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: Find the Champion! - Volunteer Event
Classic/Default Miss Fortune
: Dear teammate, you gotta learn how to ward ... Did it xd, best 20 minutes of my life
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
: Illaoi Press the Attack Bug
Can confirm even if you're not playing as Illaoi. As soon as the Vessel DESPAWNS with having 1-2 stacks of PtA disables the rune as well. It also deactivates on LB Clone.
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: So.... After much frustration and determination......
That's awesome to hear! At the first season I've played Ranked Games I got placed in Bronze 5 but I improved myself by playing the game and just having fun. But there's a difference between me and you: You've 5 children. I don't. You've a job. I don't. In fact I had all time of the day available to just play this game without worrying about anything else (Well, maybe school but that doesn't count compared to you). I really just don't understand why people are like "4 seasons in Bronze" while not even knowing what you're actually doing nor how much time you have available to play this game at all. Great work! Just keep on improving and you'll be able to achieve Gold in the next season!
: Your quotes pretty much summarize what I had said. My point is that there is a difference between "comments that are not on my side" and sheer insults. I was expecting arguments, instead I got: - a comment that said that throwing is nothing but a bad decision and bad decisions should not bannable. The same comment also suggested that I uninstall the game - several comments saying I'm lowbrow because I said I would rather have someone writing "k y s" than a thrower - one comment that said I hate humanity - I'm beyond help - I tell players to kill themselves by myself (I even said that I don't do that, I just said I don't have a problem with such players bc that's what the mute button is for) - I'm incompetent - I'm egoistic and opinionated That's not what the forums are for. The fact that the only answers I have received so far are from Germans that don't normally read (or at least write in) the English forums but came here over my board history pretty much proves my point ("all of your other threads will get downvoted")
I'm not trying to witch hunt now (in case you even know what it means); Maybe you should try your own point as well and with that I mean this one: > from Germans that don't normally read Then you would know that NOBODY said (Nor in context) that YOU are the one who's telling others to kill themselves NOR that you hate humanity. And how exactly do you know that they're coming from your Board History? Do you have any sources for that? Most people are active in all boards and you if you connect to the EUW boards using a German IP you'll automatically be redirected to the German Boards, so most likely they saw your threads there and then changed to the English boards and found this one. Please be real.
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Wukongz (EUNE)
: He? No, why would he do that? Deceivers and liars don't get their hands dirty. You never know if your next pizza delivery guy isn't sent by someone you wronged in the past. "how exactly does one get cyanide poisoning from a pepperoni again?" "geez mr. detective... how would I know? Someone must have spiked it while I was setting up my GPS..." "fair enough" "accidents happen, you know?" "they sure do"
Luckily there's no pizza delivery to my place xd
corpus (EUNE)
: Old NA (now EU) account merging service back again - poll
Started off in Closed Beta on NA ^^ Would be nice to have it - Never knew there was a merge service in 2016 lol :3
Wukongz (EUNE)
: Could be, you can never know. Or it could be worse.
Oh boy... He'll infiltrate my dreams..
: Thanks for reply, it clears a little bit of the overall picture, but I really wanted to see if there are any people who can prove they got up from level 0.
The friend of someone I know was Honor Level 0. He got up to Level 1 within a week
: Honor
If you get punished (Chat Restriction, Ban, etc.) then your Honor is locked and you need to get it unlocked before you're able to get back up again. Basically: His honor level got resetted to 0 + Locked. The Lock prevented him from getting his honor level back up. Now that it's unlocked he can get it back up. But as Morganà Le Faye said, read through the Honor-FAQ as it will be more explaining about it.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: You should be careful when sharing a secret. Especially if it's revealing someone's dark side. People who are able to hide it so well and deceive others are also usually very good at... let's just say that they are good at making... things... appear as accidents.
I can't follow... Do you mean that Coxis will ban me? o:
: Yeah, the massage bot was a great idea, my back was **killing** me!
Can you leave it to me for like... Some days?
Marissa (EUW)
: > Give me some time to get the ip for it and I will do it. REALLY? :D
No, Monsieur Kast is kidding.
Coxis (EUNE)
: Awwww, was in game when ye posted this. xD Makes me laugh so hard! Now, for everyone wanting to join our Discord server, here's da link: Sometimes crazy stuff happens there! xD {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} ######PS: really looking forward to see that meme :D
Marissa (EUW)
: Pfffssshhh, blaming a poor little girl for your own toxicness... I guess you couldn't sink deeper anyways.
Already is at the bottom LUL
Marissa (EUW)
: Dear mr Kast, If all cases would be as simple as that - then you would be tocis too... it's commenly known that Sander = Toxander and we all know you changed your name to hide from that fact! ~~BUSTED~~
I will provide you a proof in a bit! Currently not able to post it due to stuff.
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: This looks awesome, I was thinking about something like this . Would love to play for a shadow isles team, or demacia.
We're currently only taking teams of 5 to sign up but we're working on getting freelancers in too (Solo player). But we also see some problems with freelancers because you would be in a team with random players you maybe never played before with and you would have to get along with them at all times and that might turn out to be problematic at some points.
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Magneset (EUW)
: The grind. Its an emotional rollercoaster and even if i get pissed off at times its still fun in the end.
The fun comes after the game or somewhat later the day, the next day.. ? xd
Febos (EUW)
: Oh nothing much really. I just like it. Lord Teemo has nothing to do with this, seriously. ######send help
I know what you're talking about. I always love it when our Lord and Saviour Teeto appears in my dreams and makes me kiss his feet <3 ######He's coming for us D:
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Addiction
same. I know your feel. I just love it when Satan Teemo calls out to me...
Vonyalo (EUW)
: Have nothing else to play. Hate this game and riot, but can't find anything else to play {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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Finger88 (EUNE)
: Did you even read what I wrote? I don't care why I am banned. I don' care if they unban me. The account doesn't have an email connected to it. I can't read anything they sent me. The account doesn't exist in their league of legends website. There is no way to log into that account on the website. The account does exist in the LoL Client since I'm given the msg "It has been banned" I've written to the support. The support told me the ban isn't permanent. The only thing I have to do is prove that I am the owner of the account If you read the entire post you will understand what happened and Riot said I'm not the owner of the account when I am.
Then you might also understand that, if the ownership verification fails that there's no way of getting the access of an account back.
Finger88 (EUNE)
: Help with an old account.
Your account has been banned for impersonating Riot Games. If you're thinking that you haven't said that you're a worker for them then you're wrong. Your Summoner Name does say that. If you're banned for the Summoner Name then you can contact the Riot Games Player Support to get it unbanned. That's the only way to get your account back unless it's not your first verdict. Simply create a Support Request using the "I need help recovering my account!" form. Here's the link: And this is pretty much all I can say about this.
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: I know how you feel though! I got Black Alistar instead of Silve Kayle back in the days (bought the game on Steam not knowing it was free back then.. but #worth). Hope you had an awesome bday none the less! Did you get any other awesome gifts? {{summoner:31}}
The best gift of all was (obviously) to spent time with my family and I also got 1,000€ for my first car
: WE HAD OUR BIRTHDAY ON THE SAME DAY insta friends :3 happy belated birthday wishes ♥
Thank ya :D Same goes to you - Still waiting for your request tho :p
LA Losty (EUW)
: Oh thats quite the distance, have you met in person yet?
: I tried it on my other account, but if the purpose is for your self enjoyment...then why not try custom skins? - - - Pls inform me if there is a problem with wat I said anyone.
There is no full list of approved third party software (including custom skin changer). So I wouldn't want to risk my account ^^ Also did ask Riot about this once and they do not recommend using custom skins
: > [{quoted}](name=RNG Remi,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=LIJzOtEQ,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2017-03-10T12:47:02.539+0000) > > Let me guess, also passing them 50€ to their personal PayPal ? :p no, nothing of the sort ... many times and many people in various positions where the rules are not something they can change and they must adhere to them, have turned a blind eye to people not following the rules, **IF the said thing was :** a) harmless b) done rarely c) not gotten public or done with discretion I will give you an example, when I was an officer in the army I was on duty at Christmass and some soldiers smuggled food and drinks in the army camp and I found them out. They asked me to "give them some slack" and "not tell anyone higher up" even though it was already quite severe that I caught them having fun. Well, the food that day sucked and the weather was horrible so I let them have their fun on these three premises which I made perfectly clear to them : a) The people that would have guard duty later on, would not eat and drink (much) and the rest would be sleeping by midnight b) I was letting this slide because it was Christmass and at NO OTHER time would I have allowed that c) if they f*cked up and another officer found them out, they would have been on their own and I would have to report them anyway. so rarity, harmlessness and, above all, **DISCRETION** is the key to people being nice to one another when the rules tell you that you have to be a "hard-@ss". simple logic and nothing as underhanded as bribes ... > Yet publishing my request hasn&#x27;t nullified my chances. It would nullify my chances to not post it. > You can pretty much look at this as a try as I said you could have tried with the people that could have actually helped you, the player support ...
I don't want to start a big discussion about this now but I thought that a Rioter might pass this to someone else and you can't imagine what the community of something can achieve together. Like, if the community supports me then it would have a larger impact than me trying to do it on my own without any support from the community side. Additionally I thought about sending this to the Player Support first but I decided not to because they might get annoyed by it. You also forgot about the point that it might come out, that the Support has gifted me something "under the table", which then would lead into an extremely p*ssed off community which then is way worse than a single person asking something in public.
: What if SHE was a HE based on this? > even got a boyfriend out of the game ...
Or if I'm a HE based on a SHE mhhh... Kappa But seen overall you're already correct. I'm a she based on a he.
: Happy birthday ! :) as torpedosheep said, you should probably ask for a totally different present since it is impossible for Riot to make a PUBLIC exception to their rules, else all of us would be here making "puppy eyes" and asking stuff for our birthdays (you'd be surprized how "cute on demand" people can be for free stuff :p ). My suggestion is that next time try to be discreet and send such a request via the SUPPORT, in which case they might indulge you and give you a present "under the table" and in a quiet manner ... alas publishing your request nullified the already slim chances of it actually becoming true :/
Let me guess, also passing them 50€ to their personal PayPal ? :p Yet publishing my request hasn't nullified my chances. It would nullify my chances to not post it. You can pretty much look at this as a try
: But {{item:3116}} was nerfed.. Ever thought about things like {{item:3094}} or {{item:3814}} ? For the utility they give
Yet you can get easily up to 2.00+ Attack Speed with the builds so.. You easily have a perma slow on your auto attacks. I haven't really thought about those but I tried an AD build (Lethality and Crit) which was able to deal a bit less than my AP build.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Happy birthday! And congrats on finding the lucky guy. May i ask where you are from? Also im curious as to how you two met. ^^
I'm from Germany, he's from the US - it literally was randomly met in a stream chat and luckily I had an NA account at that time xd
: Hey RNG Remi, First off a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! I hope you are having an amazing birthday so far and the gods of cake and poro snax are being generous on you ;) That's an amazing story there and I'm almost jealous you made it that far into platinum with the power of justice that is Kayle! Unfortunately as you have already read it's not possible to grant you this skin but I'm pretty sure you'll have the best time ever at the EU LCS Spring Split Finals! Be sure to make photos as it's bound to be an amazing setup you'll never want to forget! {{summoner:31}}
Thanks Strawberry ^~^ But as I already have written: The hope never dies ^^
: ***
Haven't said it's going to be a exciting letter filled with action everywhere :p Also they could check it with DOB given at the registration and I can provide them my ID to proof it if they ask for it
: What is the best build on Kayle? Raw damage, on hits or itemizing into critical strike? (assuming their top and mid has Magic resist and everyone else does not)
I'm usually building on her with the dependence of the amount of AP and AD champs the enemy team has. If they have a majority of AD champs I go for: {{item:3115}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3116}} And if they have a majority of AP champs: {{item:3115}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3116}} But if they both got a large amount of magic resist then you can bring {{item:3091}} into the AD build too since it does help you out, together with your passive
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Nice story and happy birthday to you, have fun on LCS Spring Finals! Refreshing to see threads like this on Boards :)
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