: Wanna hear a joke? =D
wanna hear a better joke S10 you can walk through walls with any champion XDDDD no cheats/scripts/ anything required
: suspension?
This is league, it's not facebook, feels like you spent more time typing than actually playing the game, just like every other guy who comes here crying about an unfair ban. Look at your post it's a Novel
: Billion Dollar Company
devs are so dumb, hire me RITO, I'll fix all your problems
: Why can't I change my username?
why would you change such an epic name?! ...
: Nope, I don't, but maybe someone else has an account with the same username as me on a different server.
nope, usernames are unique across regions, (at least for NA & EUW) probably for people who switch regions
: Nice try but we all know you want japanese version only for this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRVYqPBY3BA
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: 1. Access your account from a new device/network. 2. Use your RP to send gifts to your hated enemy. 3. Submit a ticket to support. The player of your choosing is now permanently banned xD
: Feel you...last 2 days i played with hardstuck bronzes and silvers while i am gold 2. And its not my mmr or something its about matchmaking. I mean since riot nerfed shared xp on bot l cant carry as ad anymore, especially when i get players that are whole division below me and dont know what is herald for.... Cant rank up since this patch and that is tragic :(
when season 9 started, I posted a thread about a solo/duo game where I got matched with silver teammates against 4 plat, even sent a ticket and I got nothing but "If another player is harming your game experience in any way, you have the report feature at the end of the game which is more that enough to deal with them. Our system will inspect your report and take appropriate measures." why would I report these poor silver dudes that already got smashed in-game?
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Shamose (EUW)
: No. TT was removed because the playerbase of it was, depending on the server, either dead or dying.
it was 2 mins queue time for me, sometimes less or a bit more. bot games were instant 0:00 queue time and rarely find any bots not that it matters you can end the game solo in 7 mins with Ziggs/ Tristana
: Does the world need any more streamers...?
if you don't consider the hate you get a joke, laugh about it and move on, you're gonna get more hate, cuz some people are just there to make fun of others, "friends" do that. if you can't beat them join them. hehe just accept the fact that you are bad, and say "I'm bad" on stream before anyone tells you that. EZ Clap And I'm pretty sure if your title is "playing with viewers" you'll easily get more viewers for a start. GL
Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah these bots exist. They are banned in big waves. Pretty much the only reason you see them now is because they previously only were in Twisted Treeline bots. But with that gone they get into SR now.
Isn't that why they removed TT? soon they're going to remove SR lol
: How am I banned ????????
Holy shit!! you typed all that in one game???? WTH, I don't even text my GF half that much LOL
: After thousands of hours played and hundreds of pounds spent, Riot decided to permanently ban me
Over the years, you think you're the first one to claim "my account got hacked" to escape the ban? even if you're not lying, many people said that before you.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sarchiapon,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=8zYhUmjr,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-11-21T17:27:50.684+0000) > > Well come on, he was obviously defending himself... > {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Like this? https://i.imgur.com/6VWKIjq.jpg
: Banned after Season ending
Gashru1 (EUW)
: Some how, that dude has been playing at diamond to plat level when he's finished gold and is super negative.
it's actually 17 games played MB lol there's def something wrong, he ended gold last season he got 5 wins and 20 loss he is plat 4 matched with diamond ..... WHAT THE ACTUAL Fµ** EDIT: could it be one of those accounts given with high elo by riot to streamers? this dude seems to gain LP while losing
Gashru1 (EUW)
: What the hell
17 W - 77 L damn
Pépsy (EUW)
: you missed a big chance on 3v3
it's called lazy coding, when you can't fix something delete it, and TT "coop vs AI" was used by many bots to level up and sell accounts and they've been there for years, I've seen bots on SR now, let's see if they're going to remove SR as well lol
what's wrong with black cmonBruh
: so what now we even have to wait after na i call bs on that {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
make an NA account EZ Clap
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: Anyone else just can't bring themselves to play ranked(cancer)?
the game is perfectly fine, the ranked system is better than it has ever been, so, please let them work on some new skins they are well needed to show off our bank account and pick up some gamer grills
Kurotsu (EUW)
: URF TFT Mode
add 1000 hp and I'm in
Wauffels (EUW)
: I do not understand, just played a game and completed 3 worlds missions but did not get the reward
well i just played a game and got the reward check your loot
Vitral (EUW)
: I got banned for botting but I didnt bot?
good thing that I only play one bot game for 7 mins every day, this game is trash along with the support team that is a real bot sending automated messages. hopefully, after you spam them with couple replies they get a real person to talk to you and unban you.
Rioter Comments
: i rather whould suggest the opposite in ranked
i was expecting ur reply as his suggestion
: I want to play Maokai, but I cannot. Not viable champion. Totally useless...
Zexxen (EUW)
: Can/should we expect some kind of compensation?
if TFT wasn't here they would've released URF just like when clash got released.
SaltKy (EUW)
: They even have 4 whole forum sections ONLY for NA and that makes me angry. We want attention too riot. And africa players normally go to turkey, not to EUW(euw servers on germany)
there's absolutely no way they go there, the client language is Turkish no other options and the players speak their language only as well.
SaltKy (EUW)
: Why is EUW The one that always goes down? (SERIOUS QUESTION)
because the number of players is insanely high when all Africa and the middle east are playing in EUW and now that TFT got introduced even non-league players joined, I hope they share how many players online during this week and where they are from.
: https://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_GB#euw You're not the only one ^^
emergency maintenance LUL
: yes? what's wrong?
other than that I'll be able to join the server in 2 days and wait some more in the "long queue" to play a beta version of a game, nothing's wrong. :)
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: What the actual %%%%?
that bug happened to me, you literally spam to buy but the game won't let you, if u really need one champ then try locking until you bought what you need
Joetri10 (EUW)
: TFT is NOT RNG based, it's actually worse, and i'll tell you why.
well I had a game yesterday where I went all in to get an early lvl 3 Tristana with 2 complete items, I ended up 2nd and I was still looking for the missing ONE, nobody bought a Tristana during the entire game.
: Bought RP, recieved nothing and moneys been taken out
: TFT is shooting itself in the foot by holding other regions back
: When Will TFT be out?
I'm playing on NA server until it's out on EU :D
: chromium client? oh boy that seems like a ram hog i hope it's faster at least
it'll basically be like using google chrome (but better).
Rioter Comments
: Whilst Riot do tend to enforce a 14-day ban on certain types of flaming and behaviour, it's not always constant. I'm not saying it's the case here, but there are situations where someones record is otherwise perfect over an extended period of time, they can be hit with a restriction still. ----- You can also submit a ticket to support if you want to do an extra level of follow up. Realistically, we're never going to live in a world where it picks everything up with 100% accuracy, so sometimes it's going to happen. But if we don't bother at all, then it's going to deteriorate rather than indicate to these people that that type of behaviour isn't welcome.
that's bullshit, I reported someone in-game AND sent a ticket 2 days later because he was still playing.. one month later, nothing happened. if wishing cancer and typing kill urself while raging the entire game is not enough then what is.
Afelers (EUNE)
: Noticed this on Twisted Treeline after muting people one by one too. (those who say it makes the game unplayable and are losing their games because of this certainly haven't been around for a long time when we didn't even have such pings implemented until just a couple of years ago)
as a jungler, if i don't spam ping my bot lane they are being ganked and that i'm on my way, yes it's lost.
Afelers (EUNE)
: Noticed this on Twisted Treeline after muting people one by one too. (those who say it makes the game unplayable and are losing their games because of this certainly haven't been around for a long time when we didn't even have such pings implemented until just a couple of years ago)
I had an app to type preset messages at that time with simple and easy key binds and it was a lot better than these pings with their so loud noise that not everyone knows how to turn their volume down (or that it's even possible) sadly that app doesn't work anymore and I'm too lazy to look for another and end up banned for cheating if I ever find one. so if u didn't know about this don't assume people won't lose because of miscommunication especially when you already got used to pinging.
: watch.lolesports.com is not working when I am logged in... constantly redirecting.
it worked for me on windows edge(explorer) also watching VODS didn't give me any progress so I had to watch live for 15 mins three times hope that helps
Luchjo (EUW)
: 1. Go onto riot support and submit a ticket. 2. Then you choose "account management, data requests, or deletion" under request type. 3. After that you choose "I want to know how much money I have spent on league" under the tab "I need help with". 4. Then submit the ticket and you will get the information you are looking for shortly. Hope it helps!
and then they send me this reply: You didn't spend a cent what a pleb!
Silmä (EUW)
: Why does the client suck so much?
every once in a while lags in pick/ban, lags in changing runes/ss while in champ select, lags once the game is over "you are still in a game" I even witnessed all this while watching streamers many times.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=y1BLijbQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-03T11:17:41.741+0000) > > If you have the "Close client during game" option checked this often causes this behaviour > > https://i.imgur.com/lLPUp4B.png > > With this checked, the client goes into a "heartbeat" state to use as little resources as possible - and when the game ends it has to relaunch the client and redraw it. On lower spec machines this can cause a long delay as well as potentially other programs not having resources while the LoL client tries as quickly as possible to pull itself to the front. > > If it's causing you such problems I'd recommend to uncheck this option if checked, but this comes with the caveat that your ingame performance may decrease due to the client not entering this "almost closed" state. It also happens on high spec machines and without this option. Interesting enough, it freezes everything Chromium-based, like the League Client, Discord and Chrome, but not Firefox.
Yung Skr (EUW)
: Instant demotion when losing at 0 LP?
afaik you have a 2 loss shield on divisions and 10 loss shield on tiers demotion. (I once lost 3 games in a row and didn't demote at 0lp but that was after a 10 win streak)
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