: A hextech chest with Ashe, Garen, some essence and a skin.
a skin for ashe and garen or just a random skin ?
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dréams (EUNE)
: Go on and add me :)
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Valynx (EUNE)
: Are you sure you have read everything about PBE?? And not all the players will get accept in PBE server.. so yeah
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: How about you read through other posts? YOU'LL SEE PLENTY OF PEOPLE who got banned for saying 'Report x player'! And yeah PEOPLE DO REPORT IT... that's why people get punished for it! LIKE YOU! And there's no reason to flame anyone... NONE. And yeah you can't reason with 'someone like me', **BECAUSE I'M RIGHT!**
anyways.. i said cya so ok, like i said it's not possible to reason with u so cya :)
: *desk flips* **Did you break the summoners code? YES!** End of discussion. EDIT: P.S. If you broke the summoners code... THEN IT'S NOT FOR NO REASON IS IT?!
well yeah sure, but i don't remember anyone getting banned for saying report someone -_- and guess what.. no 1 does report anyone for saying report -.- it's just what people say when they're angry.. ah cannot reason with someone like u.. anyways ty i guess cya.
: No no, every time someone posts a thread like this it's the same. The dude got punished. Thinks he did nothing wrong. Actually did something wrong. It's the same every... single... time.
even if i did something wrong, i did only in 1 game unlike other people and i had a good reason for it. and yeah u make fun of what u don't understand
: *bursts out into tears* Why?... Every time why?! Look... you got punished for a reason. You may not think you did anything wrong, but considering the error ratio is less than 0.001%, I don't believe you did nothing. If you get reported, the system checks to see if you said anything offensive. If you did, then you get punished, if you didn't then you don't. It's that simple.
> [{quoted}](name=Wildcardhs,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=utEE3Jpf,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-06-24T14:11:46.343+0000) > > *bursts out into tears* Why?... Every time why?! rly... it's not ''every time'' i usally get a nice team i just got annoyed by that master -_- i hate poeple who make fun of what they don't understand..
: I got banned for no utter reason..
look i didn't say that having a bad score is a crime or something.. and i know i didn't do anything wrong cause everyone in my team agreed, and that yi refused to say anything if he just once said sorry it would of been okay, if he just talked once it would of been fine, and maybe if i did flame wich i don't recall -_- it wasn't for crap.. and it takes a lot to make me flame, when i had trollers i tried to make them not to troll saying nice things and doing everything i can but that master didn't even say 1 darn word i hate that.. that is more annoying than trollers, maybe he was one idk and i don't care im just saying what happend.
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Melonizer (EUW)
: It usually takes about a year for people to get accepted, sometimes even longer.
Damn.. i really hate that i takes that long xD but the first account i had it took maybe 2 days xD but i gifted that account to a friend as a birthday gift >.< so i kind of screw'd my self there
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