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: So to my understanding of this is. This is all part of the ranked system. But then the question is, Why do they decrease the amounth of lp when you're on the rank that they think you don't deserve? isn't that unfair? If been trying to improve and do my best to be positive with feeding teams and me having bad games and they only look at my total stats of the games i played. If been playing beter then people of my rank and tried to be a good supportive player with every kind of team, even tho there are some toxic teams and some good teams with people like me. Isn't that what ranked is about? becoming a beter player in behavior but also play style/mechanics and knowlege
They don’t “think” you don’t deserve, your winrate does. If your winrate is high, you will get higher lp and even skip divisions. However, the more games you lose, the more lp you will lose each game.
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: My friends didn't hide from me when I was a begginer (hard noob at this game). They wasted some good time to explain me a lot of things about this game and after 3-4 weeks we played in Ranked with no problems. If you just run from problems then you will never have the power to deal with them. And he can check your history ( tell when a player is in a running game).
Well, first of all, this isn’t a suggestion because i’m experiencing some kind of problem with someone, but mostly because other games have that feature (Overwatch). On a side note, few months ago, i did indeed went through this kind of problem. We play in gaming centers, so there was this guy who wanted to always play with us. There wasn’t any kind of way to tell him we didn’t want to play with him. Mostly because he flamed a lot and goes afk EVEN IF WE ARE PLAYING TOGETHER. That was when i thought a feature like that would have been ideal. Anyway, it’s solved now, but i was just making a suggestion nothing more.
: christmas
That would be great tbh.
: 1. If you don't like him then remove it from your friend list. 2. The "busy" status is enough.
Sometimes, it doesn’t work like that. “ if you don’t like him, remove him.” What if I know him in real life and can’t remove him? Some of us have manners.
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: Low FPS on good specs
I have an Asus 702, 1070 gtx 8GB and i have the same problem. Also i have 120 Hz refresh rate. I have like 200-300 fps at the start of the game but after that, the fps is around 100 and it drops a lot during the game. I really don’t know what is causing that because a graphics card like that should provide at least 200 fps. I even optimized league through Nvidea Geforce. It’s really frustrating to have such a great gaming laptop but low fps on lol. I didn’t have any problem with any other game, just league. (Maybe the refresh rate is the problem).
: How much do you have to give up early as Zed?
Well to be exact, at minute 10 , you can have a maximum of 114 cs, and at minute 4, a maximum of 38 cs. Try not to get poked a lot by him and try to trade with him early. Maybe 25 cs minimum is good.
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: It seems quite strong. On the other hand... Zoe's got only real 2 attack skills. W strongly depends on drop, and R is mostly a targeting buff. Unlike, say... Ekko, for example? Who's got 3 attack skills, wall surpass, 2 slows, stun, blink and a very strong heal. Doesn't it seems fair that Zoe's two skills are are somewhat stronger than the skills of those other champs who's got all 4 in their hands?
Just to be clear, some champions have 6 abilities but they aren’t OP. Also I didn’t say Zoe is OP, i was talking about her E which is a small projectile carrying a heavy cc that makes u get hit by that long range Q just because u didn’t even notice her throwing the E. I just think it should be maybe slower and a bit bigger.
SorrowJoy (EUW)
: And the AoE it leaves behind is clunky cause it latches on without even walking onto it properly.
Exactly, it’s so annoying.
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: Faker
Well how about you watch the last game closely and you can see he was the most impactful player in SKT. He played karma to support Bang who obviously screwed up many times.
: let me explain why orianna is braindead , she scales with ap but hits like a truck with autos , she may be squishy but she has a selfshield , a n unpunishable zoning burst option , vacuum aoe that hits like a truck , autos become stronger more often she hits so also safe early , incredibly cant stress this enough , incredibly safe early and powerful late. there is a good reason she is in almost every progame because she is %%%%ing overpowered , one of many reasons why i cant take you guys at riot seriously anymore you shit out more and more "complex hard 2 play characters" whic hare just braindead statsticks with overloaded kits for the sake of "muh esports". i dont enjoy playing unfair champions matterfact i barely play league in general even when i peaked dia once , you lost your charm and are way out of touch of what is balanced and what isnt , look at kayne your newly released champ. he walks through walls , through freaking walls. whats next invulnerable while next to minions? true dmg on every skill ? shielding while attacking and bonus movespeed all the time? summa summarum , i can play whatever i want but i like to challenge myself so i pick underdogs such as teemo trynd which require actual braininput and have high risk high reward gameplay in every elo , orianna syndra maokai tresh are not one of those. overloaded kits do not equate to hard2play , back to the drawing board and stop releasing poopy overpowered stuff tbh. i am salty , a lot of people are salty with newly released champs up to the point we all ban them first 2 weeks until you retune them. by you i mean the company , not you as a person and ive absolutely no beef with any employee , but dont act like orianna has a high skillfloor , zed does , yasuo does theyre mechanically intensive - orianna is simply OP since birth and disgustingly broken.
My eyes are burning bro, never seen such crap. First of all, she isn’t in pro play because she is op, she is there because she brings a lot to the team. Example: Ryze is seen in pro play, but has the lowest win rate in SoloQ. You like to challenge yourself so you play Teemo, Trynda...? Are you serious man? Orianna, Syndra , Thresh are easy? What the %%%% are you saying? Sorry i won’t even bother continuing.
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: Help with Zed
I played some zed and got good with him, but i’m just a gold player, i can teach u some basics about him in game.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: the thing that I understood too late while practicing {{champion:268}} combos ( and back then there was no practice tool I used to buy 4 {{item:3101}} for max CDR and practice in aram custome ) was you have to move your mouse really fast for this combo the thing that can mess up this combo is going in and pushing them away with your ult instead of pulling them back. so you have to move your mouse toward your w press E then move the mouse back to where you where before ASAP then press Q and R together and obviously you must start your Q before your E reaches the end of it's destination. and if you don't bring back your mouse fast your ult will push them away
Oh I see. I will try it ASAP. Thanks a lot!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: first of all you need a really good internet connection and after that you need to practice it like 100000000000 times and even then it's not an easy combo I've only done it once in an actual PVP game but the poor dummies in practice mode never forget all the jumping around
Hahahaha same here with these dummies . Well here, i have 90 ms average. In a network, it's more like 60 ms. The thing is i'm trying to practice it but i don't understand how should i get it right or what am i doing wrong. Should i press R faster?
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: If SKTs Gamestyle wins again, Worlds is not even worth watching anymore.
Well, in my opinion, i think you’re a little pissed off that SKT went 2 times 1-2 in a row and still managed to win the fifth game. However, if that’s not the case, let’s make some things clear: You may find their playstyle boring but they aren’t 3 times champions with a load of fans because of that. Barely off meta? It’s pro play every team is going to go meta. It’s a competition, every team wants to win no matter what. You play league for fun, they play it for money. It’s tank meta nowadays so don’t blame faker’s galio because he’s just using the meta like everyone else. Usually, when you are losing in a competition, i don’t think the best option is to fight fight fight because the enemy team has more gold obviously. Plus, even with that, they managed to do a legendary combo vs EDG with 10k gold behind. Early leads are irrelevant? How about the first stomp game SKT vs MSF? And the third game SKT vs RNG? Sorry to tell you, but the quarter finals and the semi finals were really mind blowing, since SKT went victorious 3-2 where it almost seemed impossible. It’s a sport, it’s a competition, they are playing to WIN. I just agree on one point which is that tanks never die, never. Especially considering some can get ridiculously tanky with a 1.5k true damage ulti, while the other doesn’t let u make a single step. Sorry to tell you but their playstyle got them 3 times champions, i’m not sure you can really criticize it. It’s boring? Not really. Everybody knows faker the playmaker. But everything is relative right Einstein?
: Apps or suggestions how to learn items names
Hey there, I think you should start memorizing their names because icons change a lot. Anw i used to have an app called Legend Smith. It lets you pick any champion and try any build you want on him and see the stats. But i don’t really know if it’s always up to date. If this doesn’t help, you just have to practice, for example in every game you play, press tab and start saying every champion’s items (it may help :p).
Intocabille (EUNE)
: You got to love how Faker after losing as skillshot centric Corki and Taliah goes for Ryze with point and click insta root. :-) And of course, first blood goes to him.
So because Ryze has a point and click root he is easy? He picked him because it’s his pocket pick. Ryze is practically trash tier now, he’s only good in pro play but still he has too many weaknesses. He also won 1 game with Taliah.
: I deleted the comment after seeing so much crap I've never seen in my school life, instantly understood the dude's better in hands different from mine x'D
Hahahaha it’s okay you probably didn’t understand what i wanted :p
: ***
Yea sorry, didn’t give enough details. The equations aren’t differential, also they are linear. It’s like solving 100 equations with 100 variables.
: If you're looking for something that takes a crazy amount of time to solve due to the number of equations, the traveling salesman problem is a good one.
Thanks, hope it won’t be too difficult:p
rèV (EUW)
: Not sure what exactly you mean, but if you are searching for problems, that generally require a lot of operations, then you might look at stuff like: - Bruteforcing in general (Passwords, RSA etc) - Everything data mining related (cluster analysis etc) - Similiarity measurements with Distance matrix (Has O(n²) i think, so pretty high computational as well as time complexity) - Travelling salesman problem - Neuronal networks with a lot of layers - Rendering physical phenomena in real time (Water, lighting, surfaces etc)
Well, you gave me some good options, i will check them out surely. Thank you :)
orrvaa (EUNE)
: do you mean something like "Matrix math"?
Ye, it would require the use of matrices to solve the problem. But what i need is the problem itself :p
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: whats the math behind veigars new w passive? 500 stacks should be 100% cdr but its only 65%
Ofc not mate, let me explain it to you. The W has now 8 seconds cooldown. Assuming you have 0% Cdr runes and no Cdr from any item. 50 stacks: 8 - 8*0.1= 7.2 100 stacks: 7.2 - 7.2*0.1= 6.48 150 stacks: 6.48 - 6.48*0.1= 5.832 200 stacks: 5.832 - 5.832*0.1= 5.2488 250 stacks: 5.2488 - 5.2488*0.1= 4.72392 Etc... So as you can see, your first 50 stacks reduced the cooldown by 0.8 seconds, your 100 stacks reduced it by 0.72, your 150 stacks by 0.648 and etc. In theory, you can never have your W on 0 seconds cooldown, but practically, when your W will reach 0.4 or maybe 0.02 seconds, it can be considered 0 because you won’t see the difference. Ps: You can use that sequence to calculate how much stacks you need to get your w to 1 or maybe less than a second.
: They haven't officially released any news yet but the cover photo for 2017 World's song "Legends Never Die" showed two champions, Ashe and Lee Sin. We already know that Ashe got the Championship skin, so, guessing from the cover photo, I think Riot teased Victorious Lee Sin. But that's just a theory, a LEAGUE THEORY. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Oh gosh please not lee. :( Plus i think a mid laner is more likely or maybe a support.
Fathands (EUW)
: > Did I miss something? No.
Brief and enough.
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Saviour 1 (EUW)
: Challenger Euw, rank 76. Tips for fellow soloq players.
Hello there, Can i please add you in league, because i have some questions if you don't mind.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: There are about 700 skins you can get from Hextech crafting (there are 745 skins in total). Also you could get champions shards (134 champions) and one of 166 icons/ward skins. The chances of getting that Udyr skin from the box in one trial is **p** = 1/1000 = 0.001 (math <3). We have Binomial distribution here with the number of successes k=2 in n=5 trials (chest openings). So, the odds of getting two SG(Star Guardian :) ) Udyrs from 5 boxes P(k=2) = C(n,k) **p**^{k} (1-**p**)^{n-k}. Binomial coefficient C(n,k) = n! / (k! (n-k)!), where n! is factorial (n! = 1 x 2 x 3 x ... x n). In our case k=2 and n=5, so C(5,2) = 5! / (2! 3!) = 120 / 12 = 10. Also **p**^{k} = **p** x **p** x ... x **p** , done *k* times. As the result: P(k=2) = 10 x 0.001 x 0.001 x 0.999 x 0.999 x 0.999 = 0.00000997002 or nearly 0.001 %. P.S. TeX support at Boards? Riot please! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I don't mean to upset you but i think that ultimate skins and gemstones are more rare than normal skins. So the probability of getting them would change. :p
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Nadapan (EUW)
: How do I reach gold as a support
We can queue together if you want, I'm a main Adc and looking to get to gold before the season ends.
: 5 min ago i have just had to update league (not patch not 6.20 ) anyone know what this update was ?
: World skins
Thank you all, really appreciated!
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: vindicator vayne purchaseable again?
It was in a bundle a few weeks ago, with Explorer Ezreal, Slayer Jinx, Heartseeker Varus and Firefighter Tristana, that's how i got it.
: What actually is the point you want to make here?
How can he have above 300 wins having only played Graves with only master level 3?
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: Season rewards
Thank you guys, will try to get them to play ranked before the season ends. GL to all of you too.
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Eveninn (EUW)
: What's your main?
I already do!
mhkiler (EUNE)
: draven
I really laughed when i saw that, not because of the context, it's just your way of writing. Anw, the good thing what makes Draven so Draaaaaven is his snowballing potential as well as his damage. He is good early, great mid if you snowballed and powerful late game. Lemme just point some things about your post. Draven can indeed juggle 3 axes if your in a fight. He doesn't need time to kill anybody, he is kinda of the 1 shot Adc. Many supports work well with him, not only stun support, but aggressive supports do work better and especially Morgana since he can easily catch up his axes while being shielded and ignoring the CC. Draven is like the ultimate high risk high reward Adc, if he snowballs, damn he will snowball harder than most especially if he got some good stacks, but if he dies, it's really hard to come back. Well, BT and ER aren't really core on him. Tyler1's build is Yoummus>PD>IE. However the normal core as an Adc for Draven is IE> Zeal item> and else it becomes situational. He isn't a hungry for mana Adc, so ER isn't core also BT isn't always needed because sometimes you may need Mercurial or maybe a defensive item if their Talon is fed. Lately, I've been getting IE>Statik>ER, that way you will always have mana, and you have a 80% crit chance and your Statik will hurt more, as well as 30% Cdr . But this build remains situational since you will need a sustain item like BT or Mercurial and then a Lord Dominik, so no defensive item. That's why there is no perfect build, it always depends on the match and your enemies. Anw, It was a nice brief guide you gave there, good to see some people who still like to help others. Keep it up!
Infernape (EUW)
: > lvl 6 and 7 which are a way to get money from you because if you don't have essence you have to buy cases to get some(Just another typicall riot GIVE US YOUR MONEY SO WE CAN LET YOU PLAY Still doesn't know you can get blue essence with IP.
Or you can buy a champion shard for 1700 IP and disenchant it and get the blue essence.
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