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Player 00 (EUW)
: So if my main is Syndra that means I one trick her ? -.-" I can play every single mage but I perform the best with Syndra. Hey I guess I am a Syndra one trick then (=
no onetricking means 1 champ plays ONLY
Tarolock (EUW)
: trolling and inting is already punished by bans/permabans, its just not instant like flaming since they have to make a difference between a bad game/getting outplayed and actually trolling/feeding and no, flaming should NOT be allowed, i dont know any situation where flaming helps
flaming at inters and trolls should be nonpenalised becouse they are the source of stress and a tilting move also flame get them to listen to shotcalling thats where flaming can be very usefull i have even tried it and won on that flaming with 0 reports and 3 honors aftergame sometimes it doesnt go through thickheads but ex.(STOP GOING SOLO YOU IDIOTS WE WILL LOSE(3 objective lead with close kda's and teamkill scores)) has saved me atleast 15 games the last month , i hope you can see the logic in this
: It's extremely rare for someone to start out as a one trick, most i´ve heard about played on one account at first then made a second and started the "one trick journey" And honestly it's very liable to lose you a ton of games unless you play something very strong or if you are a demi god. And they'll destroy the enemy team? Yes at times, however those people are often a problem when it comes to making good teamcomps. And while having a good say Zed is perferable to a bad Orianna it's still gona suck if your team ends up being full AD.
usually some of those onetricks actually say that they are one tricks so teamcomps sway to them instead of him to the team lets say a yasuo onetrick people will pick either a supp orianna or a malph top/jg or similar also even the most non meta most nerfed champion when there is a onetrick behind them 70% of the time they still can have a huge helping hand or even carrying
FlamingSun (EUNE)
: Getting S rank... nope it wont happen
kled needs around 200 cs to be close to getting a s- rank so mate start csing instead of tunneling for kills that 19 4 11 kda means nothing if you have no cs
: Maining a single role is one of the worst mistakes one can make, an autofill has ensured that one needs to know more in addition to that. Playing a variety of champions and at least 3 roles is nearly a must in order to be successful in SoloQ.
ahahahahahahahahahhaha oh you are so wrong 1 tricks get master easy if they are on their main and absolutelly destroy the enemy team your comment is a load of bullshit
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duckarp (EUNE)
: Mhm. Meanwhile in your match history just to name a few: 7/15, 2/13, 5/11, 11/15, 1/12, 3/14... So by your logic you should be constantly flaming yourself as well. You know, there's a difference between a player who got outplayed and/or is just having a bad day and between a player who does it on purpose. If it's on purpose, the system is capable of detecting it and the person gets punished. However, those cases are much rarer than some people are willing to admit. -------------------------------- It's just as it is. If you're good and can behave well, you're rewarded. If not, well, in that case you're rewarded a bit differently. Sooner you understand it the better.
as you can see im in elohell as it is
Viavarian (EUW)
: It's a reward for playing well **AND** behaving well, which are precisely the two things that should be encouraged.
and 0 20 players should be encourage to stop feeding
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Duckarp sums it up: It's a reward, not a right. Riot provided the condition that you can get free Hextech crates as long as you behave well.
well if its a part of behave well make the chests be randomly gifted after win like keys are not just on S rank and its a reward for being good in the game S rank is good KDA and 150+ CS
duckarp (EUNE)
: It's a reward, not a right. One of the requirements is a good behavior.
with S- S S+ ranks its a skill > "behavior" for any chest to drop it is given if you or your PREMADE gets an S rank i get s ranks 90% of the time do i not have the right to get keys and chest /// keys are also randomly obtained after a win
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