zanbuko1 (EUNE)
: Get your shit together riot
Guys do you still have problem with this? My client stopped lagging hopefully riot fixed it! if you did ty riot <3 if not im gonna come back to complain xD
Sneakyjg (EUNE)
: The game is literally unplayable
what about slovenian servers riot?
: just another toxic Riven player, worry not, riot ! But, i suggest u to give him a couple of skins to shut him up, his parents own a big company and he may sue careful Rito!! We lov u Rito!! *peace peace on the streets* -pleased League player of justice
Yeah i would love to have dragon blade and championship riven lel xD
: Just upvote the post. The last one had 90 upvotes. We will reach it!
Would be great if everyone would do that
Perilum (EUW)
: Then fix or upgrade your PC. It's that simple.
Oh some of you are just %%%%%%ed. Please look at the same smarthead that wrote something like this boy and look at my response. My computer needs no upgrades nor repair cuz its working fine with every other shit except league.
Gandalf91sf (EUNE)
: still sounds better then the "%%%% them we have enough players" list that i im starting to feel we are on.. :/
yeah you have a point...
Gandalf91sf (EUNE)
: maybe they just don't like us xD after all all of us here in the Balkans are a little weird :D
True haha but still they cant just put us on ''will solve when we'll have nothing else to do'' list
Varedas (EUNE)
: No clue where to post, since the Rioter's thread from last week is no longer a sticky, but I'm going to say it here -- this problem is occurring yet again, but this time it's even worse. If before a week I had occasional lagspikes in-game, now I can't even see my animations and have 5-10 second delays -- if I'm lucky enough to even login successfully. I played a game earlier, lost it miserably entirely because of lag, even two of my teammates disconnected, turning it into a 3v5. League is unplayable for EUNE now, the team with the less lag wins. Riot, surely by now you must have noticed that half of EUNE is unable to play your game, so why haven't you put out an in-game notification yet? People in-game have no clue why they're lagging, only the 1% that knows that these boards exist do. No offense, but if I'm incapable of playing your game, then I just won't play it. Makes sense, right? Please fix this problem so we can all go back to playing and having fun, it's so hot outside and the days are just ticking away -- next thing you know I'll do something productive out of frustration. Bulgaria, MTEL/Blizzo. Thank you.
LOL xD exactly same problems here and a lot of people have them. People with these problems will get tired of your game riot and just stop playin it.
Gandalf91sf (EUNE)
: not that i want to be a downer but most of the titles in the board are about the problems with the game and client... so if that doesn't get their attention i don't know what will :D
does it look like we've got ingame notification yet? i dont think they notcied anything. Maybe they did but they just dont realize how big this shit is
Lit Corn (EUW)
: Seems like these problems are only in EUNE , all the posts I saw since now are only from EUNE ppl , so it might be a pb with the server . Riot should fix this soon
I hope they will...send this to all ppl you know with same issues and let them comment here.Lets make our voice heard!!!
AkisAza49 (EUNE)
: The brilliant minds of Riot employees are gathering their powers to solve this devilish of a problem!!!
haha glad to hear that
: did you ever think about your device being thrash? i never had problems for example, even though my laptop has limited resources, mostly it runs league very decently
Did you ever think about asking me what specs my device has before judging it? Believe me son my computer runs every other game just fine and league ran just fine no interruptions except internet problems that we fixed some time ago. And im not saying everyone has same issues but most of people i know do.
Insides (EUW)
: No wonder riot goes afk from eune, SO damn toxic. I'll get alot of hate for this ^ but ya know im right :D
Lel I agree, tho im usually not toxic but its been one week and ive kept trying and now i have enough xD
: Me either I cant play I cant cancel tp even I cant put a patch 7.13 destroyed league...
Lets hope they can fix it or tell us a way to fix it
: You can use the EU account and post on NA. EU and NA are not region restricted. So, did you post the thread in NA, WITH this EUNE account? Its possible btw, there are multiple EU threads in the NA boards.
Oh god thank you xD i didnt know that im new to this but i went in my ''boards profile'' and it wasnt there just this one
zanbuko1 (EUNE)
: Get your shit together riot
By the way riot with all respect im sorry im %%%%%ing about this but cmon guys school is off i wanna climb to gold this season.I ran out of time last year i dont want it to make the same mistake this year so please just tell me what i can do more and ill do it no problem! I already disabled my ipv6 address I shut down firewall I used repair tool i reinstaled league a couple of times. I tried using hextech repair tool I tried running it as adminstator and i turned it off and on again.We called internet provieder and he said he cant do anything also our friend came here and fixed our internet problem we had before but nothing worked so if you guys gave any idea tell me :D oh and i tried uninstaling and using CC cleaner aswell
Qualtrox (EUW)
: Don't.. Just don't xD
what did i say something wrong? xD
Avoi (EUNE)
: cmoon this is so bored now i have 15 min penalty !! when i join the room i cant see champions, i cant lock in ,i cant change runes i cant do nothing i can just wait for drop me out and get penalty for leaving the room .. this is rly bored
yeah same her i feel you bro
: If it is only in the balkans, it is not riots fault. It might be the internet provider or somethink. Use logic then talk.
I asked them what can i do i checked other posts and i did everything they said i went through a long fcking proces and you know what they said at the end? Try turning off league and turning it on again that might help. You can probably guess how much that helped. I got 2 leaver busters cuz of this. I did everything i could so i think its their problem
: > i already posted this but for some reason you just had to delete it. Your moderation history is empty, none of your posts have ever been deleted on these boards. Did you post it on the [NA boards]( maybe?
no i posted here from this account.
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