Pxerkza (EUNE)
: vayne and kindred are extremely strong at killing tanks and keeping you alive ashe is a CC bot varus is the only useless ranger 6 assasins and a ninja carry not 4 ninjas getting a front line with assassins is 100% a requirement voids deal true damage asol karthus lulu ahri (especially ahri) and veigar wait thats 5 sorcs that do well? tf for mana generation? maybe morg for front line? wait thats 7 sorcs that are really good? wow nop nobles is hard reliant on kayle to function if you don't get a kayle you are 8th place gunslingers or blademasters don't work into nobles only if you rely on the base synergy if you properly feed a carry they are fine
Dude, i Play against Grandmasters and Challengers only, whatever you're saying, is invalid in that Elo, other than if you don't find kayle you end up 6th 7th 8th, that's true but everything else is total bs. Nothing beats Nobles with Draven and or Jinx carry. Voids deal true Damage, you tell me that cuz you think i Play in that elo without knowing? So since hectech came out whats the Positioning on Units? Clumped up? no! Chogath wont hit more than 3 Units. And i already said that voids with sorcs especially chogath and a-sol carry can beat Nobles, but only if they highroll and Noble lowrolls. That's just it, if you don't believe me watch any Challenger play on Twitch. Edit: Lulu got nerfed, you Need her lvl 3 to be good. Karthus Needs to be lvl 2 or he wont deal any dmg to Nobles. Veigar is Pretty good, yeah, if kayle is lvl 1. if she is 2, he is useless. Ahri? .. Just cuz her second orb deals true dmg doesnt make her any good. Morgana is okay.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: blademasters rangers and gunslingers are still good void brawler assasins are still very dominant 6 assassins and a ninja carry feels good now sorcs are ok knights and nobles are a bit strong but they both rely on kayle to start popping off unless you got some god tier item drops and early 2 stars without rolling
Rangers against noble? no. 6 assasins with Ninjas against Nobles? no. sorcs really Need a highroll Game to win against Nobles. Void brawler assasins against Nobles? no. YOu can only Play Voids with chogath and a-sol carry and sorcs together with it hard stack a-sol and chogath and hope your chogath doesnt get hexteched or against Noble enemy doesnt have kayle 2. Nobles still the best Comp since even if Void sorc wins against it, Noble is still gonna win against more comps than Void sorc, so ist the better comp. That's just it. Edit: I tried 6 blademasters and or Gunslingers, Pretty good comp, still doesn't beat Nobles. Don't even try.
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: It's decently feasible imo, but regardless you shouldn't have like 1 comp that, if you manage to get it, wins 99% of it's games without even trying and even against a sorcerer void cho, you can position so that cho doesn't hit everyone and you might still win it since if cho's ability doesn't hit they wouldn't be able to damage you and you could also put a hurrican + hush on someone to completely deny the cho from even using his ability
Looked it up, you only Play normal games, so what's your Point here? You have a very very lategame comp, that stomped everything in the 2 normal Games you played?? Congrats dude. Nr 1. Normal Game. No Need to explain further. Nr 2. In most of the Games, where decent ppl are in the Game, you are about 10-35hp by the time you even find 6 Nobles. So you would have to run something else early and then Transition, whatever, straight to nr 3 Nr 3. 6 Nobles 6 Knights is very very unlikely to ever hit, you would need some heavy Item Rng for that, and a lot of Time, yeah you can get it in Nomal Games, cuz ppl aren't that Aggro, cuz normal Game. Nr 4. I know Nobles and Knights block Magix dmg now, but 6 Sorc comp, with some morellos still gonna Stomp you. Ap cho with Voids and Sorc, also stomps you. Nr5. Your Threat is the same as if i would open one with : RIOT 9 BLADEMASTERS IS INSANELY OP! Everytime i Play 9 Blademasters i just win 99% Games without even trying. Same sh it.
Baene (EUW)
: TFT - Lost LP for 4th
I can solve your Problem. Get 1-3d place ! ;D Like srsly this Game isn't hard, i just started tft on my second account, 2 days Gold 4 playing only with Diamonds and Masters cuz i didnt lose a single Game. Just don't get 4th ;D
: TfT beta pass rewards
They said it's gonna come back, so don't worry.
Åce (EUW)
: Why should it be harder to climb? You're fighting vs also the other Top#2000 in euw. It's not like you're Top#2000 and you're fighting bottom tier players. You're fighting people who are at the same rank as you, so theoretically, as good as you. So, why would you lose more lp than when you win? It's just very illogical. Edit: I would maybe understand giving +40/-60 for example, to keep maybe the number of challenger people lower. But as i said, losing more than double you win is just very frustrating. Imagine this: you're at 0lp, you get 3 3rd places, 2 4th places, 1 2nd place. you would be at around 70 lp. Than you just get really bad RNG and get 8th place. So you lose progress from 6 games in 1. It's very frustrating and it's not transparent
Yeah, didnt actually think about that, true. Maybe our MMR is bad?
: > [{quoted}](name=Í am Udyr,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yBlOu5AY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-04T16:01:59.365+0000) > > Tft is the best Gamemode Riot ever did. > > They won't ever replace this with anything. I am not talking about Tft bud, TT(Twisted Treeline)
Åce (EUW)
: TFT Ranked System
Yeah, i also win 33-38 Points for 1st, and i lose about 60-68 for 8th. Feelsbad, but highelo mate. Right now being d3 means you're Top#2000 in euw, so it should be a little bit harder, no?
Dewritoes (EUW)
: Why is 'having to fight vs the strongest player in the game 8 times in a row' still a thign in TFT?
Yeah, it's frustrating, but i'm pretty sure Riot knows this as well and will change it sooner or later.
: All these people saying replace TT with Nexus Blitz, AR/URF, Ascension...
Tft is the best Gamemode Riot ever did. They won't ever replace this with anything.
alcanii (EUW)
I mean, i lost Games where i had the most Items of them all, and i won games with basically the lowest amount of Items. Yes, Items are important, but using your brain is way more Important in this Game, for instance you get a shojin and a Ga in the first few minutes, you don't go for a Draven carry. My last game i got a 3 Item start, and after that i only got 1 item each and Golums only dropped Gold. so a really low Item Game, i won it. Just had a Plan in my head with what items i got, made These Items put em on Champions i know i will sell later, when i have the Champs i want. But thats not the Point, yes it's Rng, but in the Long run, if you're good, you will always climb.
: Stuck in the loading screen for the 5th time in a day
Stop telling him, it's his fault, i bought a new gaming pc for 1.8k and i got stuck in loading screen 2 times after 9.15. Also my fault, huh?
: my point is just because something changes doesn't mean you'll get your lp back as if you did read them it's not that akali crits with ap (at least not that i'm aware of as you're the only one both here and on NA to point this out as i saw it) it's that when you have 1 or 4 ninjas their spells deal more dmg as well m8 frozen heart was there probably even before ppl just didn't use it as it doesn't seem like any kind of good idea to do so however even if that is new my comment was targeted towards the cho complaint which was in the patch notes under the void buff XD
Silver 2 telling me to read Patchnotes, ty i did. And akali critted every spell, was a bug, many People can tell you that, but you obviously didnt Play a game, and if u did, most liely in Silver People dont abuse Bugs, or they would be higher. ty bb
: i think you should read the patch notes my friend before just jumping into ranked just so you know tft patch notes aren't in client but on the new site here's the link https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/teamfight-tactics-patch-915-notes
What's your Point? I did read the Patch notes, can you find anywhere in the Patch notes stating: Akali crits every spell, pyke with a frozen heart and ultimate slows everyone? I cant find that in the Patchnotes, sry.
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AnoobisS (EUNE)
: TFT item drop is so unfair!!
Upvoted. Played 3 games in a row with a 0 Item start, getting 1 more from each camp... I was so any Items behind everyone else, and the 8gold start doesnt compensate for sh it once a certain Stage hits. Then after These 3 Games i was already tilted af, played a 4 Item start Game and every other camp also dropped Items... went 1st ofc. Riot should really make it fair.
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Cräfty (EUW)
: TFT: Lack of " tactics " in teamfight tactics!
Also the Problem is that everyone is thinking, oh i deserve Diamond! This is a new game Mode, you aren't the smartest Person out there, figuring everything out, being Plat Right now is Pretty good. Take your time, at some Point you will reach your Goal. Everyone you Play against also is or wants to be Diamond, not everyone can get there. Greetz, and this is not a flame Answer, i'm also stuck in Plat 1 ;D
slexip (EUW)
: My primary issue with ranked as it is right now, is what u mention at the end about lp. Im currently plat 3, was plat 2 earlier. But my day have so far been like this. 1st place 36 lp 4th 5 lp 4th 5lp 3rd 13lp 7th - 62 lp so 3 games got removed from 1 game where i didnt even die as 8th, and i even died 5 seconds before another guy who got 6th place. trying to rank as it is now seem so counter productive and getting anything less than 4th seem like a spit in the face for even trying. another issue that might be the reason for this is that when im checking out my oponents rank, they happen to be bronze silver some of them. And this is where Riots system gets stupid. So plat cant queue with anything below Gold. But gold can queue with Everything below its rank. So gold people queue with low ranking friends and because they are gold they also get into games with people who are plat. and therefor we loose shitload of LP for no reason.
Lp gain and loss is depended on many factors. Your mmr, if its bad you lose more than you win, this was and will always be the same. Elo of People in your game, if you are plat 1 and everyone else is plat 4 or plat 3,2 you will also lose more lp and win less. Obvious.
: critical error is back, cant even play
Same here, it worked for me like 40 games, not a Problem, i deleted logs everytime before i played and started Client again, then 9.14b came and … critical Error.
: Oh yes forgot to mention that always when i end up 1st or 2nd i can't look at the stats there's only Skip stats option
Yeah, happens to me too, Always when i go 1st, but i get the lp for it.
Rioter Comments
: Critical Error on game start
Same Problem, tried everything… Nothing works
: Critical Error over and over again
I basically did everything i can do. Pretty sure the Problem isn't on me.
: Critical Error
Still the same sh it, critical Error... cant play.
Rioter Comments
NoobAsian (EUW)
: A critical error has occured and the process must be terminated
Dont get to confident, i did everything and after the 11th game: Critical error. We just getting trolled.
Rioter Comments
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Rioter Comments
: last season I fed on purpose every single game and went 2/8 placed in bronze 1
You played Flex Q last Season? So i assume you work for Riot and you tested it?
Rioter Comments
: I am in silver 5 tier and i got the reward for bronze ( summoner icon) its that normal?
Totally normal! I wouldn't worry to much, the Summoner Icon represents the Skill level of a Player, so it's Riots way to tell you, you're Bronze! Try harder next Year! Good luck, Summoner.
: Easiest one of these champions and best one for low ELO
: SIlver V - no reward
> [{quoted}](name=Noobyonekenoby,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=E9wh8xrE,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-10T16:57:24.641+0000) > > I am silver v beeing a bronze. Excuse me?
Eimas (EUW)
: Lonely LoL player looking for a gamer girl to play with :'''<
: It's bullshit. I have not heard about that! Do you have evidence of that?
Ofc i have evidence, a Riot employe said so in an Interview that was released about 3 weeks ago. Search it on Youutube under the keyword : '' Do you understand Sarcasm''.
: Icon?
Didn't you know? Riot has a limited number of Icons to giveaway, so if you were only placed in Gold 5, means that you most likely won't get it. I'm very sorry, mate. Maybe next Year!
: Cacner #6
> [{quoted}](name=9VMS Kurama,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=BruGBEqL,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-10T15:13:50.709+0000) > > Rito do u have cacner How can a company have ''cacner''?
: > [{quoted}](name=Own3d Tv,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=jlE4L28c,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-10T13:47:08.242+0000) > > Repeating their own mistakes, over and over again, is considered trolling! > So creating a stupid logic to show us how stupid the logic of the Host was in the first place, is totally fine? If it's specifically stupid to demonstrate how stupid the former logic is, then yes. If the OP doesn't understand that it's stupid, then it's best to demonstrate how it's stupid by illustrating outside of the realm of League and in another setting where that same logic _could_ be more clearly stupid. It's called an analogy. And then you come in and complain about the comparison being stupid as if the comparison is all there is to his point, not realizing _why_ he made that comparison. What is even the problem here? Because it just looks like you're desperate for something to complain about. Then again, given the angry, insulting attitude you're showing here (combined with the fact that you did so to the extent of having one of your comments taken down), that shouldn't have surprised me. The fact that you're saying that _I'm_ the one who should be growing up (immediately after I called you out for your disgusting, tasteless comment about being mentally challenged) just adds to that.
I reported your comment. You said ''stupid'', multiple times, ''disgusting'' and ''mentally challenged''. I don't know why you're so angry towards me.. i really don't understand it. Please be more polite, next time. Greetings
DarKxBlazeR (EUNE)
: Kid playing lol
Sorrey four worse England! Np! ;)
: Should teach you not to chase kills you can't get. If I had a dollar for everytime someone thought he could chase a kill and then dies...
'' You can't get'' Sure like i knew from the start that this plant is going to spawn there that secound. And no, i didn't die.
B00B00 (EUW)
: you chased....by the time that was over you could of got a turret and actually helped win. gg.
Hahaha, was minute 5 or 6 i guess ;D
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DelaTodo (EUNE)
: What is the ranked flex??
New Q! Flex Ranked obviously doesn't care about your elo in solo/duo i guess. I played my first placement with 2 bronze 5s going 19/7/20, still lost ;D
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Does doing Ranked Flex in Pre-Season affect the MMR in soloQ for the new season, or just the Flex?
two different q's, so no. And yes it was stated that solo/duo q comes one week after Flex.
: Flex Ranked total disaster!
If your simple mind does not understand what i'm talking about, i'll tell you! Riot obviously has no indicator in this que, so it matches up all the people same way. Challengers can play against bronze 5, as far as i see it cuz Flex Ranked is completely new.
: Flex Ranked total disaster!
Maybe let Bronze players play with bronze players? Yeah this acc is only silver 1 but why do i have to play with a bronze 5 mid/top? Tell me plz, makes no sense this matchmaking.
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