n1lce (EUNE)
: I got permabanned
That account has now gone. Give yourself the time to grieve and then move on.
ImJolly (EUW)
With that kind of attitude I for one am glad you are leaving.
Shamose (EUW)
: Udyr, Skarner, Xerath, Zilean, Mordekaiser and Rek'Sai. With Udyr waiting the longest.
Xeraths are mainly just chromas too, feelsbad
: Is this a good average KDA for support role?
It varies from support to support, for example I play Brand on occasion I naturally get more kills than I would do with Leona etc. Kda is not what support is about though as I'm sure you know, your primary concern should be vision especially in Bronze where you can abuse it.
: I'm finally gold trash.
Just in case you was wondering, the standard/trolling/level of flame doesn't get any better. Found that out myself recently ^^
Blakex13x (EUW)
: dear riot
Sometimes you get get bad teammates but essentially everyone in Bronze is going to be bad. In a lot of your games for example your average cs a min is below 4 which is incredibly low and means your gold income is low and thus no items. No items means less damage means less impact on the game. Focus on what you can do better, you in no way can control your teammates.
Firon 09 (EUW)
: I got a perma ban but do I deserve it ?
You typed more in game 1 then I do in 10 at least. Can you not just play instead of blaming and flaming other people?
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Talquin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=MckB8mfL,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-07T17:42:51.725+0000) > > I feel bad for the fellow Yi player. Hopefully he just muted you. Good too see another disgraceful player get banned. Well if that text is enough for a permaban. Than you deserve a perma for your text right here.
Read the riot reply below, the TC basically edited all his chat logs xD
: Arcade Kai'sa... Riot is high lol
Wheres my damn Elise skin, the last one was skt and it was terrible
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: well , then explain me why my article according the fact you can get 140 years ban for not being a selfish guy who just want this game to behave normal without people who troll or are toxic is worth the permanent ban punishment after 3 months since he stoped to do any past behaviour , i mean do you think normal what happened there ?? , if someone insult you , how much time you can keep that in mind in a video game , i mean how much time you can still care about that ??? . Yes i been having past behaviour problems ,but considering i stayed 3 months without be that disruptive , touching honor lv 1 ,and being banned for my intentions of trying to chill someone grief/troll behaviour who was flaming me , is somehow my fault ... , it is my fault that i had to play 1 vs 2 on bot as adc vs a good combo of champions , and getting enemy jungler over my lane ,in a competitive ranked game.. , which explain how much patience i had , when i haven't swear anyone that game ,neither took of them builds or how they play , even if they died a lot... , it shows how concentrate i was more to the game than to the chat ... , and i don't see how you can claim that i deserve hate for that ... ,for just being permanent banned for kind of nothing ,140 years in your opinnion looks decent for someone who haven't swear ?? , it also looks decent considering that the only thing i changed in my behaviour it was to stop try to suppress trollers/flamers to exceed toxic behaviour ,as now i touch lv 100 ,honor lv3 . I tryed to get help and got just hate , hate from Riot support as they refuse to talk to me , hate from board players who hate toxic players , who shows them true face over this board when they downrate topics just to laught of people who got banned too as they were in past or not ... Is not like i chase to be negative , i only chase to estomp this negative behaviour on board , when you share an opinnion you can express yourself civilizated , rather than just vote and hide without answers. A message sended to someone it shows more what kind of man you are when you write and someone can read your opinnion , from a vote what can i understand ?? , explain what conclusion i can have about someone who just downrate my topic without sharing an answer , that he can't write an opinnion being neutral or decent when sharing that .. ,why not this is the way you should be treat after lossing your time to do something , if someone dosn't care why my topic should suffer , if he can't even write a message to the topic itself.
See you simply can't help it, you cannot just accept responsibility for your own actions and in turn the punishment served. At some point you have to be accountable for YOUR actions irrelevant to what others may have said/done. You wanna talk about true reform then go ahead I'll listen, if your just gunna sit there and but but but but they were trolling and and and they were flaming then I have absolutely no interest. You control your own actions so in turn you control your own punishment. Also your posts are pretty difficult to read.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: About board votes..
You make topics about your ban whilst holding absolutely no responsibility for your actions. There's numerous topics such as yours on a daily basis where its just full of excuses and begging. The troll did this, the flamer said this bla bla bla it's always the same yet does not change the fact the account is banned. Topics of toxic people complaining about their punishment all the time actually get in the way of real and useful discussions so the vote system lets the general viewers know where not to waste their time.
: I agree but we can't change their mind on this subject. They love to make as much money as possible so they release skins for popular champs. I'm waiting on a new shyvana skin. Probably a still long way to go.
I feel your pain, I'm hoping for an Elise skin whose last skin was the awful skt one in 2017, before that it was 2016 I believe. Hopefully that Elise is more popular she may get another, until that happens its Blood Moon all the way.
ipv (EUW)
: Matchmaking is balanced, you play with players at your ELO
Does this count for normal games too? I'm g4 currently (stopped playing ranked for a bit after reaching it) so my ranked games I would expect to be golds naturally. But my normal games where it is supposed to be more relaxed and practice new champs I am 90% of the time up against one or two plats/diamonds with some golds in the mix. This only seems to get fairer if I duo normals with a friend where it seems more stable.
jMrQdIris (EUW)
Genuinely don't understand how little kids like this will cope in the real world.
: LEC team pass watching mission
Make sure you click on watch rewards to ensure you have activated your account for them, and as daft as it sounds make sure you are logged in when you are watching. As far as I can tell you must watch 10 minutes of a vod for it to count and it must be your active tab.
: About CS
Clearly trolling you, you did the right thing just muting and moving on. They should only be taking farm if you have back and the minions would be dying to the tower anyway.
: And the funny part is that Varus flamed us all game and told us to Kill Ourselves , and he did not get anything ... Explain that
I can't explain that and I am not trying to defend the system. But when you open your mouth you are rolling the dice for your own account I'm afraid.
Mute and report him. That way the right player will be suspended.
: Permabanned
Report calling Telling him to kill himself (Toaster in the bath trick) Spamming chat Verbal abuse I mean what exactly are you confused about? Yeah if this was your first punishment and you got perma then fair enough but clearly this is not the case. Once you get banned up to a certain point it also takes one game to make the leap to perma.
: Well if someone Insult ur family ingame , and u getting susspended ? What would u do ?
I would of muted as soon as they wasted their petty time on the first sentence. Why would the word of a complete stranger upset me? Mute and play, no need to get all snowflake instantly.
iaapvp (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cypherous,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=EFEJsyF0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-03T14:37:33.519+0000) > > Yes and no, if you're losing that many games then you're obviously playing at a level much higher than your actual skill level, keep losing and it will even out in the end I lost 45 out of 50 games dude, how many more games I need?? Im just level 10 btw, Ive lost most of mygames since I started playing.
Your account is level 41 and your match history on op.gg has quite a few wins on it so I am not sure what you are talking about?
: Susspended
You know you can mute right? Quite literally at any point too including on entry. But based on your attitude it seems sooner or later you will of got suspended regardless.
: I Need Some Help/Advice
Your champ pool would be ok if you was more comfortable on them. For example your Jarvan games are a mixed bag. So this could come down to a few factors such as being new to the champ, new to the role and just general game sense. Warwick is an odd one because that can work in low silver, I would recommend however going tiamat -> cinder -> trinity force to give you more damage output. Also Rammus is literally disgusting against AD teams if you have the luxury of a later pick.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
A real butchering of the English language on display here. I've seen a few since the nerfs and he doesn't seem quite as oppressive as he once was especially with the rageblade nerf. Bit of CC and hes down.
iaapvp (EUW)
: Matchmaking working as intended!
You forgot the /s Or at least I hope you did.
: what do ya'll think about this quick and lazy jungle tier list i made in less than 5 minutes?
: If you show us the chat logs then we would know why.
Check the match history out, there iss hard inting on a number of occasions in the last couple of days alone.
: 50% in gold 4 ?
So your response is too confirm your immaturity by calling an account that barely plays ranked out, kudos to you kid. Also a quick look at your match history and it looks like youve inted hard 4-5 times within the last couple of days alone.
Then grow up and don't act like a child over basically nothing, irrelevant of the game mode.
: But I did share with my friend ? I didn't share with just anonymous person
Irrelevant whether it was your mum or some dude walking past your window, sharing is sharing.
: Permabanned after 1 year of positivity
Still confused about how anyone on their final warning (post 14 game ban) doesn't just mute all every game JUST IN CASE. Otherwise every game just seems like a roll of the dice to those that have proven cannot control themselves.
: Locked Account
Account sharing is against the rules. You shared your account. It doesnt really matter if you pass on the details willingly and everything else in your post I'm afraid because it literally boils down to the fact that account sharing is against the rules.
Easii (EUW)
: Iron - Bronze Problem
The best way to leave that hell hole it pick a hyperscaler like Yi or pick Jax/Yorick/Nasus and split push with tp. That is only for trying to win more games though, it has 0 impact on the amount of trolling/afk/griefiers in your games ^^
Gangster WS (EUNE)
Trying different credit card numbers because they are not clear and called Gangster... hmm
: Deserved Permaban?
I've seen much worse permas than this but sadly no matter how positive you are in aspects of your logs in the end the 14 day ban is last chance saloon and anything even remotely close to toxicity results in the perma. I know it, you know it, we all know it. Yet people still seem surprised by it when they get the hammer dropped on them. I sympathise with your situation and the fact you have at least tried to be better, good luck on your new account I guess.
: Karthus is a bad jungler
His ganks are not that bad in all fairness, the slow is pretty potent and the MR debuff helps any AP lanes. His clear speed I would not say is "not that bad", as soon as you have Runic your clear is up there with the best in the game. You are able to secure kills that otherwise may have escaped. If you get kills then your ult can win teamfights before they even start. I kinda get what your saying though because I've had a couple of bad Karthus jungles who don't seem to do anything in regards to objectives or lane support but as a jungler in the right hands he is pretty busted.
Soossi (EUNE)
: Kindred's current state
The nerf to the first mark possible time certainly delays you a tad but I feel your scuttle contesting as level 3 is much stronger. Also as the other guys have said she's a decent pick at the moment, with a decent start her damage output is disgusting and her build variety is a hell of a lot more flexible than most.
: once again buff katarina and nerf kled
Another buff kat nerf x champ topic from you?
: Does this game purposely make you lose or something??
If your getting annoyed at a 6 loss streak in normals oh boy wait till you get that in ranked
Dewin197 (EUNE)
: LP
Its a system directly tied to your win/loss rate. The only way to make your gains bigger than your losses is too sadly win more games than you lose. It's a fair system to ensure players are not endlessly climbing.
: Reverting permabans?
So you suggest changes to bring back a player base that has received a perma? I'm not sure that is what the game needs. Don't really care what the ban was for, permanent means permanent.
: What more can I do? This was the MOST frustrating game I've had when it concerned my promos.
Just gotta keep at it man, you can't win em all and sadly teams like those are part and parcel of a team game. Eventually your luck may swing. I hit a 5 loss streak hovering at the bottom of Silver 1 and was getting incredibly frustrated so I stopped playing for a few days and tried again with a different style of champ (I was playing Soraka, I chose to go Leona for a while). Then I hit a 9 game winning streak straight to gold 4 and felt like I could impact games so much more. If your mechanically fine maybe try to play something more split pusher based like Jax or Yorick, you could even play Nasus to counter how often Yi gets into games at our elo for the wither and split pushing ability.
Locitus (EUW)
: Support role is broke fix it!
I mean I recently got mastery 7 on 38k mastery points on Leona so this simply aint true.
Murenu (EUW)
: This game is a scam and robbery
Or you could learn to control yourself? You know the rules and yet you seem surprised and upset that breaking them had a punishment? Plus a perma isnt the first punishment is it you have clearly had chances that you decided to continue ignoring. Do not make the assumption that every person that reports your flame/abuse is even remotely bothered by it. I could literally not care less about your opinion and I will report you for flaming because I enjoy posts like these and quite frankly I am tired of having to read dross by some childish player.
: Are you younger than 16?
Gunna guess at 14, either physically or mentally.
: Suspended 14DAYS
I can't tell if you are trolling by asking or your incredibly naive. But to answer your "question", yes it is 100% deserved.
Wolfbain (EUW)
: Wow! now that is what im looking for! is there a place you can view all these stats? of course i can see time, cs, etc, but i cant see wards, tower damage etc? thanks for the answer! very informative! maybe the league community isn't so toxic. Iv always just stuck with a normal warding trinket does upgrading really help? I hate not having wards.
It should be in your match history in the client and clicking on stats.
: See - when I was rather fresh to ranked matches I dodged a lot because of obvious reasons - especially when someone was toxic. At some poin though I picked up the habit of not giving a shit about the composition or if someone is a shithead in lobby already - therefore: not dodging at all. And as it turns out, games that would be dodgeable are more victories than losses - because everyone tries harder or whatever... I don't know.
I mean I'm currently silver 1 so counter picks very rarely are a defining factor.
Wolfbain (EUW)
: Ranked gradings? is there any logic to it?
You are being compared against other Sej scores and it should take into consideration all kinds of things. Farm, Vision score, Damage to objectives, Turret Damage, KP etc etc Try not to look at the games rankings as a representation of kda.
Fortis (EUW)
: Support in Solo Ranked
If you are talking about flashy plays that lead to a snowball where you feel like you single handedly carry a game as an 18/1 Kat then yeah you could argue that you cannot have that sort of impact as support but I disagree that you should be treat differently given that a support can in fact carry a game albeit in more unorthodox methods. Ward coverage alone can swing games, correct engagements, shot calling, mechanical outplay (I have seen many a Thresh destroy teamfights). So yeah I do kinda get where your coming from but in my time I have seen many a game decided by a good support.
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