: Snowdown Pass
feel u , same here . For such a large company it takes waaaaay too long
: i think they can't find a way to know who bought and who didn't cuz it's not on they purchase history .. i'm so tilted riot
they can simply check the RP buy history and deduct the ammount RP missing, and if you wrote a support ticket they will know what to give back
BlueEziboy (EUNE)
: 1 day and 3 hours approximately since I bought the pass
im pissed about it too , they should compensate us in some form of additional gift or something like that
: i have the same problem i saw it in tha chat and bought 5x bundle btu nothing :/ i sent 3 bug reports - 2 yesterday - 1 today i relogged more times and i am frustated nowwwwwww did something happen by u guys ???
Ive restarted countless times hoping to get it , but nothing . Riot support replies with 1 and only same answer everytime : be patient , we are working on it . They should refund + compensate the players somehow like champ capsule or something small like that
: So I've contacted the support and they said there was a problem with the shop yesterday. They are currently working on refunds, anyone should get the RP they lost back in the next 48h.
48 hours ... thats too long
: Snowdown refund
No and im starting to be pissed more and more , sorry but 2+ days to fix this is too much , for such a large company this is unbeliavable
Whorenado (EUW)
: I sent in a ticket yesterday after losing 7500 RP into the nether and got a reply from Darth Sero from Riot saying that refunds will take up to 48 hours. So I'll give them that much time, but it better happen by then.
same here , 7500 rp capsules and pass , none of those received . They dont even show up in the purchase history . Support replied just by saying they are working on it , telling me to be patient.
: I bought the pass and it took my RP, but I didn't get it. A bunch of people encountered the same issue, some even bought it twice and lost their RP without geting the loot. Bummer. But lucky you, my friend. Hope they fix it soon for the rest of us.
Its been like 20 hours and still nothing
Ryotier (EUW)
: Bought skins/capsules from the store not appearing while RP has been deduced.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nagasarete Rin,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=lOacqx56,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-12-06T21:12:39.560+0000) > > but i lost my RP and didnt get my Pass, so how are you gonna solve this? Your pass should be granted (You should see the snowdown missions and get tokens from the end of the pass) however the additional content is missing. If there are cases where the pass was definitely not granted also, we're still scoping out the different issues and getting a resolution plan in place.
Pass not granted same goes for the items ...
: Not fixed after the maintenance
They take their time ... you can go do something else dont expect it to be fixed sooner than tomorrow .
SyLars (EUW)
: ***
Im done waiting just did a support ticket , its not gonna be done till tomorrow
Drashier (EUW)
: Still haven't been given my snowdown pass or RP back
Im pissed about it too , I purchased 7500 rp capsules with pass right when the event went live and still dont have nothing but empty RP vallet , rp gone no items not even in purchase history
xxxzodiac (EUNE)
: Store took RP but no capsules ...
Just tried buying single capsule , It works. But I really want my 10 capsules bundle and pass, cant wait to open those ...
: I've contacted the support regarding this and will let you guys know when I got any news {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
i think its gonna take till tomorrow ....
: Same thing here, bought the pass, RP deducted, but no pass, no loot... it doesnt even show up in purchase history...
yep its been 3 hours or so and nothing happens
BlueEziboy (EUNE)
be happy its just a pass , ive bought 7500 rp capsules and a pass , none of those received :/
Eambo (EUW)
: Thanks for the feedback guys, we're still looking into these purchase issues alongside missions not showing.
restarted 10 times now and still dont have a thing , the purchase doesnt even show up in the purchase history ... 7500 rp capsules and a pass rp gone nothing in inventory
: Same here. Bought the pass, didn't get it.
Doesnt even show up in the purchase history
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Ryotier (EUW)
: Bought skins/capsules from the store not appearing while RP has been deduced.


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