: A league player whose hard disk died
As a Pyke player, I LOVED this post and it's the best I have seen in days. YOur humor is great, on point and I hope Pyke is the face of the next TrivaGo ad
DutchPro (EUW)
: Yet often they are released so broken, or so weak that your entire game is decided by it. You can't take away the right for the player pick at least 1 champ they dont want in their game. However they should implement a 7 day restriction on new champs from ranked. Because let's be honest. They get banned or they feed. Simple as that
I have to disagree on the broken point. Almost every new release nowadays was considered too weak and was buffed the next patch. Same goes for Sylas, and even for Neeko who was nerfed on release but Riot realized she was not that strong after all. They also are feeding because nobody can guess their actual playstyles just from the champ spotlight. It is often the lcs who points out a champion's real state.
: Riot system very poor designed. only way to fix is punish player for playing bad in rankeds. I made my conclusion play rankeds for fun. Rank doesnt matter anymore. past season i care and then i tried communicate and allways got chat restricted. Right now i play sylas top if my team ban sylas cause its new champ its shouldnt be played in ranked i pick ivern top. BUt hey ivern top isnt bannable :) and its fun to play. And even move funny that my team flames me for picking ivern top and thye gettting punished for flame. such a great system riot
Precisely. Just on point. Ban someone who just cannot understand the game the same as you do. Who is to say you aren't the one making the mistake?
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Are you excited about Sylas?
I'd say too weak. Any champion that isn't from bloody 2009 has an ult tailored excactly for their kit. It will be hard for Sylas to use something like a Caitlyn ultimate. Rest of his kit? Pretty fine, if you reduce that healing a small bit
48kg (EUW)
: Just because it's bannable by rules it doesn't mean it's actually being banned for. There would have to be Rioters manually looking at each account to judge if it is boosted or not. Bought accounts don't get banned because you just can't get caught, unless the previous owner decides to chargeback which results in a ban. You are wrong, not me.
The 1st term of service states that you must be over 13 to play xd


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