teammates do mistakes too but you do as much(you dont realize them tho)
hhhahahahahahhaahahah sure whatever you say im good player and i KNOW IT, how can AFKer or FEEDER be good?
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Infernape (EUW)
: The punishment system does work. Just take a look at the player behaviour section of the boards. At any given moment there are at least a few threads with the title "unfairly permabanned", "unfairly punished" or something along those lines. Feeding isn't punishable unless the person had the intention to do it. If someone constantly makes mistakes (like picking a fight at the wrong moment), it falls into the category of playing badly. If someone says "ok I'm going to feed now", it's intentional. Leaving games or AFK'ing is dealt with by the LeaverBuster system. If your reports aren't having an effect, it's possible that you have been reporting people for things they haven't done. As a result your report weight was lowered and your reports don't have as much effect. However, it's entirely possible that the people you've reported have been given things like chat restrictions and you won't know if they got punished unless they actually tell you.
you take things for granted, what they wrote, doesnt mean it works, why would i keep seeing same toxic players weeks later o.o completely impossible
: sounds like low priority queue to me.
no its not, im not yet lvl 30 on this account, i was never banned my name is a sign of what i endure, and its not much better on my old Gold 5 account , i have forced losses, i cant seem to have game wo afk or troll/feeder anymore, streaks of forced lost games for days........................... if i was being unlucky, its not fair ,its almost not possible
Infernape (EUW)
: The punishment system does work. Just take a look at the player behaviour section of the boards. At any given moment there are at least a few threads with the title "unfairly permabanned", "unfairly punished" or something along those lines. Feeding isn't punishable unless the person had the intention to do it. If someone constantly makes mistakes (like picking a fight at the wrong moment), it falls into the category of playing badly. If someone says "ok I'm going to feed now", it's intentional. Leaving games or AFK'ing is dealt with by the LeaverBuster system. If your reports aren't having an effect, it's possible that you have been reporting people for things they haven't done. As a result your report weight was lowered and your reports don't have as much effect. However, it's entirely possible that the people you've reported have been given things like chat restrictions and you won't know if they got punished unless they actually tell you.
laugh it off, without even considering its truth, becouse that would be too disturbing to realise
: There is an automated system that works faster then the tribunal ever could.
My fear is that they tweaked it these past months to keep the community from splitting towards other moba games ,im seeing the same toxic players over and over again, and, every 2nd match nowadays i have, someone is either : 1. afk 2. trolling/feeding statistically impossible if they are being actually reported !
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Magneset (EUW)
: You aint proving me wrong though :P
oh i did, down the comments :D +1 bacon
: Suggestion for the Remake function
+1 but also, remake should work automatically without the type command
Magneset (EUW)
: If you a toxic and you get punished for it the report aint false. Stop playing the victim.
when you are the 5th player in 4man toxic premade :) they can make you look in reports however they want you to oor when you have someone following you to last hit all minions, champs for most of the game or dozens of other troll mild cases ,where they hold the upper hand you mute them, but it wont help you much, neither will reports but you say even one wrong word to them, and damn, your ended, if you didnt have this yet, theres time, youll see yourself i was once suspended for telling 4man premade with 1 afk+3 x ~0/10 that we can hardly win this match anymore and asked for a surrender,so that we save some time and go next match, they prolonged the match for 1 hour ,saying, they will make me lose as much as my time irl as possible one day you will see and remmember me ;) defending a flawed system is futile, it goes back to us all, making it better ,seeing the flaws is what helps
Seikan (EUW)
: One mistake doesnt get you punished. The tribunal system was developed to judge people individually. If you insulted him aswell, he has a right to report you too, but if you only did it once and he was insulting you all the time, the level of punishment is altered. If the other started and both people insult each other, youre not better because youre on the defense. Just mute him or ignore the chat, report him afterwards and done. Insulting back is as bad as starting the conflict!
can agree with this well said for frequent offenders, i guess from the sheer number of reports they will go away as well
Magneset (EUW)
: Its not really a discussion when you disagree with anyone whos got a different opinion than yours :P
hey its called arguments :D many of the players on player behaviour would make excelent lawyers, we get so deep into proving each other wrong ,that in the end we forget what we started speaking about, and the bad guy runs away
Magneset (EUW)
: Thats their own fault if they aint mature enough, not to flame the person. Even then you will still get reported for ruining other peoples games.
yeah, you might ,for trolling, if its concluded that the act existed, but last i heard its very difficult to have proof of someone trolling ingame, you need screenshots, video ,and human factor from tribunal to interveene, which i doubt happens with the amount of toxicity inbound, you know what i think eventually yes ,they will slip into pattern just from the number of reports on them, but by the time all trolls are gone, so many players get frustrated
Irrsinn (EUW)
: I can get 110% of the current community to dance naked around a fire, but that statement does not validate itself just because I used high numbers.
this isnt a competition, its discussion
: Report streaks, Echo and Origin of toxicity
i can spam dance/laugh , use anivia/tahm to troll -kill my teammates ,and prolly trigger 70-90% of current community to flame and insult me, and THAN report each and every one of them without a toxic word spoken that could be located in chat logs , or i could use cyphers like fcku b5 etc only once to trigger others this happens, and this happens ALOT not from me, but saying i saw it one too many times
Rismosch (EUW)
: > Does the Tribunal system consider all reports, or is only the one who threw the first stone pay? When a player gets reported, the system checks if the reported player violated any rules. If he did, he gets punished. If he didn't, he doesn't get punished. The number of reports doesn't affect the punishment. --- Also, it wouldn't be fair when only the one who started the flame would get punished. When people flame back to "defend theirselfs", it does not matter that someone else brought them to flame. In the end their actions weren't better than of any other flamer. There was also a high upvoted post recently on the board which spoke about this topic. It said that flaming back doesn't defend your Honor and just makes you look like a douche. Because you fight toxicity with toxicity. > Should trolls/afkers/feeders be allowed to report others even tho they caused the problem in the first place? Yes, they should be able to report others. Especially when they get flamed on aswell they should be able to. Let's say A flames B. After that A wants to stop, but when B gets upset over A, B flames back. So A starts flaming again even though he wanted to stop. Now, both A and B where toxic and both should be punished for it, because it's not the right behaviour. But it would be unfair when only A gets punished, because B reported him. With your suggested system, A wouldn't be able to report B. Such B wouldn't get punished, even though B is as toxic as A. Everyone should be able to report everyone.
give everyone guns ,let them sort it out ,is what you said i say kill(ban) only the one who started it, but ok when someone tells you "i wish your family dies of cancer" "bronze/noob etc" "ez moron, retard" there is no turning back, he is toxic as hell and he has no rights other players in the team, not related to discussion are perfectly viable of reporting both tho, that should be fair but the one thats guilty, and started it all, shouldt be taken into consideration
Seikan (EUW)
: Everyone should be treated individually, flaming a flamer is ok in your opinion
nop, someone insults your family on personal level, trolls and kills you as teammate, and stuff, and you only make one mistake after than, they or even worse their premade can false positive report you :))) toxicity is meant to exist in this game, i think we will NEVER get rid of it, disliking my post proves it since you can cheat the Tribunal system if you are inteligent enough
Lux Lux (EUW)
: Now, I had A LOT of fun in this one. But I ehhh... somehow couldn't carry? k maybe I'm bad (totally not my team's fault. kappa). {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
xD well there are 2 kinds of those games where your team is skilled but you take too many kills leaving your teammates weak where your team is utterly useless, and they couldnt catch a enemy even if one dances in front of them both are annoying
: 10 games is 50 players. If 80% of those games has a flame then that is 8 out of 50. Which is 16%. Meaning that 84% of your player base is non toxic. :)
i get it, but most ppl dont deem it as positive to have other normal players ,when even 1 player can ruin the entire match and for me for example, 5/10 games my entire team gets to be toxic, especialy if its premade, than they can all report you false positive ,and troll enemy team into reporting you as well ,its getting out of hand its not that kids are bragging here about toxicity, its that they are on vacation is whats causing it xD MOST kids dont bother logging in to chat or do anything constructive, theyr too busy with the game.
Magneset (EUW)
: The automated system (replacement for tribunal) takes all reports into consideration. It dosnt matter who started it. If you are toxic and get reported you will get punished at some point.
not rly, what you said is, if you are short tempered ,toxic players can provoke and report you whenever they wish so and get away with it, the perfect system
: This HAS to stop.
Guys ask for more girls in gaming. Girls play and have fun, make atmosphere a bit more relaxed. Guys report girls for playing. Rince ,repeat xD
Materisna (EUNE)
: REPLY TO: Nobelus the III (Idk why it doesn't post under his comment xD) Or play aram/bot games Aram is a little less toxic IMO And Bot games calm me down because i enjoy destroying the bots
its not less toxic, for me its a bit more, maybe its less since its shorter, so the pain lasts a bit less xD
Ramyskie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=trololol,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=TXU3Bkqd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-26T17:06:23.638+0000) > > /mute > > report > > breathe in > > breathe out > > hit 'Play Again' And repeat that till you are in despair and agony. Not encouraging, but it is what i am feeling right now
I second that, we report tons of players, and new ones appear out of the depths of community, its either the planet has infinite amount of trolls, or Tribunal isnt strict enough. In the end ,you can have this 5-10/10 games with all the different players and situations, and even if you report them all, it doesnt help you that day ,nor in the long run, i have 7/10 games on average with verbal offenders, trolls and stuff. Sometimes even with the ones that were reported before.
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Alaskadou (EUW)
: Technically the enemy team has a higher chance of going afk (5 people) than your team (4 people + you who doesn't) so no matter what happens your should be climbing.
no, its a game of stomp, RNG, you get afkers, you hang, you dont, you stomp 101 League of Legends every other game for me like that
: AFKs every 1 out of 5 games !
its 1/2 for me , AFK players EVERYWHERE, if they dont get 0/10 first that is... the future of League of Legends is uncertain


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