Shukr4n (EUW)
: play to win while writing just 1 toxic word, u know which one
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Damzthe15 (EUW)
: League Has Begun to Devour 400mb+ per Match
Normally it takes 10-15mb per match
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Wounds (EUW)
: Plat Jungler looking for top/mid duoq
CosyCara (EUW)
: I'm never flaming and I got permanently banned
: > im a plat 5 top/jungle/adc main If you don't get m/any replies, this is why
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Catchdown (EUW)
: (Coach) Creating a fully dedicated team to aim for Master Tier.
I dream and would love to be part of a serious team, but im plat elo :(
: mature team is looking for players (gold flex)
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Dr White (EUW)
: Silver to Plat+
Was Bronze 1, climbed to PLat 5 by simply doing these 2 things: 2 things: 1) Watch Streamers and pay attention to what they are paying attention, they will usually comment or rage when something bad/good happens in game and that way you will learn what is WORTH in the game, and around what they're fighting. (90% of my game knowledge came from watching Diamond-Challenger streamers) 2)I can't stress how important is this second point, always play "your own champion only", try to get better at what you do by simply braking personal records of CS,Kills,Deaths Assists. Dont ever try to influence your team at any case by talking, focus fully on your achievemnts and your own statistics. I can guarantee you that luck doesn't exist in League, if you analyse a large sample of your games you are gonna have 50%-50% statistics of feeders on your team and the enemy team, of good players in your team and the enemy team, leaver,ragers,monkeys etc....
: Plat 3 support main looking for others
Im a Top main plat 5, free for a team.
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