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: If you started playing in season 6/7 then you dont even know the half of it (season 6 was considered one of if not the worst season). But you are not wrong, CDR is way too accessible on items that are otherwise very well statted on top. the base damage scaling (per point) on these troublesome supports is too high to the point where a slight level advantage means a won lane. In order for a tank to be viable they must have a %hp damage ability _(on 5 second cooldowns without CDR)_ in order to keep up with other tanks and bruisers that have said %hp abilities _(Just remove/nerf it and it wouldnt be neccessary)_
Tanks are about tanking not dealing damage. Instead of adding %hp damage they should add shield to some of them. They made Ornn a bruiser, he has no shield now and his damage on w is increased. Instead of increasing his cd's so that he can not do 6 rotations in late game with 40% cdr. The problem is in damage and the role meaning. If you are a tank you should tank, if you are a support you should assisst your adc, I feel like this game is about playing everything on every position.
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: This game used to be about strategy, now it's slowly turning into a permanent URF mode
I made a topic about adding a 10% global debuff to the damage like 5 days ago (maybe more, maybe less). And I agree with you
: so many people downvoting you while you're so right. i dont agree with everything you said but the amount of damage is too high. you get alot of damage of runes, ap items deal too much damage. tanks barely have any utility. too much magic pen and barely any amazing magic resist items etc...
True, the downvotes are for adc 100%
: No, it means that your statement : > Most of the League players are in low elo so they play kai'sa, cait,jhin, vayne. Because of that the "play-percent" is high. High elo players play more often Karthus, Cassio, Heime and Morde. is delusional, and you should double-check your facts, before posting something in a public place. **** If a champion is seeing 10%+ pick-rate, paired with 50%+ win-rate, means that it's VERY VIABLE. - meaning that your opening statement, and premise > (I mean in that way that cassio, heime and karthus are better then any ad-carry) Is a false claim, and can't be backed up with actual facts. That's what it means. Very very simple. > what means when u are getting oneshot by everyone. Yea, I understand. Vayne is usually 3 tapping me, while I have my 9K gold "core" bruiser items, on Udyr - which is quite a tanky champ. Perhaps you need to work on your positioning, and coordinate better with your support, and you won't get 1shot any more. Dunno how it is in your low-plat games, but where I play, ADC deals consistently the most damage each match, and is pretty much the safest role. It has the highest range, it has the best in-combat sustain (as class) in the game, It's pretty much the only class that consistently uses a self-defensive summoner spell - and it has the best DPS in the late-game as well. Well what more do we want ? Can we, non-marksman players actually play the game, or do we need another "better botlane wins LOL" meta, where it's irrelevant what you do, if your marksman is braindead, you just lose ? Bcz I'm sure as hell uninstalling this game, rather than playing ardent karma mid, and locket maokai JG.
Where is that late game you talk about, ofc with udyr he can easily kill u, but let's watch how is the adc role getting oneshot by the jax with q and w, i do not want adc to be a broken role, but you cant tell me that streamers and pro players play mages and bruisers bot because its bad.
: The link I gave you is in Plat + (meaning diamond and above). Please learn to actually understand information before down-voting posts on the boards.
Wich means the adc is good and the bruisers and tanks and supports and assassin's are weak? I see that you don't understand what means when u are getting oneshot by everyone. I down-vote what I disagree with. And I think that game was better back in season 3 and season 4 then season 9 where you get oneshot by everyone and everything and you don't even have a chance to have fun.
: The only 2 months ADC were weak, pro players and high elo played things like Swain, Velkoz, Brand, Mord and brusiers in the Bot Carry role. Global 10% debuff will not work because damage doesn't not affect all champions in the same way. If you reduce the damage of Soraka by 10% it won't matter because of all those heals. If you reduce the damage of Brand by 10% he will become so trash because he only has damage in his entire kit.
Brand was not a support, and he should not be. I don't know what the name support means to you. Most of Soraka players max e and goes with aery because of damage instead of maxing heal and healing adc. What do you think is the problem, the heal or the damage? And healing would be great again, means more sustain in the fight for the cost of damage, for that you have anti-healing items wich would be usefull if you could aa constantly. Before the adc items were changed adc's were broken (assassins jump on you and you crit them 2 times and it's over) now they changed the items to do damage over time, the more you aa the more valuable the adc is, wich is good but it's not good if you are getting oneshoted and you don't even have the chance to aa. I don't complain about the adc items, it's fine by me, just want the damage reduced.
: Hope that you understand how the "play-percent" works. Vayne is played 60 times more often than ziggs, with a better win-rate.
Most of the League players are in low elo so they play kai'sa, cait,jhin, vayne. Because of that the "play-percent" is high. High elo players play more often Karthus, Cassio, Heime and Morde.
Yraco (EUW)
: Not necessarily. If damage is lower overall then classic ADC champions won't get oneshot as easily->can get more auto attacks off->can lifesteal more. You get more lifesteal hitting 3 attacks of 75 damage than you do hitting 2 for 100 then dying.
: Adc works fine if people protect it and play off it, its only in low elo that adc is struggling.
That's not true
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