Adama (EUW)
: Why do you start every word with a capital letter? Reads so unpleasantly...
Habit {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: problem is that kids don't sleep that soon on weekends they stay more and more ,even a small kid stay excesivley more than we used to stay back on our time when we were kids.
true ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{sticker:sg-janna}}
MissJJess (EUW)
: Join my club :P it has like 0 purpose Today someone added me and we played a couple of games was nice he was from the UK too, but then swore at me and blocked me cos I would not give him my phone number! People are so weird
lol same here but in my case it was a girl from the Korea she legit asked about my personal infos and kept asking for weird ass stuff and feitshs xD and some other stuff lets not talk about and then when i told her no or simply didnt answer her --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- legit kept cursing at me and said you people are stupid and think your important --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: True some parts , i been permanent banned after 3 months for extremly non offensive stuffs which in my opinnion shouldn't land to 130 years ban The reason i can proof is because i had several cool times between punishments as long as almost decent language when i got permanent banned considering what would mean an abuse and negativism
I'm Truly Dissatisfied With How Riot Work On Bans , --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Of The Time And As A Player It Annoys Me When They Never Take It From Your POV ( Point Of View ) But Insted Give You The Stander Speech --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From A Text File The Copy Paste And Change The Default Name Of A Previous Reported Player Who Came To Describe His Problem But Insted The --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Say The Same Thing To Us As Been Said To Him --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Funny Thing They Aren't The Once Getting Flamed By A 6 Years Old Or Some Kid That Didn't Go To School In Monday Which Is Annoying Because --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legit I Don't Play League Unless Its Late Night Or Play It After Knowing Kids Gonna Be At The School At That Time Legit Even In Ranked --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: I guess i wont play this game anymore, i feel like if this is how they gonna treat their players and act not doing anything about the real trolls and toxic i dont want any part of the community or the game. There's plenty more games to play. No hate towards the game i just feel like they should do more and have a solid system.
True And I Agree With You {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Try russia.
Tried {{sticker:sg-soraka}} --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nothing Changed {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Tarolock (EUNE)
: yasuo with weird letters as name: check previous punishments: check account sharing: check i dont have any questions...
As I Said Before The Name Was Chosen By My Friend And I Didn't Change It {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For The Punishments It Doesn't Make Sense For Some Parts But I'm Okie With It Since They Wont Listen {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Never Said I've Used The Account In My House Since I Said I Used It In His House And Riot Can Confirm That No Other Account That Has Been Made Out Of My Ip Address Has Logged In , In My Network Or My Ip Address {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And For The 3rd Time People , Please ... Either Say Something Useful Or Don't Bother To Type Anything {{sticker:sg-lulu}} --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lastly Thanks For Passing By {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: i couldnt make it past the first 5 lines.. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Sowwwyyy ;-; {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
LordGrimtea (EUNE)
: ***
LordGrimtea (EUNE)
: How is this a fair MM ?
lol i feel bad for the low level team ... the upper team in total lvl is = 331 the team under them in total lvl = 888 557 lvl difference {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Thats what im saying my sentece are out of context what im trying to tell you! exemple GAME 2 "You most be the saddest player ever" the dude was toxic towards our team and had a premade. "Ye idc just open" they spammed about opening the lange just to go next game and keep spamming our team just like the rest i replay like my other teammates. I dont wanna repeat my self in those other games aswell but game 3 i said cho got nice feed cause he killed me all the time and was strong which i say in my game.
man people can be annoying sometimes i would rather play with bots than real people in ranked since they act worse than bots but meh you cant do anything about it rather than keeping your mental state cool XD {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: This, no joke, literally made my eyes hurt while reading. And yes, I mean literally, not virtually. Now, to answer your concern: As far as I know, I am not sure whether that still is true, if you keep on falsely reporting people who haven't done anything wrong, your reports "count" less. But aside from that, you don't always get an instant feedback report; it is the exception, not the rule. I could count the numbers of these I got within 5 years of playing (and reporting) on two hands. And I am not sure you did yourself or your friend a favor for admitting to comitting to account sharing, which is forbidden.
Thanks For Replying And I Never False Report Someone TBH Cx --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Riot Can Check Accounts That Have Been Logged In Your IP Address And They Would Never Find Any Other Accounts That Has Been Made Im My IP Address Since I Don't Use Anybody Account Except Mine And I Did Say I Was In His House At The Time Of Testing Cx --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since Some Toxic Streams Who Got Banned And Tried To Make Any Other Accounts Gets Perma Ban Upon Creation Because Of Their IP Being Black-listed --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And Thank You Once Again For Replying --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have A Nice Day Cx {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
CeFi99 (EUNE)
: D4 Hardstuck
it must be annoying to get teammates like these ... im a hardstuck silver 3 because of people playing champs for the first time or a yasuo with 100k points who ints at first death or 2nd death or just leaves the game after feeding akali {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: I act dont get how other people can say stuff to me but when i say something back that might not even be offinsive and i get banned for something thats not even "toxic" its just horrible wrong in my opinion. I have my rights to stand up for my self. Those 3 games people called me cancer kid, %%% and other stupid bs. I even told one guy to stop talk with one dude being toxic towards the team. Ofc i have a record on "being toxic" just saying those kind of stuff nothing Heavy but i didnt considerd it cause of i didnt Think it was a big deal to call someone stupid ect, while the other dude says cancer kids ect.. But seeing people say way worse then me behaving way worse and still be able to play the game while i get perma bann is not fair. But i thank you for answering me, nice of you.
i do agree if you go to my profile i did make a report of this and the ifs system and tbh i both agree and disagree on replying to them if a dog barks do you bark back at him and look stupid/dumb like the dog randomly barking or would you let him bark till he get that hes actually being an idiot by barking for nothing ? so yeah same thing with players if they kept flaming and being toxic just mute them and let them say whatever they want and it wont reach u and after the game report them if nothing happen come here report their name with the game ID and let the staff handle it and for what you have said let me tell you what riot saw as a bad thing : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- game 1 ( lets ff at 15 ty = giving up ) & ( illaoi uninstall ) & ( akali roamed cause you were bad ) & to teach you how to play ) these are the things u said that riot may take as toxic/bad behavior --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- game 2 ( u must be the saddest player ever ) & ( ye idc just open = that counts as giving up ) & ( you told him he lost his lane big time ) these are in game 2 the things you said --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- game 3 ( he is unskilled like you ) & ( cho got nice feed ? ) & ( you are 11 death bot lane = that counts as harassment and may lead them to int more ) & ( stupid = disrespect towards a summoner ) these are the things you've said in game 3 now it is truly unfair to get a report of what you said and make it look like it was you're fault but trust me as i said before ( barking back at a dog who's barking isn't gonna solve anything , just ignore the barking dog and he will stop ) have a nice day and i hope for you the best in the future {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Maybe she was referring to the void monster covering Kai'Sa's skin.
maybe ... maybe not {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Can someone help me?
i know it must be hard to have a ban for whatever reason it was but being toxic isn't something riot wants even if the ifs system is completely broken , despite the fact that you didn't get any chat restriction recently well you did insult/ being toxic to the player in game from the chat history thingy you did go through 10 game chat restriction then 24 game chat restriction then 14 ( 2 weeks ) temp ban then finally perma ban even if you weren't toxic just saying something may be offensive is enough to get you a punishment best thing to do is mute the toxic person or just simply ( /mute all ) once again sorry to hear that you got a perma ban {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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Vívíd (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ýãśüø,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lUW1w8Gm,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-05-06T11:45:21.832+0000) > > The Name Was Picked By A Friend > > And Its Fine Cx > > Thank You For Stopping By And You Don't Have To Judge People By The Name > > {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} Haha just kidding :) But the system is very weird indeed.
Its Fine {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} And I Do Agree {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Necromant (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ýãśüø,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=XuRoVdE6,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-06T11:25:26.059+0000) > > So Recently Something Caught My Attention I've Been Playing Since ( April 3rd , 2018 ) And We All Had Our Moments When We Don't Know The Rules Of The Game And Do Something That May Lead To A Warning Or Such As A Leaving Buster First Warning , Then There Is The Chat Restriction's Followed By Some More Chat Restrictions , Then A 14 Days Temp-Ban , Then Finally Permanent Ban. Its like u write like this: > GrEtInGs SuMmOnEr ...
None The Less Thanks For Stopping By But Either Say Something Useful Or Act As If You Didn't See This Post {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Vívíd (EUW)
: Im not going tho read this because of 2 reasons. 1. Everything Is With A Capital Letter 2. Your name is Yasuo with weird letters. I read something about punishments and I bet you deserved it. Have fun
The Name Was Picked By A Friend And Its Fine Cx Thank You For Stopping By And You Don't Have To Judge People By The Name {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Ýãśüø,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lUW1w8Gm,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-06T11:00:04.973+0000) > > When Reporting Someone , But If They Report You Whoever Your Trying To Report Will Get You Chat Restriction For Any Tiny Or Small Reason That Riot May See As An Offence To Other Player's. _Is_ it "any tiny or small reason" in your case, though? I mean, the fact that you don't give any indication as to what you did that got you restricted is already making that hard to believe. And I've read your five examples. None of your purely anecdotal case studies prove anything. The "feedback" you're talking about doesn't even appear every time a report leads to a punishment. This holds true even if you're unpunished, so this isn't a special case.
Tiny Or Small Reason = ( Telling Him What To Do Or What Not To Do Like Don't Feed Or Just Farm And Get The Item And Don't Int ) Got Chat Restricted For Telling Him What To Do ----------------------------------------------------------- About The Feedback It Does Appear For Me Every time I Report Someone And Its Called Instant Feedback Etc Maybe It Is True To What You Commented About But Its Not Only Accuring For Me There Is Some Others In The Community That Talked About It And Had No Valid Explanation None The Less Thank You For Replying <3 {{sticker:sona-playing}}
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