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Durfain (EUW)
: Nerf Twisted Fate
1Leu2Lei (EUW)
: I want championship RIVEN ......
Because then all Riven mains with that skin would be pissed duhh. No honestly I think they should not release it because it's original. I think ''rare skins'' should stay rare. To those people who own it, it would be a status of having a rare skin. And if everyone has the oppertunity to have that skin. No one would comment it! No one would actully think you are lucky to have it. They will just think ''Ah, I see he spent money on rp to get that skin'' Instead of ''Wow, he really played since season 2? He must be so experienced and skillful''. It's about being original, which to me makes alot of difference!
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