: @RIOT multiple people being disconnected randomly in the middle of their games
Yeah so I was just DCed for over half a game, it's not internet issues, I'm watching streams on other monitor with 0 issues. I legit remember the same thing happening last year, they hard budget on servers at the start of season to save money because they know people are just going to quit after 2 weeks anyway. But I don't know, I was almost certain this game lost a lot of player base this year.
MrFaker (EUW)
: Eunoia eSports - LFP
Name: Callum Elo: P4 Lane: Jungle Mains: Nida, Zac, Cho, Kha - I've been sticking to just 1-2 champs in solo atm but I'l happy to play champs I don't usually play. Country: England IGN: Çhaòs Age: 20 Why do you want to join: I don't care about solo que, it's not a good representation of the game at all, there's all sorts of people in solo que, some people care about winning, some don't, some just play for fun, some play because they're competitive and want to get better, but solo que is a bad environment for improving. I hate to give this overused reason but I want to improve, not alone but with a team. I feel playing solo que is wasted potential.
Refôrmed (EUW)
: People have some serious issues....
I think a lot of the problems with toxicity is generally from people who have some mental problem lol. But honestly people will always get like this, League games are high pressure, most people cant stay calm or focus on the game, so as soon as they feel like their ego his been slightly hurt or someone's threatening then then can't help to react in the most extreme ways. But when someone says something like this they really are angry to the point of hating you, 1 game of League can make people despise each other lol.
: What are the odds?
Mas17 (EUW)
: Or maybe you should improve your supporting, because it's as viable a role to win as any. Relevant just as much if not a bit more than the adc.
haHAA support mains triggered. I don't care, it's an irrelevant role.
Rioter Comments
: plat elo is worse dw :D
I don't know about this, plat 3 and up imo is when people start to get a bit more consistent, when you go into a silver game you cant predict what's going to happen for the most part, people do really stupid shit, they do shit that plat players might not. This is why I think so many people can get stuck really easily, they're all bad sure, but silver is such a shit enviroment to learn the game in, even gold, it's almost like by playing the game you'll just learn the wrong way, the only way to get out of the gutter is to become a plat player before you even get there.
: Elo hell and problems with pairings
Elo hell is kinda a thing, but I think it's the match making mostly. Low elo is just smurf wars. 1 person can go into a low elo game and solo carry, then 4 people get a free win which means they get matched verses better players. I don't really know how bad smurfing is, but I think it's really bad.
: Ok, I try to make a recap, just to be sure I am explaining correctly. Eng is not my first language. I will answer only into this comment for all. 1. First of all, when I say I don't care I mean I am neutral. Not a fan, not a hater. I just discuss the case of the tyler guy. I represent probably the majority of playerbase. If people that don't care shouldn't comment, you would talk only with fans or haters. Not so constructive :D 2. My personal opinion is: once a company takes a decision, they should stick to it. I can agree or not, but change that would lead to a conclusion: their word is not much important, because they can change mind soon or later. I don't always agree with Riot's decisions, but I think that is better for them to be clear and honest with their customer once they took a way. 3. My personal opinion again, is that he had many chance to reform. Like all of us, he could make another account, but here is the problem: Riot decided he caused a damage to the company. I don't want to argue how, but that is quite clear looking at Riot decisions. So basically they decided that he would not stream again using their brand. So that's the point, is not just "the rules", is business. He CAN play LOL as much as he want, but like me and you. 4. There were a lot of comments about numbers and fanbase, that leaded to confusion. So I recap my thoughts: a) Tyler1 fanbase is not impressive. LOL has tons of players, like a european nation. To make an example, in Italy I can see groups in social media that are just trolls that have 3 milions fans. They were even closed eventually, and opened another one. And as I said even the random half naked girl had more views. This doesn't mean she is a better streamer, a better player or a better person. b) Numbers are not relevant. You can have 1 fan or 1 billion, you should be treated equally. That's all. 5. Good for him if he comes back into the game. When that will happen, I will not care at all like I am doing now. I hope that now I was clear enough.
> [{quoted}](name=Çhaòs,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UgvQYZgi,comment-id=000100000000000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2017-05-05T17:34:48.800+0000) > > I'm trying not to be biased and I don't think all of what you're saying is wrong either, many people have said the same thing in the comments here, I agree that it is a risk for them, they could not unban him without seeing that he has changed for a good period of time first. > > My argument the whole time has been, "if he has changed he deserves a chance". > > I also don't think the fan base is relevant if it's about treating people equally.
Infernape (EUW)
: A few militant tyler1 fans. Nothing substantial.
Love the lack of respect.
GLurch (EUW)
: I know about the past. Yes, I don't follow him, but I don't even need to follow him to know anything. He flamed A LOT, he got punished, he keeps getting punished but for some reason keeps returning to the game and still gets banned. The account he duos with IWD will probably get banned soon as well OR Riot actually removes the ban and makes a statement, which would be really rare because they NEVER revert punishments if they were rightfully given out. And please, stop swearing. There are nicer ways to communicate.
GLURCH PLEASE, we already talked about all of this!
: Really. Toxic. Well, I explained all in my other comment, but now I just start to think you are a bit delusional, bro. Like a bit really big. You know what? People told you what they think, you didn't accept, but in the end of the day nothing will change for you, me and that guy. I told I don't care about him, not that I don't care about league. There are litterally thousands of players I don't care about (their person) but that I am very happy if they are not allowed to play since they were too toxic. In the Tiler1 case, actually I don't care even if they unban him. It's fine. Like everyone he could be banned again or not, if he is reformed. But I tried to explain that this is Riot's call and unlikely to happen. Still, I feel like talking with a Potterhead, so sorry if now I am a bit salty, but is quite annoying when people try to argue without understanding at least the main point of my comments.
From my perspective that's how I saw it, I just want to keep this constructive I don't care if people are downvoting the post or comments, but I've been making the same argument to different people for a long time now so it just feels like people are beating around the bush a bit.
: I am not flaming at all. But is curious, someone who liked Tiler1 should have not problem with that. Look, my argument was constructive and quite clear. Then some people started to tell me "hey, he has a huge playerbase". Well, then. Let's assume is true. We'll take soccer as example. There is a talented player, with a lot of fans, that keeps a very unsportmanlike behaviour. He have warning, and get his first ban. He starts again, and another ban. Until he is banned completely from his league. Out forever. Now, the fact he has a huge fanbase is not relevant. Or, better, it could be if the company had more interes in money than in keeping the league clean. In the case of Tiler1, Riot chosed to ban his person despite the fanbase. But we should talk about the most important issue, that I pointed first. And this is why my argument was constructive. Or, at least, was just true, until Riot will disprove me. Once a (serious) company makes a decision, there should be a very serious reason to go back. I mean very serious. Reforming will not be enough for him. You could like that or not, I don't tell this to harass his fans. I just tried to give my explaination to Riot actions. Actually, you and maybe some other thinks I am "blindly flaming", but is not the case. And the fact is: I don't care at all about Tiler1. I don't even know who he is, I just know what he did. But I have no grudge on him. If tomorrow they would unban him, I would be fine. For the same reason I am not interested in annoying his fans. BUT if you feel annoyed is because you are biased, and you take my personal opinion on him like an offense or something.
I'm trying not to be biased and I don't think all of what you're saying is wrong either, many people have said the same thing in the comments here, I agree that it is a risk for them, they could not unban him without seeing that he has changed for a good period of time first. My argument the whole time has been, "if he has changed he deserves a chance". I also don't think the fan base is relevant if it's about treating people equally.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: His behaviour does actually lower the experience other players have in the game, making them quit, which in turn hurts Riot's business model.
I worded that poorly sorry, I'm talking from a perspective of "he's reformed now and he's not toxic", of course I can't make that judgement, that would come down to Riot. But ASSUMING that he has changed, hypothetically, then unbanning him would not risk the future of the game no. And it would not hurt the company or ruin the experience for anyone playing the game. In fact it would be good for the game, there's a lot of people who want to see him playing League.
: > [{quoted}](name=Çhaòs,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UgvQYZgi,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-05T14:09:33.468+0000) > > Most people only know the old Tyler from a year ago, in the past year he's grown and changed a lot. And you know this, because...how? > he is such a genuinely nice guy when you seriously get to know him. Great. Except he wasn't banned for the way he acts in casual polite conversation. He was banned for the way he kept repeatedly acting towards people who _weren't_ intending to get to know him. Your excuse means nothing. > I can't speak for how he talks to people in-game because I can't see him talking in game What's that sound of gunpowder discharge? Sounds to me like you just shot your entire thread in the foot. > If he was really toxic his account would get banned even if Riot didn't get involved. Except that it _did_ get banned. More than twenty times. Because he _was_ toxic. Are you even trying? > If you don't watch his stream you wont know this, but he REALLY loves League Then he should've known better than to act the way he did to the point of ignoring at least twenty permabans. That's _his_ problem. > he regrets his actions in the past, [citation needed] > he has said several times that he'll wait years for an unban if he has to, as long as it comes eventually. And Riot's stance is that any account confirmed to be his is getting banned on sight, and it hasn't changed. Wishful thinking, thy name is Tyler1. > So I really think the reason his current account that he's using hasn't been banned is because he's not toxic. You mean to say not breaking the rules means you won't get punished? Shock horror! Did you maybe not consider the possibility that Riot doesn't know about the account in question because it hasn't gone through the usual channels when it comes to bad behaviour? Assuming that what you say about "he's not toxic" is actually true, of course. > He wasn't perma banned, he was indefinitely banned ...after being _repeatedly_ permabanned. > But the main issue isn't with Riot, they can see if he's changed or not. The main issue is there's so many people who know Tyler as toxic and that's all they know, it's been a year and some people don't know anything about what he's done since then. Nor will they really care. Especially not after how many times Tyler didn't take a hint. I guess the saying is, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me more than 20 times, it doesn't look like they're going to reform". > If he is friendly and playing the game like everyone else then he deserves to be able to play the game just like any of the rest of us, I really want to see him unbanned and I really want to see him stream League again. He has a lot of passion for League and I think this is something that should be shared, there's a lot of other people out there who want to watch him play again too! Great. But how are we supposed to assume that he won't just go back to what landed him with the 20+ bans in the past? What, because of some allegations and anecdotes about how he's supposedly changed over time and how you think he acts when you get to know him? Sorry, but that's flimsy at best.
People have already asked all of these same thing elsewhere in the comments and I don't really want to spend the next hour typing ;p
: Sorry but this is getting boring. Why he should have YET another chance? Riot statement was clear, deal with it. Edit: I don't actually want to be mean, and the deal with it part is for his fans, not for you.
He has many banned accounts but that wasn't Riot banning him, it's people reporting him to the point where he loses the account. That doesn't make it ok, not at all. It's not about giving him "yet another chance". Sure he has all these banned accounts in the past, but if he has changed and Riot unbanned him, then he played the game, had fun and treated people well/followed the summoners code why would anything else matter? I know you don't care, it doesn't affect you so you don't care, but if you're going to comment here at least make a proper constructive argument instead of blindly flaming people for no reason.
: Looks like is almost personal for you. I get that, and I can understand. Still I don't think the company should go back on their statement. But Riot is not my company, so they can do wathever they want, I actually don't care at all about him.
There's nothing personal, it's not like I'm investing my whole life into this post, I'll spend a total of an hour or two replying to comments here probably and that'll be that. And I'm not completely rigid. If someone makes a strong legitimate argument that makes sense I'll accept it but I don't think there is an argument like this to make. Most of your comments have been really toxic/messy, you're not really here to discuss, you're here to argue, like you said, you don't care. I'm aware there is people that don't care, that's not a problem, you're not obliged to care, but if you don't care why are you here?
GLurch (EUW)
: Yes, but if a company that has so many fans has a problem with a certain person, it's obvious there must be something wrong with this person, not with the company. If something was wrong with the company and not with that certain person, that certain person would normally have more fans, because no one would follow a company that keeps doing wrong stuff and hate on a person that does everything right.
Well this is the argument yes, we wont achieve anything talking about this though. For Tyler1 to get unbanned he has to prove that he won't cause any damage to Riot for making the decision.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Which he got. After every single punishment he got a new chance. After every single permaban he got a new chance. Just how many chances should a player like him get, when his entire mindset is to destroy and ruin the game for other people?
I was going to say something simular to Not Xpeke. He might have had 20 banned accounts in the past, but it's still the past nonetheless, he has changed, although it took him some time, he has changed, it's not like he ruined the company - Unbanning him is not going to risk the future of the game or anything of the sorts.
GLurch (EUW)
: Compared with Riots fanbase, his fanbase sure is small.
I don't want to join this argument, but to add my view. Does the size of someones fan base really matter, does that seriously mean anything. That's like saying if a streamer with 100 average viewers gets an indefinite ban Riot shouldn't bother with them, because it's just 100 people right? I think everyone matters the same.
Doomley (EUW)
: you know his stream personality, not his true personality. People are fake. you might know some things about him but you do not actually know him. You didn't offend me so you don't need to apologize for anything.
Yes I understand people are different off stream, but he is quite transparent. Not everyone has 3 personalitys either.
: I think that lifting the ban would be a bad move. He challenged the company authority, violated the summoners code in every way possible and made fun of that. His punishment is an example. We already have enough toxic players, and a lot of people asking for eliminating permabans. This would just say "hey, Riot is not serious, let's do the **** we want". No, tnks. Game doesn't need him. Actually none does, and that's what hurts him and his small fanbase.
Of course if Riot unbanned him they'd have to give an explanation and say the truly believe he has changed, that's why I want more people to talk about it/bring attention to it, I really want to see him play again, his channel would get a lot of growth if he was playing League again too. Most of this is up to him proving he has changed and I know he's really trying to do this right now, so it's important Riot sees him change, that's the important thing, if they can safely unban him and be sure that he wont be toxic after the ban then they could unban him and provide a reason without causing an outrage from the community.
: Someone already answered you with numbers. Also, not all were active fans. I saw a lot of pages and characters on social that got more than a million views or fans, and like 50 sharing of their contents. Coz in the end of the story, none cares. They gave tumbs up once, and never seen again.
He has a strong fan base, although the numbers don't come close when you compare it to the amount of people playing the game this is the same for any streamer.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > but he still deserves a second chance, we all do. He got 20+ chances. --- > He wasn't permanently banned, he was indefinitely banned. This is a ban that can be lifted. You're mixing up terms here. Yes, he was indefinitely banned which means that Riot may review his ban in the future and say that it's ok for him to play the game again. However, all of the accounts that he got permabanned before, and during, this ban, are **permabanned**, and will remain so. The accounts are not undergoing an indefinite ban, the person is.
Yeah I understand this, those 20 accounts are irrelevant, they're gone, that's fine. I understand the term. I addressed this "20+ chances" argument in the post you replied to.
Doomley (EUW)
: You. Do. not. Know. Him.
Ok, I don't know him, I don't claim to know him and I'm sorry that I have offended you. But when you watch someone for so many hours in a year you learn a lot about someones personality, habits, you even learn silly things about people that don't matter such as things they like. When I talk to people over the internet I get to know them and learn what they're like too, it's the same thing, the only difference is when you're watching a streamer it's more of a one way relationship, the only way you can connect with them is through chat, so although he might not know anything about me, I know a lot about him.
GLurch (EUW)
: The purpose of the system is to reform players, yes. But if a player is at the point where he gets a permanent ban, the purpose is no longer to reform people. It's supposed to tell the person that Riot has given up on them and want them to leave. >Others haven't got unbanned? Who are you talking about? About no one, because no one that actually got rightfully punished got unbanned, like ever (in terms of permanent bans, bans for competitive play can be lifted).
He wasn't permanently banned, he was indefinitely banned. This is a ban that can be lifted. I don't want to sound defensive, and I'm not just speaking for Tyler when I say this, but it goes for anyone, if someone changes and starts following the games code they deserve an unban, anyone can change and I know he has got a lot of accounts banned in the past, the reason they banned him is because of community outrage, he was out of order and he deserved what he got, he knows this, he has said this and he regrets it, but he still deserves a second chance, we all do. I don't think he would ever do anything to risk getting banned again if he was unbanned, I'd bet a lot of money on that.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You understood that wrong. With "That's something totally different" I didn't adressed Tyler1. I ment that "indefinite suspension" and permaban are not the same thing.
Ohh I see, apologies my friend.
: Because they have no proof it's him ?
I don't know who it was and when but he was in a game with some streamers, I think Gosu was one of them, they was talking on Discord after the game. Also his account is currently D2 I think, he plays Draven 90% of games and has changed name a few times, he also doesn't play when he streams, only before his streams because he sleeps afterwards, coincidence? He's made comments about the spectate stream too saying he hopes he doesn't get banned because of it but he's happy so many people still want to watch him play. They know it's him for sure. 100%
Rismosch (EUW)
: Actually, you are the one who has wrong facts. Jensen didn't got unbanned aswell, but got his "indefinite suspension" lifted. That's something totally different. Riot has never unbanned toxic players.
Tyler1 also has an indefinite ban, not a permanent ban. So it's not totally different, it's actually exactly the same thing.
GLurch (EUW)
: People may change, but there is no guarantee they do. Others that actually messed up never got unbanned either, why should he? Even if he were to be a super nice person now, he should just stay banned in order to be fair towards everyone.
It's true that everyone should be treated the same way but that doesn't mean they shouldn't unban players if they reform. This is a really closed minded and sad option. If that was true this should be challenged. I like to think they're reasonable about it anyway. Others haven't got unbanned? Who are you talking about?
Doomley (EUW)
: No it's not lifted yet. He does play LoL but he doesn't show himself playing so he doesn't get banned.
They know the account he uses currently, it is streamed by someone else on Twitch. He's been playing this one for quite awhile now and they haven't banned it yet, this is why I don't think he's been toxic now or they would have banned him already.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: nope, jensen was banned from the actual game as well, not just competitive. All his accounts were banned on sight, very much like Tyler1. Eventually after sneaking at the top of the challenger ladder without revealing his identity, and showing true reforming, Riot lifted the indefinite suspension after careful monitoring of his accounts for a period of time. I repeat, Jensen was not banned ONLY from competitive play. Don't spread misinformation please.
I'm happy to see they did this, bit of a different situation if it's a pro player looking to compete, still good to know.
Doomley (EUW)
: >he is such a genuinely nice guy when you seriously get to know him. Maybe but we or you don't know him. You can watch his stream all day every day but you still don't get to know him. Don't get me wrong, i think he should get another chance but don't claim to know him when you simply do not know him.
He IRL streams a lot and I spend a lot of time watching his streams, I might not know him in person but I know him and I know what he's like.
GLurch (EUW)
: He got way over 20 chances already and threw all of them. No matter if he now understood it and reformed or not, he's way past the chances Riot could give him. Plus, if Riot were to unban him and he'd flame again, a lot of people would complain and question RIots actions. It would hurt their reputation a lot, way more than the cigar scandal.
All of this happened in the past, all over a year ago. People change. Of course they'd have to be sure he won't be toxic/flame again.
Rioter Comments
: International Talk Like A Pirate Day
Oh, that's not so bad, the issue is 99% of us including me probably didn't know this day exists, so there's a lot of people just confused af about it.
God of Seas (EUNE)
: Male deep voice in-game?
Oh it's only temporary? Thank god, still don't know why they had to change summoners rift to these dodgy demonic voice overs though, it's ok for the game mode, but summoners rift? Really?
: Instalocking
There's blind pick and draft pick for normals, it's only natural that all the trolls would be playing blind pick..
Ramyskie (EUW)
: Matchmaking and I am not enjoying League
Quitting don't get you nowhere, the harder it gets the more you should fight. You just need to accept you're going to lose some games, if you lose it's your fault entirely, just think, a Challenger players not going to lose games in DIAMOND, you're in plat, you can start blaming others when you can't get any better, and "newsflash" - that's never going to happen. This is how league works, so go take control of your emotions, l2p and win.
Çhaòs (EUW)
: Yorick
lol ppl can't understand the joke.
: Can we get some info about the Key Fragments,Riot?
The reset for key frags is every month, the reset day is determined by when you got your first key, because most people got their first key fragment in the few days after the key patch if not on the day the reset for most people was in the past few days.
Omblondra (EUNE)
: Who needs the most nerfing
Azure9861 (EUW)
: We really need some more bans. Please. Or changes to the way we ban things.
I don't see why they'd need more than 3 bans per team at the moment tbh, I can't even think of 6 champs I'd want banned every game, I just care that Kindred and Lucian are banned and 90% of the time they are. Every single person wants to ban different things in solo q, because everyone plays different champs and has different experiences, someone plays adc and always gets jumped by Rengars or Zeds then they might ban these champs. Where I wouldn't ban these champs so much. Maybe 4 bans would be ok, 5 would be too much. Sad thing with 4 or more bans is there will be strong champs that never even get played in ranked at all.
: Whatever you say man. But ranked ain't about fun, its about being competitive as possible and winning. That's why even the famous youtubers, those 5 man premades who want to play for fun, play normal's. (lilypichu, spazie etc.)
"It's about being competitive as possible and winning." "camp the sh*t out of solo player, untill he goes afk or his team starts to abuse him like hell." Something seems wrong here lol.
: What's that one thing that makes your main special?
: Looking for someone to teach me
Maybe I can help you if you main jungle ^^ Sleeping for the next 9 hours though ;3
Rismosch (EUW)
: Boots temporary Enchantment - Suggestion
I'd love it if boot enchantments worked as upgrades, so you'd start with boots, upgrade them, then you would be able to buy a first upgrade, then the next one, then a third one. Maybe it'd be hard to balance the stats they give though. I just know the system would feel good.
My Syndra (EUNE)
: 2 rp ?
http://i.imgur.com/SSFwLiZ.png This post inspired me {{champion:6}}
: Do you wanna know why people flame?
This isn't quite how flaming works ^^ Someone will flame when they get angry and flustered, why do people feel like this? When they lose control, when you feel out of control and lose confidence you tilt and then you flame, people then start to blame other people and make excuses for their mistakes as a way to deal with it. It's true they're also afraid to lose the game. And I hate it when I get grouped with people who play whatever without really giving a damn, but this is just the nature of the game. I can tell you one thing though, the higher you get, the less people are gonna be ok with losing and the more serious things will get. So use that as some motivation. Of course people will still flame in every elo though ^^
: Fire dragon and earth dragon might be hard since they do more damage. But water and wind dragon are slightly weaker, you might have a better chance at soloing those.
Wind dragon actually does the most damage because of it's attack speed ;3
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