: FPS Problem: An everlasting story and becomes worse with nearly every Patch, when does Riot react?
well generally when peaple need to fix a probelm concerning products they stop buying them so the producers will be obliged to fix and listen to their customers , same thing with league of legends as long as players don't stop playing they won't fix or even reply to your enquiries or your needs ! so simple
: Try playing on a mac, oh wait we cant! For over 6 months now threads have been popping up about a problem with no answer or bug fix from Riot. Just search, EUW trying to reconnect mac and have a look! Doesn't seem like a priority of Riot to allow players to play the game. But hey, plenty of new skins and chests to buy.
Agreed mate ! if they keep ignoring our threads then there is a plenty of other games which are way better to play (y)
: FPS Problem: An everlasting story and becomes worse with nearly every Patch, when does Riot react?
well i suppose that all the players face this issue but they think its a hardware made even there is lots of them tried to change specs while the issue comes from RIOT side so no improvement was noticed ! and i wanna know if it's hard for RIOT to fix this issue because it's been a while since it happened ( since patch 7.2 i guess ) i don't wanna say that's a big shame but we're still waiting for them at least to write article which includes this issue and what is up !!
: HUGE FPS drop (Can't change ingame settings neither)
yup same problem .. and just don't ask supp about that cuz they are gonna give you stupid solutions and none will work out :) thanks
: Patch 8.6 Still Fps Drops - Unplayable
The game is being worse and worse and rioters keep ignoring our enquiries and issues that we face with this "game" , maan can't they write a topic about that to enssure their players that the issue came from their side ? because lots of players had already reinstalled the game or even their windows or even changed their pc specs and nothing worked out !!! DONT BE STUPID AND FIX THIS ISSUE WITH OUR MONEY !
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: Riot dropped fps because the game is free for playing and they need to earn money from every side they can. In fact, computer companies will earn money cause our computers comfiguration needs to be updated, and riot will have percentage in that money income... Sorry for my bad english... That's my opinion... My fps drops from 150 in lane and 100 in team fights to 70-80 in lane to 30 in team fights... So bad but everyone needs goods earnings....
you are right mate ! another reason why the issue doesn't come from our pc specs or configuration is when we set the settings to low we don't notice any differences in performances . Also maybe you have noticed that the game start lagging whenever fps is -100 ? and that's questionable because normally games lag when fps is below 60 frames ! Also other games don't lag i mean they run as before no difference ! so i hope RIOT solve and fix this issue asap otherwise guys there are lots of games to play instead . Have a nice day
: huge FPS Drops after patch 8.4!!
Sadly Iam having the same issue :/ drops below 100 really makes the game not smooth. I used to have + 120 fps !!
aissa ked (EUW)
: we deserve Server to North Africa!
Yes we really want an aqual gaming situation we rlly suffer from high ping while eu ppl play on 40 ms or less so yea we want a North Africa server #yes


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