: azir or brand
Azir is VERY weak compared to brand as a midlaner right now, the nerfs have hit him very hard and until mid - lategame he can't do that much. Especially cuz you need to be very skilled with azir to make him usefull in his weak state. I'd say go for brand
Gregskam (EUNE)
: Zed Skin
I'd actually think a bloodmoon zed should come first if they plan a new skin for him
: entschulding das ich ich dumm bin das ich an free rp glaube :D....
naja sowas ist fast immer scam, frag dich immer warum jemand free rp hergeben würde. Es gibt ausnahmen von "netten" und "sozialen" menschen die gerne mal was für andere machen. Die Wahrheit, fast alle Menschen sind eifach garbage und egoistisch af
: Riot please fix the Aurelion Sol bugs
Na Sol players should suffer, like Dopa said “Someone who uses Sol is just a monkey“
whyrawr (EUW)
: No, I also thought thet it work like that and It would be fine. But YOUR ENEMY has to be in range of turrets, not you. And its kind of eehhhm
Well that is better, a lot better. If the tower isn't even in range to hit the enemy, who cares if it charges or not? The turrets have a range and propably just don't connect with an enemy to far away.
Butch2000 (EUNE)
: New bull***** honor system - kick support out of game
As a support, you can do good shotcalls and get honored by your team. As a support, you can have alike horrible adc and lose early, not give up and still do sonething to, win and get honored. As a support, you can do crazy plays such as thresh madlife hook and get honored. As someone who plays a lot of {{champion:4}} I carry many games and fightd with my gold cards and am actually playmaker of the game, who often gets the gj? The twitch that spamms rightclick cuz I stun everyone who gets to close, or the darius who just clicks Q and R gets the credit, while actually a 5 year old can do what he did. Just stop whining and play the game, you can't change people, only yourself
sevenkill (EUNE)
: The Worst Patch Ever Seen (7.12)
Aurelion Sol was for 2 months nr 1 winrate on midlane with over 54%, while lux wasn't even in the top 5
whyrawr (EUW)
: Heimers Turrets Lasers charges
They made Heimer more to fit his role of recking enemies when they run into him, so for that you have to be in range of your turrets to charge them
: a champion that you never played before should not be allowed in ranked games.
Git Gud No seriously now, git gud. You are trying to make excuses, if someone is feeding hardcore with a first time champion, he won't be much better with another champion he played more often, there are many things in this game you don't need to know your champion well in order to succeed. Knowing a champion well means you are allowed to make less good decutuons, because mechanics are then requierd when you are in aa didadvantage. If there is a guy with 0/15 score, he wouldn't have done much better picking smth else. If you want to carry you will. There are people with a talent that can go 20/0 with a first time champion an there is the opposide. As you said yourself, a few losses were due to you giving up. Listen buddy, as long as that goddamn big asss shiny living crystal in your base ain't dead yet, you haven't lost
Tawheed10 (EUW)
: Where is Twisted Fate in this Meta?
Twisted Fate is still a really good pick right now, but you need to know what you are doing. Everything about twisted fate is kinda complex, it takes a lot of time to master him and how to use his W properly, even in lane. I saw many TF players not autoattacking while picking a card, making them lose 2 - 3 autoattacks often in fights since they can't always pick their card right away. Another mistake I saw, when TF wants to engage or zone his lane opponent, ppl insantly pick gold card, you activate your W and walk a bit forward so your enemy steps back, then, if you get in range you can take yellow card and trade, or if you are not in range taking yellow card to zoone him even more off or just pick blue/red for the minions and back off. This is a great tool to zoone enemies from canon minions. You really gotta look up, since even if he doesn't have many micromechanics to learn, he has huge macromechanics which are important for him.
SekkiShin (EUW)
: Ranked games and ppl attitude
Just mute everyone at the start of the game and chillex
: LeaverBuster after crash
You say it's not fair. I say it is, well deserved Leavebuster. You are the only not connecting, you have a problem on your side, you affect a loss of your team heavily. If I play ranked, Idc what was the reason you dced, but you did and it costs me time, lp and worst case a promo game.
: "you are repsonsible for your losing streaks" i call bullshit.
Just aswell as winning streakes, if youbwin 10 games, you may have played well 8 of them but 2 of them it wasn't your day and luckily your team carried your mistakes out for you. There are many games you lose/win undeserved, while loosing undeserved happens faster and easier
: Well not much to add as you have already gained the mature insight that you will climb in the long term if you perform good yet will always get some small stones in your path to climb, lowering your speed. I mean i recently had a losing streak where two of those games where due to an disconnect / afk and the other one was someone picking kha top and vayne mid both going above the 0/10 score. Its tilting but you will just have to learn to live with that. You cant do anything about trolls, afks, flamers and honestly, waiting for this community to mature is a waste of time. Yeah some people grow older, some wiser, yet new players start out every day, being potential trolls, flamers, afk´lers. The problem is, league of legends has such a big community that also the negative parts are increased. Just look at crime rate. If you have 1 criminal in a small village of 100 people its 1% of the population. Just assume that 1% of League community are the mentioned afk, trolls..... and so on. Its always like this. Further we tend to remember the negative experiences more than the positive ones, explaining things like prejudices or bias. Tl; Dr: Just keep on grinding.
It's just a real pain, I simply don't have the time to play 1 thousand games and climb to a rank where I can start improving again. So it's even more tilting when loosing a single game. Honestly one single game affects me so much when I lose it. So far for every single promo I needed exactly 3 attempts to get past it and everytime I hit promo series my attitude just drops because I am used to lose them and I don't expect anything else. So yeah, negative things do stay much more in my head than positive ones
Aezander (EUW)
: Unfortunately the Matchmaker finds you matches based on skill level; it doesn't, and can't, find you players with the same mentality or character. So the good ambience to foster teamwork is a straight up roll the dice. People are giving negative players more attention than they should have. Since it's a fact that some games can't be won, **and** that good players will rise, there is no point in fussing over those kind of players. Let them slowly sink by virtue of their own stupidity and move on.
It's just tilting so heavily off to have those games, especially if you can't play much. I can't play 1k games to get to the rank my skill lvl matches with, simply not enough time.
: Well to be honest, even how fast you climb, depends on how good you are, if you're smurfing or whatnot, it's pretty easy to 1v3 or more in lower elo lul
Depends on more factors than just being good. A champions kit alone says how much you can carry without a team. If your team plays so bad that the enemy team has almost a 20k gold lead at 15 minutes? Ofc the better you are the faster you climb, but it's a kinda smaller factor
Rioter Comments
: then what were they doing in my mid-plat games?
: Autofill is not bad. the existance of support role is. (but chill, the is a solution) (also gender)
Ppl who think support is unattractive to play are stuck in silver for a reason
Rstonius (EUW)
: Yeah but what difference does it make, just because shes not a late game carry doesnt mean that her basic mechanics should be treated differently.
She was treated differently and now she got adjusted. Twitch R and Jinx Q are onhit effects, caits passive is only when charged, the stacking part is what it is, stacking and not onhit
Infernape (EUW)
: Didn't he say something along the lines of Yas being the most broken champion in the game alongside Aurelion Sol? And the reason why most Yasuos die is because they don't control themselves because of how strong his kit is?
He did say Yasuo's biggest weakness comes from him being so strong, many people get overconfident and throw, he said that. About Aurelion Sol, he didn't quote them in one sentence, the yasuo one came later. He said "Everyone who plays Sol is just an animal abusing him to boost themselves to a rank they do not belong. A bronze can outlane a challenger with sol"
FlybelK (EUW)
: Leaving game warning because game ended in less than 5 minutes - unnecessary
It is YOUR problem your pc doesn't work properly, so yeah leavbuster did all right. You can't connect to the game and your team refused to play like that, therefore they remake. Chances you cost their game even if you rejoin are too high. Get your PC in shape so it works before playing other games.
Rstonius (EUW)
: And on top of that I find it kinda silly, that things like Jinx Q and Twitch Ult/Passive are still proc'ed by Runaans. So why did they remove it from Cait? Rito makes no sense sometimes.
because jinx and twitch are intended to be lategame hypercarrys. Cait not.
Noezholio (EUW)
: Haven't you read the reasoning for the nerf? They wanted her to be dependant on those traps. Tose traps are her identity and they wanted players to work with those. The thing is, when picking a champ, you have to pick them for what they offer and cait, well cait did it all. A strong laning phase, arguably the strongest of all adcs. Zoning potential, Siege, long range and you could still jsut do the old rightclick fight to just destroy everything in a teamfight. She got into the position of being one of those lategame hypercarries the likes of twitch and jinx, as you mentioned, just iwth a much safer laningphase. And that is without her traps. But thats not what she was intended to be so they had to get rid of the one thing that offered her this massive damage boost and that would be the headshot stacking of runaans. She still isn't bad. Her laning is exactly the same. She is still the one adc actively able to control fights and provide those zoning tools. That is her. That is why you would pick her. If you want the massive teamfight damage there are others and you have to take this trade off.
: Same person who created teemo I believe. Ok a now a serious one: yasuo is NOT AS GOOD AS you think! He is weak pre6 and you can easily punish him and even later on game you can use exhaust on him OR cc him to death in teamfights, in low elo people looking for DMG and killing stuff , NOT tanks with cc for teamfights. (They care for kills not winning games) that's why you can't see yasuo in higher ranks
Dopa stated seriously that yasuo is broken af
: Yasuo Nerfs
The nerfs were more than justified.
N1ghtOG (EUW)
: Pls explain this to me
In fact no, people in low silvers are worse then bronze yes, but not in high silver, they are high silver for a reason because many of them managed to climb up from silver 5. You will face this in every elo. Low silver being worse than bronze, low gold worse than silver, low plat worse than gold
: > Lucian would've been dead if they did that Or he would just build Crit like other ADCs instead of being a ranged tanky Fighter with crazy mobility {{item:3153}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3071}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
The only reason Lucian is playable is because of {{item:3153}} {{item:3071}} many challengers said that. Crit lucian is not even close to be as good as bork lucian. Some Challenger Youtubers did videos about the bork on the pbe and stated lucian would be dead after that would hit the live servers.
RaVen2034 (EUW)
Just play and get the IP, averagely 2-3 games per day with one first win is a lot of IP
Player 00 (EUW)
: This is why I started hating League
They wanted to reduce the passive of {{item:3153}} for ranged champions from 8% to 4% current health. Lucian would've been dead if they did that, since less healing from bork, less damage and it hits him twice because of his doubleshot passive. Be happy they only increased his mana cost on Q instead of lowering his damage that much
Player 00 (EUW)
: This is why I started hating League
Lucian received only a very small buff with his Q mana cost increasing when maxed out. Lucian was in a very strong state for very long and people knew he was going to get a nerf, however, this nerf is way smaller than they thought it would be
: Why changes look of GA
Becasue it's not an armor anymore and the icon is very old, It's now a sword
Dr Drevan (EUW)
: Only ganking your queue partner should be punishable
Mabons (EUW)
Riot: “Omfg god you illiterste fegggot can you read?“ Srsly, go and read their post, they even made a video explaining it.
Smerk (EUW)
: Doesn't look like you read everything carefully, he got permaban already.
Oh my bad, that's kind of emberassing right now ^^' I thought he made this tread for a “false“ 14 days ban
roel5551 (EUW)
: 14 days ban
Deserved. Next time don't play when you drunk if you know you'll be doing smth bad. It's like driving drunk a car, doing a crash and you lose your license “C'mom I was drunk I didn't know what I was doing, suspending.my drivers license is a bit to harsh“
: Why do i even try to argue with this bunch of kids. Everyone entered here with the only intention of hating me, without questioning or reasoning anything. This society sickens me deeply. Everytime i answer someone, he comes back to the post with the intention of not even reading the answer but also puting me a negative vote. Kids. Sad and wrongfull kids. With their already made up opinions always clsoed to debate.
Wrong, I read everything carefully, your post, every single answer from you and other people answring to your post. I tried explaining I'm not hating, that I am explaining why you got banned, yet you just ignore it and stay stubborn, not really a mature behaviour. People who refuse to learn can't be thaught anything. Unsmart people don't realize how non smart they are
: ***
not society but you. There it id, you insult people on the forums, you call ppl having brain damage. Just toxic. Have fun with your soon upcoming permaban {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Sigh... So what happend? You lost bot, got annoyed and roamed top as supp? And even after your 14d ban you still do reportthreats, are passivaggressiv and spend half your ingame time on junglerblames... srsly. Play some other game please.
thank you, just another guy who agrees with me him being passive aggressive
: So sad to see how much toxic kids answer my post with hatefull comments. This society sicken me more everyday. So depressive.
There is your problem, you see critizm and other's peoples opinions as “hate“ and directly passive aggressively attack them. People have another opinion and say you are wrong “omg they are toxic“ nope, just you tryong to twist things your way.
: Another gneric hatefull message without reason. Every time i asked for a report was after someone INSULTED me. DIRECLY INSULTED ME. Whats exactly the problem of asking for ganks????? I didnt insult him. I just asked for ganks or cryied, BUT I DIDNT INSULT HIM IN ANY SINGLE TIME. Its sad to be atacked without reason. Thank you for your free offensive feedback towards me.
This is exactly the passive toxic behaviour I was talking about. I did nothing exceot giving you a feedback on your chat loggs and told you what the system took as a reason to ban. I told you because Iit want to help you, if I wouldn't it write a hateful comment or just nothing at all and let you get permabanned later. Asking for a gank is fine, but you cried about it all game rubbing it into lee's face. Let's say your adc wants you to flash engage, you don't, he rubbs it every minute on your face. “Man this support doesn't do this engage, comon pls“ “14 minutes no hard engage :)“ You did'nt ask for ganks “Lee can you gank?“ / “gank pls“ “need help“ that's how you ask “Where is lee?“ “whete is he?“ “first gank 14 minuted :)“ You asked maybe 2 times for anow gannk, the rest you were just whining, crying and blaming on your jungler. Let me explain to you, you are in the 3rd most toxic state eith that chatlog. The only 2 worse forms are actuall insults and inting and the worst of all being racist or going really personal. Again this is no hate, just critizm, you said you got banned for no reason? I explained you the reason you got the 14 days ban and I tried to explain as precise as possible to avoid any future punishments as in my first comment what you need to change. For awhat fight there are always 2 nessecary, Riot doesn't care who insulted first, if you answer and go into a fight, you are just as responsible, just mute the person that insults you and report him after the game. You have better things to do ingame as starting to argue why he shouldn't insult you.
Dobiwobi (EUW)
: i can see you're trying hard not to be toxic and you're right; you weren't but you responded to everything your teammates threw at you, and even disagreeing with them or calling them a kid ONCE is enough to get them to report you again, i don't think you should be permabanned but the system probably did because you were recently banned for so long and now reported so many times that it thinks you're genuinely toxic my recommendation: don't respond to anything, if you find you can't ignore hateful comments /mute all and enjoy the game hope you get your acc back, if this is the only chatlog rito gave you it doesn't look like enough to permaban you, gl!
I disagree with one thing, that he isn't toxic. He is but passively. He attacked lee and blamed him all game long again and again cuz he didn't gank early, basicly flaming. He answers everything and provokes his teammates, basicly like a troll
: The system wrongfully baned me.
Well from reading this one chat log I had enough. The ban definetly isn't false. You don't insult people, but you provoke them, giving them a negative experience ingame. Lee sin doesn't gank, yet you pick on him again and again, you are critisizing his way of playing the game, familiar? You threaten people with reports “I'll report you“ “Do that abd I report you“ just asking someone “pls report this guy“ is bannable. You are toxic, no need to discuss, the only point is you are not actively toxic, but passively. Again you basicly flame lee sin because he didn't gank, does he have to? No, he doesn't. You respond to literally every sentence your teammates write and provoke them more. What you are doing is just equal to insult someone with like “you fcking r*tard“ All in all, you write to much in the chat instead of playing the game, all I can say you deserved the punishment and you should overthink your behaviour. Focus on your own gameplay, give advices if you want but don't start blaming someone and mute ppl if they attack you. Also change your attitude towards “my teammate has to do this“ No, no he doesn't. Lee doesn't have to gank just cuz you want him to. If lee doesn't gank but the enemy jgl does a lot, you have the information you need, you can't rely on your jglr helping out and you know the enemy jungler will, so adapt your decition making to it.
Yalda (EUW)
: Dia- Plat player team looking for SUPP Plat only accepted if dia before Must play a variety of champ
Interesting you say “smurf acc“ yet you call for a team around your “main accs elo“ if I can trust your words but you use your “smurf“ to get the team toghether. Is there an evidence of your “main“?
: too bad this is a team based game where winning by yourself is extremely hard/impossible.
Well you don't need a coordinated team The meaning of carrying is when your team overall doesn't deserve the win but you are outstanding so well that you win anyways
: New trend of intentionally throwing games/inting/going afk
Well I started to look ot that way That person simply doesn't care about his rank and will never tryhard and climb. Getting better and climbing in the knowledge people like that will be less in my games when I hit higher in zhe ladder. The best games, where you know you deserved the win 100% is when you don't need a team
: she will still be broken,her dmg isn't what it made her unhealthy for the game,which btw is only reduced by 5% (+10% on E, - 10% on w and - 5% on ult)
They made Ahri more rewarding for skilled players. Reducing on her 2 10% and her ult on 5% are the one's who don't need skill to be hit, an Ahri was able to miss everything and still 100 - 0 someone with just W and R Her ult has charges, every single one 5% less damage so all 3 reducing it for 15% of her ap. So yeah they made it more rewarding hitting the charm and more of aa risk to miss
Ahridk (EUW)
: Ahri tips for newbie ahri
Think again if you want to start maining her NOW In the next patch 7.11 she is getting nerfs
Jackom1 (EUW)
: Buff Viktor
He doesn't, if you feel he is bad, you just play him wrong. Viktor is a champion when onetricking him you have no problem reaching diamond+ with him. The only reason Viktor isn't played as much is because of the meta, there are other picks who are just incredibly good in the current meta, it's not viktor being to weak
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