: ARURF Enabled for the Remainder of the Weekend
remove evelynn from URF, Q doesn't work properly
Spearki (EUW)
: probably the gragas perma flamed after he died on scuttle then ran it down mid XD
asking to report, is a form of "griefing, giving up" report in itself
: ARURF Enabled for the Remainder of the Weekend
Spearki (EUW)
: hmh
> [{quoted}](name=Spearki,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=MA57j6iA,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-26T03:15:04.840+0000) > > : can you report gragaas flame aaand int thx that's why.
: Team LF jungle
other than plat2, I would love to join! :D
Lena Sparx (EUNE)
: EUW account suddenly on EUNE
Never had this problem, contact support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
: Just checking if this is a bad play
you had Amumu jungle you were going to lose anyway :p Jokes aside, you should help your jungler no matter what, it's always free to kill them or burn their sums especially while they are fighting the blue, also doing that will make your jungler camp your lane because you helped him. win-win situation
Jiren UI (EUW)
: Report system
First, one report is enough to ban someone, second, you might get banned as well for asking to report.
lRIPerl (EUNE)
: Permanent Ban
Toxic people make other players toxic because if they're doing it in your game it means they are doing it every game and not punished "yet", so players try to do the same by throwing their anger at everyone else instead of thinking about their mistakes. league blame step by step: 1. blame support (if that doesn't work) 2. blame jungle (if not) 3. blame mid for not roaming (if not) 4. blame top AFK farming no TP (if not) 5. blame enemy smurfing!
mido5mido5 (EUNE)
: Dishonorable for 1 month (431 games played)
if you honored anyone in every game you played you would've been honor level 2-3 by now, doesn't matter if you win or lose, if you honor someone you level up. the more you honor people the more you level up.
: There's now very few, if any, champions that are considered a troll pick and 100% no viable, you can play whatever you want as long as you play them in a role they're acceptable in. If you wanna play lulu, play her support, even top or mid, but you decide to go jungle and moan that only 20 champions are playable cause meta. Every champion is viable if you can play it well.
how about going 20/0, carrying hard and pushing lanes, then you realize that the enemy Yi is not AFK but was farming all game when he used Q and wiped all your team, do you find that fair? I'm not talking about Lulu, I'm talking about many forgotten "supposed to be" junglers, that can't go there and no matter how good you are with them you can't carry when playing in your elo.
: Honor levels ... !
So you want to tell me that if I go to the same shop every day and buy from him, I'm allowed to break his rules and smoke inside the shop? well, I'm supporting him by buying from him. What about the others in the shop that don't like smoking because it's toxic? they are buying too.
: You're exaggerating. The current meta (before patch 8.11 comes) is really balanced for all roles. We finally have even matches between tanks/bruisers/assassins/mage, and there are quite a lot of champs you can play on each role. Surely people are not always at ease when you pick a champ that is not top tier in the meta, but that doesn't mean you should take that personnaly. Another point is that you should definitely never type "mumu jungle freewin" in chat cause that's building up negative tension for you and your teamates in case you don't start stomping him quickly. Just keep in mind that meta means Most Efficient Tactic Available. And it litterally means that xD If you pick some champ that is either not meta or just bad in the meta, you just have more chances of losing that winning that is all there is to it.
I have a 100% win rate in more than 20 games when matched against an Amumu I even walk alone and steal his first camp, he always end up 5 levels down, starts trolling his teammate or simply goes AFK. *Most Efficient Tactic Available* why is it too small? why we can't have more viable champions, we're literally watching same champions being played all the time, why can't all champions be viable and efficient.
: I used to play Aurelion sol jungle last season. know that feel. The threat will be full of people telling you that "nobody pushes you to play meta champs". I think that they havent ever play with a no-common champ (Like, aurelion sol jungle). They dont realize that in the moment that you pick something like that, your allies become your enemies and they use their time to ruin your game so, at the end of the game they can say "Mmmm you see we lost because this A sol jungle, even when he's 14-1 while we were stealing his jungle, suiciding, etc."
LOL, now that I think about it, coming out of nowhere with a huge STUN for the gank that's so OP. xD you can even fast clear raptors level 2 I like that! :D
: Picking lulu jungle is trolling. Ofc you get flamed
How about if I told you one of the Pentakills I got this season was with AD Lulu jungle where it started as 1v3. And you only went to that example, pick elise/camille/pantheon jungle in this meta you will lose, and where's Kalista in the adc meta? when was the last time you saw one?
Nutzilla (EUNE)
: the boards are full of people crying about trolls and you are complaining that other people cry about you trolling in their games? maybe try to propose some solutions, just tears are pointless.
I never said I was trolling in any game.
Arnoter (EUW)
: You dont have to pick whats in meta, not even have to adapt in it in Itemization. But if you wanna win, you play what is best at the moment. Nobody pushes you to do it.
I don't think that there's anyone who's playing to lose, did you ever see someone say " I can't wait for Defeat screen to show up! " Everyone wants to win, even that guy running it down wants to win, but for the same reason "flame" and throwing blame at him, he just wants to leave that match and start a new one. Now if whenever you pick something you get thrown by your "teammates" in that dark place, you are pushed into the circle of champions that always has RIOT's attention, you can even check the skins number for each champion, do you find it fair?
Rajteren (EUW)
: FYI you can't get banned for not playing meta. It's never forced upon you. If someone is flaming you for playing something, mute them. Other than that, you get flamed for everything when you play jungle, it's a law. And i don't know your ELO, but the lower you are, the more often you are flamed, cause people can't see through the meta of LCS etc.
It never was about getting banned or not, if I'm taking a champion somewhere especially when it's ranked, it's obvious that I played him many times in normal, that I won the matchup and know how to do it. But the amount of hate I get makes me lose focus, I don't like muting unless I'm tilted, and when I do it the damage is already done.
SaltGawd (EUNE)
: > You are ONLY allowed to play false.
Rioter Comments
: Exp to get to level 2?
your elise is in the river, she might have stole some exp
Mâchine (EUW)
: i'm 25 years old, i play games to kill time doe well hmm
Jacub (EUW)
: A cliché post about "I was banned unfairly"
this is league of legends not messenger.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Get fit
this is how you become the next "One Punch Man"
: You wanted honor to provide players a realistic result of how they are in league but.
I think it takes around a week of play for each checkpoint. Also looks like honoring someone every game makes you advance faster.
Zaphityr (EUW)
: Well, I already went through all of that manually. And any software that updates drivers for you automatically is super risky and should not be used. It is a very poor recommendation to make. Having a software that does that is like inviting viruses to your house for a party :)
it fixed my fps issues (used to be 0 in team fights) now it's always 60, and that's all I need
Hajrulla (EUW)
: You should look at this!
same, I only send a ticket with explorer, I think it has something to do with AD block
Rioter Comments
: Jungler META game
How about if I told you that jungle got nerfed, and the team is supposed to help the jungler right now? :D
Zaphityr (EUW)
: I'm at a loss. Help requested.
get "driver booster" and update automatically whatever is outdated. This solved everything for me, you can even activate it for free with a google search :p
: I always thought about controlling the dc'd champion myself, like playing with both at the same time, since I'm a jungle main, I don't really need to keep watching camps and spend most of that time watching my lanes, I could use that to play the other champion myself also the player might reconnect and he won't find himself with an exp/gold disadvantage. i.e press F1 to control dc'd press F2 to control mine. Can be hard BUT it's better than playing with less
Also, the possibility to pause the game for 5 minutes waiting for the player to reconnect and meanwhile searching for a player who accepts that position sounds good, but I wonder who would risk going into a random game, maybe OTP's would immediately join?
Ladriaa (EUW)
: Competitive gaming and dysfunctional teamplayers
I always thought about controlling the dc'd champion myself, like playing with both at the same time, since I'm a jungle main, I don't really need to keep watching camps and spend most of that time watching my lanes, I could use that to play the other champion myself also the player might reconnect and he won't find himself with an exp/gold disadvantage. i.e press F1 to control dc'd press F2 to control mine. Can be hard BUT it's better than playing with less
: ''We Have restored this installation to an older version...''
I agree I had this game with a bug I can't see health bars, I go alt+F4 twice to reconnect but accidentally close client as well, game was a remake and I was still patching lmao
SaltGawd (EUNE)
: Gotta write a ticket then, we can’t help you here... Wasn’t talking about you when I spoke about the fourteen days ban. Also, no idea what twice are you talking about. Read my post again... Lastly I don’t believe in wrongful bans. You don’t get randomly flagged if you’re totally innocent. There is always something said or done... Maybe not as harsh as they make it look but still ban worthy. Cheers
> [{quoted}](name=SaltGawd,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Nx2tKuae,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-05-19T17:25:27.241+0000) > > Also, for any 14 day ban ( the next tier after chat ban) - I'd take away ranked rewards. You don't deserve it if you got punished twice in the same season. I misread that part ^_^ and here is my ticket lol https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/kbvA45ot-ban-system-is-a-joke
SaltGawd (EUNE)
: Somehow I managed not to get banned/punished since 2015, had a chat ban back then, got frustrated with dia climb. Ever since then, I was an exemplary player or so I think. Last season I was H5, this season I managed to get 3.3 so far. I know people that are 4.2 already. Do I care...not really. If it was for me, I'd lock honor for the whole season, and next one you'd go from lvl 0 - unlock process taking half a season. You break the TOS? The literal contract between you and Riot ? You don't get the free shit, that honorable players get (keys). Sounds more fair to me, than flamers and trolls "reforming" in 2-3 months, and getting back to same old situation. I feel highly discriminated to be given the same rewards as a player that gets punished on multiple occasions, and doesn't reform. Also, for any 14 day ban ( the next tier after chat ban) - I'd take away ranked rewards. You don't deserve it if you got punished twice in the same season. Not after August, like it is now, you get a 14 day in January? - Bye. Cheers !
There's no 14 days ban twice, the second is always a permaban. I got a 14 days ban wrongfully, when I contacted support they changed it to a 10 games chat restriction, because after invastigating all the games I played in my account, they found one game where I used the word "idiot". my honor was locked at 0 and a month later here I am with honor lvl 1, and only one checkpoint. So if you think the punishment should be harder on those who deserve it, some of the players doesn't and they can only make a post on boards where everyone will be trying to be against them, but they might be right (sometimes).
Rioter Comments
: 1 player I suspect for cheating. (No shame)
isn't it easy to dodge cho gath Q, especially with a dash ?
: I was banned for a good reason.
one month and I'm still Honor 1 after getting chat restricted for 10 games. but hey even qt is honor lvl 1 :D https://imgur.com/XtmG4mU
: What is the counterplay to zed late game?
Death's Dance Also because you are adc you don't have to be glass
: From honor 1 to 2
No, I reported this to support and they answered me with a "website", a "video" and "there's not much we can do", which I didn't even bother looking at, but here they are if you want to take a look. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mudd1HKKLWY website: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/honor (It's been a month for me since honor reset)
Antenora (EUW)
: {{champion:11}} gets fed every game in Low ELO.
gets fed every game in High ELO with a pentakill 1v5. -Cowsep
: At what Elo do players NOT feed Shaco?
buy "randuin's omen", my 3rd or 4th item that I always buy when playing adc and having a fed enemy ad assassin, having a fed rengar jump on me after I finish it makes me laugh so hard at him, how he dies not realizing what happened. you can also go life steal and spirit visage when ap assassin. EASY! if this doesn't help... stay afk until he burst someone else, then you can show up.
: Useless jungle champs.
I always type freelo in champ select when enemy pick amumu
: Can Riot make south africa?
Get a better internet, I played league in Tunisia and my ping was 45ms( with optical fiber ) and 70-100ms when sharing 4G internet with my phone. I still support a new server for Africa and the middle east, but there was never one in any game I played and all these countries are always mentioned as "Others" when trying to make an account. I find that racist but there's no report button.
: LP Difference
because you're still playing with silver, stop duo with other players who have a low MMR and you will be fine!
aoizd (EUW)
: Upvoted, haters gonna hate! hahaha
Masantha (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nakoruru,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=WUk3OitA,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-05-15T17:37:47.160+0000) > > You say that creativity and grammar matter, but then say community is going to decide the winner. So, is it more about having multiple accounts/friends, rather than creativity? > > {{sticker:sg-janna}} Hey, so we will decide the shortlist based on creativity, theme and grammar and that shortlist will then be voted on by the community to decide the winners :)
I just made a try to participate and got 3-4 downvotes immediately. I'm sure it was faster than the time it takes to read it. lmao
Shmoeggle (EUW)
: Open my eyes.
you could've gone to the fight outnumber them and win it, then go to the Fiora -> baron, but you can judge better if you could've won that fight together or not because if not, your decision was better. just a gold elo opinion. ^^ Edit : Fiora might have a TP and showing in the fight might make her use it instead of pushing that top.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You have a positive winrate on your most played champions. You go on one lose streak and the world ends? Jesus you are easy to tilt!
used to have a 75% win rate, now it's 58%, that tilts xD
: Better jungler wins ;)
I tried my best, haha I used to have bad junglers against me, they just fall behind 10-15 mins later in the game. But these 2... they are just destroying my team out of position everytime, no matter how many camps I steal, how many ganks I do... Jeez they outplayed me so hard xD
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