Fast Enough (EUNE)
: So when will it end and how will we know if we won?
> [{quoted}](name=Fast Enough,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=9GPoxP6V,comment-id=00c100000000,timestamp=2019-11-09T09:42:22.236+0000) > > So when will it end and how will we know if we won? It's said in the first post, winners will be announced in the upcoming week.
: URF is no longer fun :(
The only answer to tryharders is to pick a broken champion like Jax. I understand now, why Riot decided to make it ARURF and not just URF. It's not really their fault for bringing the original tho, everyone wanted it, and that's the problem. I'd enjoy ARURF more than URF for obvious reasons. With having the game mode back, i thought of why shouldn't i check all the champions? Just for the fun.. Turns out if i don't want to get tilted from players taking it as Ranked/LEC, saying "ez" and flashing m7 and/or combos at either bot or top like Lux and Morgana,Yuumi and Jhin or anything that goes with Yuumi(this champion needs a huge nerf there btw) or any other toxic combo that resembles long as hell ability distances or cc's just to ruin the fun, i should definitely play the broken champions. Yesterday i had a cocky Ezreal in the enemy team, trying to take down turrets all by himself, and i kept recalling just to blast him back to the spawn point. It's super SUPER stupid how people are trying to focus on one lane or split-push just to end the game faster.. I understand, it's URF, but for god's sake, are you here just to kill time by winning every 5 minutes in your games or try to have fun? I don't find the fun in destroying turrets and win early. We mainly won the game since i've picked Jax and legit smashed my face on the keyboard like {{champion:55}} and {{champion:238}} players would do. It's just.. boring, really.
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: Something wrong with the client?
1h and 42m over 20k.. cya in 10 years
Álleria (EUW)
: Game Connection Issues(Not just Antivirus-related)
Looks like it is really based on the japanese client. Don't know if other clients got it, might check. Been with the english one for 2 days, and no disconnection. All i hope is they'd do something about it, still worried about getting disconnected however, as it's also possible on the EN one to dc too. :/
luncheris (EUW)
: I cant even load into loading screen...On taskbar iget the icon but its only frame without league emblem just empty square i close it and windows report starts. But today i Reinstaled the game and i was able to play again. But after couple of hours tryed to play another game and i couldnt load in same problem. And i didnt get any penaltys for these games. WTH!??
> [{quoted}](name=luncheris,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=Jn8mUT2G,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-16T12:10:55.057+0000) > > I cant even load into loading screen...On taskbar iget the icon but its only frame without league emblem just empty square i close it and windows report starts. But today i Reinstaled the game and i was able to play again. But after couple of hours tryed to play another game and i couldnt load in same problem. And i didnt get any penaltys for these games. WTH!?? Hopefully they've disabled those penalties whenever a player encounters such an issue. Not to mention, it did happen again earlier. Wanted to play {{champion:122}}, but instead fnatic's pass wooped me upside down. & The second screenshot, is the result of the game itself. I'm just scared to eventually play it, and may instead move to PBE until 9.13 hits with a bugfix. Don't know if penalties are disabled for people who encounter that one issue, and i hope they are, but since i can't trust, there's that. Like i get it, not everyone has the problem, and assumingly half of the playerbase does appear to be troubled with it, but if it's across all regions, then why isn't there any fix until now? Is it due to having their focus on TFT? I wish that's the reason, because 2 weeks without playing league.. I mean i'm not saying that i'm such an addict and it's not healthy, but eh i don't even know if someone from my own, or enemy team had bought a pass, and if i were to try to play the next day, eventually i'm just going to be back in the client, asking me to reconnect. Then it will repeat the day after. All i wish for, is to fix the problem as soon as possible. Besides if Riot gave a permission to work over league's client and game whenever something occurs, that way people wouldn't require to spend 2 weeks without the game. It's just bugs. :/ e// Not even good for ranked either, if the player got it..
: Game starts, begins to load, then crashes. Reconnecting makes it load to 10% and then crash.
Already made an explanation to it. Don't know why people are still confused. Short answer: May sound weird, but fan passes bought by players, cause the disconnection.
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Álleria (EUW)
: 2020 VS. Skins?
^ I've been reading lore for 10 years already, and giving the fact that WoW content is based on most of it, is what keeps the players coming and/or staying. My personal belief is, if Riot does something like that, and no, not copy Blizz entirely as lore is what every game has, i believe a lot of players would eventually return, especially if there are mass questlines and the same idea they did with the "Represent your House" thing. That could also lead to a better rewarding in the company as well. There are like, a lot of aspects they could look into, and strenghten in the future, whether it's lore,a fitting skin and such. So yeah, i really do hope they are also going to look into the idea and somewhat make it in the next couple of years. Not forcing them, but also have it in mind as this same idea would come in a different form, and maybe different champions. ^^'
FGDandude (EUW)
: arURF and One for All combined
Wouldn't it be messy tho? I mean there are lots of champions that are both toxic in OFA and ARURF. Take as an example:Brand,Rumble,Garen and Zed. I like the idea that you've proposed, but it also needs a bit of adjustments, and who knows... Maybe Riot are on their way of creating sort of the same Game Mode, with combination of those 2. However I'd also love to have them separated due to the toxicity that ARURF champion pick brings :x. With OFA alltogether, it's going to be uncomfortable and unplayable. I mean playing against 5 garens, of which the 5 of them or 4 at least go full IE build.. Game would've been done on the 8th minute if you ask me. Again, banning those champions even on both sides is still in a disadvantage, as you don't know what are you going to get and neither the enemy team. Sure if you have a full Brand team, vs full Kata or Sivir team, as an example, then you know the result. Still.. the idea is quite awesome, but a lot of things must be done(mostly reduce on damage dealt for fully toxic champions), if we are to play one game mode combined from 2. But that also means ARURF+OFA combined would happen at least 1 or 2 times an year, while without combination those 2 GM's appear often. It's just all up to Riot.
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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: The system doesn't count the number of reports. For the system there is no difference if there was one report or nine. Every time someone gets reported his chat is being checked by the automated system. If he said nothing considered as toxic, he will not receive a penalty, even if he would be reported by nine players in one hundred games one after another. In almost every case of "unjustified" ban (there are few fake positives, I think that I saw 2 this season on boards), the banned person did said something that break the rules. In the few rarer cases where it was a fake positive (neither bot, AI, or human is perfect) the ban is being lifted by Riot support. And it should stay this way, as lifting ban is little more than just unchecking a box with the word "ban."
Gotcha but still they wont restore what you've had you know.. Like take for an example this: if someone is to play the entire year and reach honor 5 rewards somewhere between mid july-august and just a simple report by a full pre team gets you and you've done nothing to begin with then you are also stripped from honor rewards until the sanction passes. Not to mention you have to start from "Dishonored" which is honor lvl 0 and you got no time to even hit lvl 3. Even if contacting Riot through player support ticket they won't restore it and yes that's the same one friend that got owned twice. First time when she copied with ' " ' someone's sentence only to say whatever the comment was it and the other one by pointing out the bad/toxic behaviour of that team affects her gameplay. Either something should be done about such things or at least restore the honor or give some start with the restore like if you were unjustly sanctioned with honor 4/5 then give them at least honor 3 1/3 after they contacted you?
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Álleria (EUW)
: Sorta a suggestion and hopefuly it's in the right place
would love to hear opinions about the suggestion from other people as well :0
Kelb4n (EUW)
: Just a friendly tipp: A headline that says something about the content of the post makes more people klick the post. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I know. Though i wrote the thread while feeling a bit sleepy(not like i am still). ^_^
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