: The way to get out of elo hell is: a) buying a dia account like 90% of the ppl b) having insane luck like 9% of ppl c) being part of the 1% of diamonds that is actually good at the game and not just glorified bronzies PS: Well, "rightclick champions" as you call them can be effective if ppl dont know how to kite you properly, which is quite often the case. However, shyvana is not really a prime example of that category. U want something really broken? Go top and play this guy: {{champion:223}}
: Its nothing bad playing easier champs in low elo Bronze players in general cant grasph the game nor their champion really well meaning if you pick an easier champion you can impact the game easier. Also rightclicking doesnt mean a champion is easy kalista is a prime example for this
You have a solid point there about kalista just depends on the person in control of it
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: I found great success with my Vayne Top in my last 2 Flex games. Got an S on both getting me to mastery 6. Yes, I'm an evil person, but I'm not going melee against a Darius or Renekton.
i understand the pains to face Darius XD
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