Vívien (EUW)
: Unfair permabanned
I don't think you're extremely toxic. But there is a /mute command Wich you can use in chat :)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I don't flame people, but people who don't care trigger me in Ranked. I take it easy in Normals just like the next player, but in Ranked I'm trying to make the right plays and not make stupid decisions or have a careless attitude towards the match.
You need to be able to resist tilt if you want to climb the ladder :)
: ofc you don't want ''idc attitude'' anywhere but in ranked u loose lp u can get depromote and even tilt cause someone didn't care enough
Tilt is btw something you need to be able to deal with wenn climbing the ladder.
: Actually he has issues. Namely he is a mess, his gameplay revolves entirely around cheese strategies... overpowered when they work, very weak when they don’t... he needs reliability, he needs a solid strategy, he needs more tools in his kit to be what he wants to be. As for champions becoming harder that’s far from the case... take for instance Warwick, he is the beginners jungler and meant to be easy and safe... when he was reworked riot kept this in mind and made him just as easy, but with more tools to succeed... that rework was a roaring success Irelia and swain are meant to be hard... irelia was always considered a high skill champion but could brute force stuff too much, now she is harder because she simply can’t use brute force... and swain is meant to be a tactician and think about his moves... the fact that he came across as someone who used brute force didn’t work. So the reworks who have gotten harder have done so with good reason... but when it’s nessesary riot is more than capable of keeping a champion the same relative difficulty or even dumb them down. Warwick is the champion people are meant to learn jungling with, nunu is the one they learn counter jungling from... should be harder than Warwick but still a beginners champion... riot understands this and thus nunu won’t see a significant rise in difficulty.
I feel like he is fine in the spot he is right now, I play nunu just to get my objectives and by doing that I carry my team (Dragons, Herald and 20 min baron). For me it's fun to carry like this. I don't even want to keep ganking, for me that's less effective. If they remove that aspect it would be f*cked up. And you're right about the reworks but I still think irelia is much harder rn.
: Actually a champ who is supposed to counterjungle like crazy...is not that easy to play because for the most junglers are s@@t scared of entering the enemy jungle and they tend to always focus on their jungle as with autopilot. Also it's still a champ that want to stick to targets, and when compared to the tools that new champions got when it comes to that, he still have nigh to none.
Easy kit to use*, mb. He mainly focusses around objectives right? He doesn't have to tank all the time.
: He's outdated, dull and half a champion.
He's still fun.
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kriegnes (EUW)
: if riot were going to ban everyone who is toxic 90% of the players would be banned.....
Would be great
Declined (EUNE)
: There is a signicant risk you'll be banned for it. Knowing this, is it worth the risk? I hope this answers your question.
Why is it van bannable when no one but you heard it?
Xr1pper (EUW)
: this was the dog year ,dragon year was last year... so it would not be suitable to release a dragon skin for lunar revel at the dog year there were some leak (idk if false) but it was same theme as the ivern skin .
Asol is the space doggy of zoe, so yeah, that's why.
: So what... ? Reaper Soraka, nurse Akali... there are plenty of skins unrelated to the lore.
I also love playing him, but do you even know his lore?
: After I read that line I fell of my chair laughing xDDDDD
I was laughing when I discovered that it was apparently not sarcastic. {{champion:240}}
: perma banned for this??
it's called player disrespect.
: For multiple reason here: 1. she's got a laning phase while she can poke whereas Vi is in jungle doing creep. 2. She gots a lot of AOE so imagine that a spell count x3 when she touch 3 people whereas is most like a solo targeted champs with only her E and R to hit multiple. 3.With ardent censer applying to the AD but also to herself she can deal a lot. Plus the keystone mastery. Unless you want support to deal 50-200 total damage in game like Janna without her little update I don't see what can be more balanced.
Just tell him too play nami jungle if he feels like she can carry games.
: with nami you poke and auto and stun, and with aery all high damage, i know supp is for hel and stuns, and in fact i did more damage with nami and heal by insane amout... while with Vi and electrocute and warrior and Trinity Force i did less damage by alot and dont heal
Well play Nami jungle if you feel like she is better. {{champion:267}} {{champion:17}}
coe1 (EUNE)
: about chests..
tl;dr its a reward, just an extra. if you already have the most extra's riot won't give a f*ck lol. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Unlocked golden garen but didnt get it?
Haha, dat is lariekoek! Je krijgt alleen de chroma en niet de skin ;ddd
: Will i get a ban if i use a announcer pack?
Wdym? you're the only one who hears this lol
: No Aurelion Sol skin yet?
Dark star is bullshit. If they make a dark start Aurelion Sol, the whole lore of him is gone. He will never be someone who created the void lol.
: Delete Supports and Junglers
is this sarcastic?
: Unbalanced Class
A support is meant to save others, not to kill people or do damage. In this scenario you play Nami, which means that you need to stun and heal. They are balanced and actually, some of them are extremely strong because of support items.
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MillzUk (EUW)
: Top lane - When do i play who.
Always play with the donger.
: what role should i main?
The champs you chose are all too hard if you still don't know your lane. IMO
: ok, i will check out. Has he always this verbal attitude ?
: I would not try it but his wall can block a lot of things, and you can make enemies airborn which helps the adc but before you are able to do that you must hit some attacks. I think the better pick here would be yanna (and if the midlaner is yasuo then she is even more helpfull) If you are curious about champions or combinations here in the boards you sure will find what you are looking for. You could do yasuo support in the end but i would not recommend it (except when you are premade and want to try it... just saying)
Ah, like sometimes I have a Yas in my que who is swearing and plays Yas sup.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Over the years people figured out what is generally the "most optimal" standard type of gameplay (I guess the "meta"). This pretty much became: - 1 Jungle - 1 Mid - 1 Top - 1 Bot/ADC - 1 Bot/Support Certain champions lend themselves to these roles better. For example Garen doesn't tend to make a good support as his kit doesn't have much to support with. He can do damage, heal himself up - but he can't do much for the ADC he's meant to be supporting. That doesn't necessarily mean you *can't* play him support, but you'll normally find it doesn't end up in your favour against meta picks. Some champions are more flexible than others and can multi role, but that's generally how I've saw this coming to be over the years I've been playing LoL. ^_^
Does yasuo have a good support kit, was just wondering.
: Katarina Ward jumps
Can you just not post this thrash?
: thats a really big problem. I do it way to often
Actually I would recommend you watching LS on YouTube he is a really good coach.
: Plat =/= High elo
: Ryze needed that zhonya/R nerf tho
No, he had an extremely low winrate on Plat+
Solash (EUW)
: It's more that low elo is an absolute shitshow and therefore not a good indicator of what's strong or not
But these stats are from plat+
: Cant climb and need tips :( pls
Try to focus on denying the enemy to get a kill instead of going for a kill, that's what I'd say.
: Ryze is broken if you one trick him, especially in high elo play. The zhonya/ult was a nice thing to have, but with zhonya available this early he basically had a get out of jail free card once he hit level 6. That's too strong and had to be put down.
Well, how do feel about like a Vlad onetrick? Cause he is overpowered right? He doesn't get any nerf at all
Solash (EUW)
: >Low ELO players do count too right? Honestly, not nearly as much
There are more players playing low than high ELO. But yeah. Is plat+ low ELO to you?
Proppa (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name= däb,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pErQAwmE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-02-07T06:25:30.013+0000) > > Well, IF RIOT DIDN'T FU RYZE, you should have played ryze. He will be still a fun Champ though, try him out. Learning him is easy, mastering him is extremely hard. The biggest trouble I have with Ryze, is remembering the combos! WEQ, QEQEWE or w/e it is etc lol.
That's why it has a learning curve ,😛
Solash (EUW)
: Ryze's low winrate in solo Q is less down to him being overpowered and more low elo players not using his ult effectively Also, he was really obnoxious with stopwatch. Had to be tuned down
Low ELO players do count too right? Btw it was on Plat+
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: never really played ryze but i do like hes kit so ill try him after the games back up and running still 1h 20m {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Gl :) if you want to ask anything reddit.com/r/RyzeMains will always answer your questions!
ZapperCat (EUW)
: DutchTeam - LFP
Klinkt interessant, maar is er een minimum ELO? Misschien wel handig om er bij te zetten :$
Saibbo (EUW)
: Below Lv 30 you mostly find guys under the gold elo that got banned for being toxic, so yeah you'll find a lot of them in your games until you reach the lv30
: so im still pretty new to leauge trying to learn and people are reporting me
/mute all, if you did that, you should have more fun. And you won't hear them ingame. After the game is done, riot made a report button where you can report people for bad behaviour. Use that button to report he people who were toxic. After all steps you should be fine.
: i need a new mid laner pick for me!
Well, IF RIOT DIDN'T FU RYZE, you should have played ryze. He will be still a fun Champ though, try him out. Learning him is easy, mastering him is extremely hard.
: So we gonna have a nurf
Its easy to counter zoe, your team should know that they should play behind minions. rofl.
: Emote error code EM01 and EM05
Not the right section my friend :) Go to Bug Reports or Technical Support x
: About the Heimer nerf
Played heimer, till he got nerfed. He is shit rn.. Rito is stupid {{item:3070}}
MillzUk (EUW)
: What to do when you're behind?
Say that you go afk, and blame the jungler {{sticker:draven-pose}}
: Tyler 1 should be perma banned forever
Yea, why do other player dont get a new chance? I did learn it too, but didnt got an unban :)
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