: ARAM's a coinflip by design that's meant to be played for fun and nothing else, what does the occasional afk matter? Also, why would anyone ever want to enter a game at a massive disadvantage in a situation that's likely to only get worse?
This also annoys me! It's just ARAM, what does AFK matter blabla. Well, it might come to you as a surprise but some of us only play ARAM. I don't play normals simply because of the constant %%%%%ing ingame. So yeah, ARAM is the way and it's annoying constant disconnects and AFK's, let's see how you like it if that would constantly happen in normals
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Torkl (EUW)
: Sup goes bot with adc.. :P
Ugh I went bot then I get cursed at that I'm not a bot >< Just played as MID, even though highest score, most kills, least deaths mofos still yell at me. F this >< this is why I play ARAM. They should give us ARAM playes some more goodies though.
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Miyagi Dojo

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