NelielTu (EUW)
: Will sinful succulence morgana be available for purchase?
They usually put all the skins temporally on the shop upon a champions rework except the most exclusive ones. You can probably expect to see all of Morgana's skins on the shop except "Victorious Morgana" They same for Kayle saving "Judgment Kayle" you can expect all of her skins to be returning to the shop. In general if a champion gets reworked all of the skins wich are exclusive on the "Legacy" level will get pulled out on to the shop. Anything more exclusive than that (Basically, Victorious skins or skins that were obtainable only once) Won't make it in to the shop. As an example the recent Ezreal rework made his : SSG Ezreal and TPA Ezreal obtainable in the shop. Im also pretty sure Frosted and Nottingham Ezreal were permanently pulled out of the "Legacy" to be normal skins.
: about new kayle
I would't worry too much about Kayle tbh. They just made another impossible to balance champion of her. She will probably get the: Zoe/Akali/Azir treatment and get nerfed to the ground after a few months just ban her until that.
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: Why do we get this bad Kled skin? (sorry, I am tilted)
If you really think that Corner Slut Kai'sa and Golden Premium Prostitute Kai'sa are better than the Kled skin you need to go to the Doctor. With haste.
He4rtkiller (EUNE)
: 2018 Victorious skin
It cant be too long until we know. Seasons end is 3 patches away so we just have to have some patience! My bet is that it will be teased with the next PBE patch (8.21) (Graves got teased October 7th) And aded on the next one (8.22) The skin will go for either {{champion:202}} or {{champion:142}} Id really love that it was {{champion:39}} but her rework and thus her presence in pro came a bit too late sadly
: Why is the adc the only role in the game that has the power to solo throw the game.
Meh. You are so wrong its even sad. You are just vewing this as you want. ADCs are indeed a big part of your team damage in LATE. Other roles like the Jungle and Support have a super strong influence in the EARLY and others like Mid and Top can get a MIDGAME strong influece by roaming. Stop whining so much and learn where your powerspike of influence is so you can do more on your games. If they have a strong engage team pick an early gank jungler like Lee Sin or Elise and get your team ahead. Or a disengage support like Janna or Lulu so you can choose your fights. Or a good roamer in mid like Talon or Ahri so you can get your side lanes ahead. If you are a toplaner use your brain on your next TP to make sure it means something to your team. There you go four strategies so you depend less on the quality of your ADC and more on yourself now stop crying in the forums and go to the SR.
: Mistake in Ezreal's title?
Im pretty sure it’s a miss-use of the word. The same happends in Spanish we use prodigal (prodigo) as if it meant prodigy (prodigio) despite it meaning a completely different thing. Lenguages are weird :P Also the Spanish translation of prodigal (prodigo) means exactly the same as it does for the English word and we miss-use it in the same way. I doubt this is an error by the way. By my experience with the Spanish version of this. The actual meaning of prodigal (prodigo) is covered by the word “Despilfarrador” wich means the same. So if I had to take a guess. Probably the word stopped to get used as its original meaning since there was a better word for it and its similarity with “prodigio” made people to start using it as a shorter substitute of the word. This word is actually used a lot in Spanish and never with its original meaning but rather as a synonym of prodigy. Specially in the phrase “prodigal son”. Probably they didnt even know that it had a totally diferent meaning since this is ( at least in Spanish and seems like the same case in English) miss-used literally ALL the time. Sorry for any mistakes Eng is not my mother lenguage :)
Sieptium (EUW)
: Odyssey bug?
This is what happens when they try to ship a gamemode with out it going to PBE before... I hope at least they extend the event duration to compensate for their %%%% up.
: Reverting Katarina
Lmao, Not fun to play ? She went from a "Headbutt the keyboard to Pentakill" champion to actually have some skill expression. She is way more fun to play, learn, master and OTP now. For a minor rework it worked wonders on her. I kinda have to agree on the splash art tho. The old one was ugly because it was old. The new one feels like they made it ugly on purpose. Also Rengar, LB, and Fizz got their reworks reverted because the champions overall power didn't got affected that much and they were assassins whith delayed damage which turned out to be dumb and boring. So they reverted them. Katarinas rework on the other hand was a huge success not only we ended up with a more fun to play and skill expressive champ but one whith much more counterplay and also much easier to balance than old Kata. So, No. She should stay how she is. If you liked old Kata because she was dead simple and that was kinda fun I feel you. But she is much better how she is right now.
AleXizzed (EUW)
: One shots your marksman with 1 ability, considered balanced Zed has to land skill shots and every ability too one shot you, considered broken {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
> [{quoted}](name=Delete This,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=1VxuNXLx,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-12-03T23:25:12.480+0000) > > One shots your marksman with 1 ability, considered balanced > Zed has to land skill shots and every ability too one shot you, considered broken > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} I think you are talking about the Zed 2 seasons ago... Or before lethality was a thing anyway, whith lethality he just needs to use his R+W+E+aa+Ignite to kill an ADC, and in case you didnt noticed none of that are skillshots
NiuLogic (EUW)
: waiting for zoe nerfs be like
The main problem whith her is her stupidly low CDs... I think she actually needs a bit more damage and way way longer CDs, That would mean that you can actually QSS or Cleanse her E and she will have to wait more than 3 freaking secs to use another. You can use that time to kill her or trade hard agaisnt her. And she is super weak in lane against assassins. Zed, Katarina and the likes really destroy her
Loodashell (EUNE)
: FPS through the game - lower and lower over time. Did patch 7.23 help you?
How can you have FPS problems whith LoL xD my 6 years old 300€ Laptop runs it at 60 FPS whithout much problem xD. I get around 200 In my PC and provided it has a GTX 1070 Yeah I said they have a lot to fix over in the performance department it should run way more smother provided how simple the game is.
Myrmiron (EUW)
: rip in peace heart of gold t_t
> [{quoted}](name=Myrmiron,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=2ypJnpoz,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-11-21T12:32:46.810+0000) > > rip in peace heart of gold t_t You know you just literally said Rest In Peace in peace ? Thats what RIP means xD
I Am Ravi (EUW)
: Error code: 003 patching bug
The problem it's explained on the NA forums. There was some missing files in the patch code and they are trying to add them whithout messing around whith other stuff, wich takes time. Here you've got the post:
Sasser (EUNE)
: Game Mode : Training Course
It's not like I want to knock this off for the shake of knocking it off. You spent some time and effort and your idea is good. Now let's be honest. First of all I want to say that I do think League's tutorial needs to be redone from scratch. Now on to you idea, Its as simple as imposible to make as harsh as it sounds. Your idea would be extremely time consuming and Riot isn't going to waste that much time of their reduced crew on something that probably not even much players would end up using and it wouldn't affect the game in general at all. Just think how much it took them to release the new launcher and that was far more important that what you exposed here and also far more simple. And that type of tutorial as much as it could be good for "bronze" players it's terrible for a new player that just got in the game having such a complex tutorial that tries to explain you all the game mechanichs which let's be honest are far too much to explain on a tutorial would be overwhelming. It's an absurd idea to try and explain all the game in a tutorial. Forget about that idea. The tutorial needs to be a simple thing to put you on the road so you can start walking that's all it needs to be.
: Disabling chat for good - restore piece and honor
> [{quoted}](name=Anniehilat0r,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nfY6bQFd,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-16T21:55:34.165+0000) > - Cant help from being toxic sometimes (rarely, but it happens) I do myself flame from time to time when someone is really annoying me and its been a month now since I got my Honor level 5 So I doubt thats your problem in that regard. As they said up there you should just mute everyone and drag the chat into a corner. Open de menu set chat size to 100 drag it to the corner and set it's size to 0 that way you cant pull it off the corner even If you want. You will have to go all the way throught the settings to get it out. Thats how my chat is in rankeds anyway. In normals I just can't be bothered whith people flaming. Edit: Also I forgot to say about the "Not been able to write aswell" since you have the chat in the corner I sometimes opened it accidentally by pressing enter and didnt noticed and since I couldnt see the chat I wasnt noticing why I couldnt use my keyboard xD Im lucky enouhg that my keyboard lets me deactivate keys at will so I just have a mode of the the keyboard for LoL whith no enter key :X and I have a full 0% chat game ^^.
: season end
Probably after worlds or even later, since they are still working on the Runes Reforged thingy so you should have some time (Probably like a month or so) to get there. Good luck in your adventures in YoloQ. Edit: Just wanted to reinforce this by remembering they confirmed Patch 7.20 as a thing in the Changes to champ select post. So at least you have the whole 7.20 Patch and whats left of the 7.19
Valdrin (EUW)
: around the 8th of november
> [{quoted}](name=Kajo,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=QPh2eh6z,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-01T09:06:02.074+0000) > > around the 8th of november Nah, much later, preseason stuff is still WIP and they always send a news post a week before the season ends saying that its ending and they are going to give the rewards so not yet. Edit: I Dunno why I read October... My apologies.
henandten (EUNE)
Im not really happy about this... For if you didnt noticed URF is going from the 2 weeks duration that we had to 2 weekends (6 days) . {{item:3151}} All thanks to the new: game mode rotation... Btw yup it will be up in 2 weeks. Not 1. It will be active from 22/4 to 24/4.


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