: 117% = 1,17 times more (than average)
No, in league the 1.x is already in place. There is 10% or 30% more honor than the average player. And I dare to say, "0.3 times more" is impossible.
: Had 410% more shotcalling than avrg while playing JG lul...
This isn't even that absurd, because nobody honors for shotcalling LUL So even if you get 10 shotcalling honors you have a few hundred % more than the average player, because noone gets those.
Givifa (EUW)
: Sorry, but I usually only get this experience when I'm playing alongside a yasuo
And more often than not, the team flames the yasuo first before he gets toxic.
: just wanna hear some opinions! is this worthy of a 25 game restriction?
Sometimes they send you the wrong games. My friend got a 10 game Chat-Restriction, but there was only 1 game sent to him, where he said 2 things "nice skin xayah" and "xd". I mean, he flamed hard the last 6 games or so, the restriction was justified, but it showed the wrong game(s).
: > [{quoted}](name=Purple Flame,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YnU57nOr,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-03-18T09:26:57.027+0000) > > Why would you accept invite from someone who's only capable enough to flame whole game? > {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} To get more evidence for a higher chance of ban.
Yeah, but why would you accept him to get more evidence and THEN cry on the boards about it? I mean, if it was intentional to get more evidence, he/she surely wouldn't post this here.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: > for me, a shemale is a girl with a dong Pretty sure shemales are men with female secondary sex characteristics, so the other way round basically
Oh ok, doesn't change the rest of the statement tho ^^
: like 5 or 6 games in a row now where I have to report at least 3 people for being toxic
Simple formular : If you win, chances are that noone will flame. If you lose, 3/5 players will flame.
flame me (EUW)
: alright riot, it's time to just give people flame pings
I have to say honstly, from Season 1 to 7 the community had it's peak "Good community" status, in season 1, because nobody knew wtf this game was about and everyone sucked. If there are players that are better than others, you can bet all your money that the community will develope toxicity.
: Go to a psychologist.
Usually if that happens, I accept after a few minutes when they think I already declined, give them [this](https://media.makeameme.org/created/so-if-you-jxaz5n.jpg) and delete them instantly afterwards.
Aylan (EUW)
: >Let me rephrase that: The fact that you still think that there is some context where you should be allowed to say this without being punished means that you still haven't reformed enough. I once again didn't say that. But this time instead of explaining why, I'll let you reread. >This argument, that is EXACTLY why I say you haven't improved enough. Because this exact argument is what literally EVERY toxic player uses to defend himself: "I only did it because XY". That's what it's all about, it doesn't matter why you did it and if you think it's okay (or a context that makes your violation less severe) to follow an "eye for an eye" moral, that's exactly the problem and precisely the reason why you are not actually fully reformed. If I was doing that on a constant basis, like I was a year ago, I would agree with you. Once again, you're basically asking for someone to never get mad, ever, and if they do, they get permabanned, instead of 10 games restriction. I'm ready to bet that if someone did what I did, once, but never did anything before, they'd get 10 games restriction, and you would agree with the sanction. You would agree that since it's their first time, and were fine before, they got a warning, and they won't do it again. But since I did something a year ago, and apparently me trying for 300 games isn't enough, then I'm a different scenario. Do you see why this is ridiculous ? >No. Riot is supposed to get rid of people who are unable to reform permanently/on the long run. And once again your standards on what "permanently reform" is way too high. You should define long run at that point. >That's a very popular argument among toxic players. It's the thought that all the non-violations somehow compensate the violation. There is a very simple allegory that shows the flaw of this thought: Just think about how many times a bank robber did NOT rob a bank. He only robbed the bank once and that's against all the thousands of days where he didn't rob a bank. So he shouldn't be punished, right? Because most of the time he is not a bank robber and almost never robs banks. Your allegory is ridiculous. Robbing a bank is a planned action, that you do because of X and Y. You could at best compare it with an alcoholic who didn't drink for a year, but then gets drunk. But since he was an alcoholic, he doesn't get a pass on his only mistake in a whole year. When you flame, you're doing it in the heat of the moment, you're not actually planing "I'm gonna flame that player, so that they're gonna feel x and y and I'm gonna take advantage of it". This is just ridiculous. This is why the "long run" you describe is totally absurd in that sense. So yes, I do agree that an alcoholic (at least the one who only gets drunk, and doesn't end up beating his wife or something, while drunk) isn't the perfect allegory, but it's a much better one already. Sure, you could argue that flame is hurting people (and I'd even debate that, in some scenarios, the person who starts flaming most likely won't care that he gets flamed back), but it's nowhere near robbing a bank. >PS: I want to add that I really love the way you discuss. No sarcasm. We might disagree on the topic at hand, but I really appreciate it that you structure your arguments, reply to other peoples arguments and stay on topic. In other words: You actually discuss in a way that deserves the word "discussion". That's pretty rare, so thanks for that. I'm off for tonight, so feel free to take all the time in the world to reply to my post. I want to thank you for that. My goal really is to have a discussion on the subject, and a polite one.
Not joining the discussion, just dropping something : If you can't control your hands out of anger and let your stress making you type things like "kissys"(the real thing gets censored) or something like that, then Sir, you : 1) Shouldn't play competetive games or 2) Should /mute all every game or 3) Find a psychologist Nothing, literally NOTHING excuses flaming in chat. You had time to reform in all of those chat restrictions. You had time to reform in those temp bans. Now, after a permaban you came to the conclusion it might be a good idea to question your actions. But again, not joining the discussion, just leaving food for thought.
: Its so funny how people can defend money hungry riot, their support is shit, they dont do anything for you. I have a direct comparrison to blizzards support. What happens if you get hacked in world of warcraft and the person destroys all your items and is maybe racist in chat? They check it, you get all your stuff back in a matter of a few days. And most likely you payed less than 1000 euros on the WoW account. riot is just really greedy. i got permaban after i got frustrated in 2 game beeing toxic and arguing with players. Chat logs always look bad because they dont show anything anyone else said, hence taking shit out of context constantly. Someone can write the most obnoxious shit in chat, if you write "man you are a %%%%%%" - YOU ARE THE TOXIC PIECE OF SHIT
Sure thing buddy, 2 games got you permabanned {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} You either have to say the most racist, insulting shit from champ select to the endgame of 30 minutes every second or you had multiple bans before that.
Farce (EUNE)
: Hence: If you care about your account change password regularly when you are inactive - if you come in daily you will see someone attempting to log in and will be able to react immediately, so the problem isn't that crucial. Plus, set a STRONG password. Word and a random number isn't "strong". >Au*=6V@&8QN$Ee<p This is a strong password.
Thx for your pass {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} -Just putting this edit here in case someone doesn't understand that it's sarcasm.
True Sight (EUNE)
: Riot's stance on DuoQ boosting?
Hypothetically, if I would DuoQ with a friend, the dude is silver 1 and I'm gold 1, but I am in my plat promos, so after a few games I'm plat and can't play with him anymore but technically I'm still a gold1 pleb skillwise, would me hopping on my second account to continue playing with him be considered boosting?
hebsel (EUW)
: Riot games could we talk about autofill
Most of them are just queueing for support for faster queue pops and then play the "OMG I GOT AUTOFILLED PLS LET ME xxx"-card.
Turlejoso (EUNE)
: Emotions in LoL
I either feel nothing or hatred for my self for not muting everybody.
Erín (EUW)
: How do slurs still get through Summoner Names?
I fail to see the slur in shemale tho, for me, a shemale is a girl with a dong. If this guy would've named himself "fck shemales" then yes, that would be offensive, but the thing you censored was probably a clantag of some sort idk. So the word shemale alone is not offensive in any way, even if you call someone else a shemale, because it's just describing someone. If you are just a girl and someone calls you a shemale (or a boy for that matter), that COULD be offensive, but it would be like calling someone who is straight a fggt, which is nothing but hilarious to watch when someone actually believes he/she rekt him/her with that.

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