Smerk (EUW)
: You're quite a masochist, aren't you? 4 years of stress and you didn't quit much sooner?
I don't know if you noticed but this game is just like a drug,you get addicted to it unless you do something.I didn't want to do something with my life,I just played league all day long,and after I started doing sports and going to the gym I slowly started spending less time on the PC until I eventually never loged in again on this game
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: You knew the rules. You intentionally broke them. Stop acting butthurt about getting the punishment you knew you had coming.
Man,these rules are just stupid!Let's say you get in a match with a troll and feeder!He buys normal items and runs down mid so he can feed!Riot games won't even watch the match to see if he was trolling and feeding!That is what I call a dead company with some lazy employee's!
: The fact that you think being toxic and possibly insult/be rude to other players, is a ''fun'' thing to do.. and ''the only thing'' thats fun of a game is not great at all.. maybe League of Legend just isn't your game, maybe play with friends of find a group of people that you can stick with, that know what they're doing.. you don't have to play the game if you don't like it and its sad to read you haven't been enjoying yourself in LoL. Being rude, toxic, insulting other players is a no-go, as you probably wouldn't like to be flamed at either, or being called rude or offensive things, maybe they just have a bad day and its affecting their gameplay, the best thing to do is just mute the chat, and focus on yourself, see if you can help out if you feel like it. I hope you find a game that matches your playstyle and perhaps return on LoL once thing are fitting the way you want it to be.
I have many games and many great friends in real life.But League of Legends has lost my respect and my soul for other's! Maybe you are right but still most of the player's don't even enjoy this game!
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Doriennn (EUW)
: Nidalee hitbox
LOL she is so broken
Chernobγl (EUNE)
: Can we please get a new skin called "Sphagetti monster Vel'Koz"


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