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: Dear OP. You did not mentiones in your first post thqt enemy team had only 1 tank (KEK). Also, duelists build botrk, and sometimes the active can be used to burst. Also, some other items could've helped you out. We are here to help you and argue with you.
I wrote: > So if enemy team has** 1 mundo and 4 squishies** I have to build entirely around him? Seems balanced. Yes kiting works, but all it takes is for him to land a single Q, which is spammable You wrote: > Your comment only gave me the info you have 0 sense of counterplay. Then you wrote: > You did not mentiones in your first post thqt enemy team had only 1 tank (KEK). I'm open to discussion but you are not offering much. "We are here to help you" by saying things like I have 0 sense of counterplay, and then saying I didn't give you information that I did? You are here to be a douche. That's all.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Your comment only gave me the info you have 0 sense of counterplay.
If you say so, but no high elo adc will build a bork against a comp with 1 tank.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Better nerf adc xd
If you are talking about the next patch it will actually make ADCs better against tanks, but just not 2 shot squishy targets any more. IMO that is a healthier state for ADC.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Munda scales with hp. You can buy 2 lw item and a botrk, and good to go. Also, kite him?
So if enemy team has 1 mundo and 4 squishies I have to build entirely around him? Seems balanced. Yes kiting works, but all it takes is for him to land a single Q, which is spammable. Not to mention the speed boost from his ult. And if he has righteous glory or something... yeah you get the picture.
: You can't really compair the two since Mundo is thematicly still a Juggernaut. Mundo really isn't a hugh problem if you have {{item:3165}} on a poke champion or {{item:3033}} as an adc. {{champion:33}} is also different since he damage depends on the situation and is actually relative healthy with these conditions despite you have to look very closly on his state add all time. Even {{champion:31}} is technically not an real tank anymore and more like an unique playstyle and so he can't be compaired with tanks This counts for other juggernauts like {{champion:106}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:77}} etc as well Real tanks are: {{champion:57}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:89}} And I do agrea that some of them just have way to much damage. Unlike the previous versions of tanks they no longer trade something for something else. Tanks generally have 3 major weaknesses: * Damage * Cooldowns * Poke Every tank champion generally has one of these weaknesses sorted out by having abilities that can mask these like {{champion:79}} that can sustain himself with his passive and farm safely with his Q or something like {{champion:98}} that has relative low cooldowns. The problem is that right now most tank are covered in everything. {{champion:57}} compensate the poke with sappelings and his passive, his cooldowns are low and his damage is actually not that bad in certain situations. And that's the problem with tanks right now. Most tanks where originally tanky beast that walked arround soaking damage and not machines that are spamming buttons and keep themselfs alive. And god, better not talk about {{champion:516}} right now. It's sad...
The anti-tank items are not strong enough right now, that's why they are being reworked next patch. Doesn't make it any less frustrating today.
Infernape (EUW)
: You know Mundo isn't a tank? He's a juggernaut. He's supposed to deal damage. However, this isn't to say his champion design isn't flat out stupid. IE building nothing but tank items but getting tons of free damage and winning the game through basically having more stats than your opponents.
Call him whatever you want, he is tanky to the point of borderline unkillable and puts out far too much damage to have that much durability.
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GreyfellD (EUW)
: Season 8: "Play like crap and STILL win the game..."
If a vayne (etc.) is playing like crap then you have to win the game early. If you let her get to late it doesn't matter how bad she is. Too many silver/gold/plat and even dia players have fun stomping and chasing kills when they are ahead that they don't realise the enemy team that OUT COMPS them is catching up on them with every minute the game goes on, and then wonder why they see a big red DEFEAT after 40 minutes of clown fiesta.
: Bronze 1 to P4 In a quarter of a season... :thinking:
Obviously a smurf... I didn't play on this account for about 2 years when I was still learning the game. I didn't play a lot of games in season 7.
: Being shielded for demotion is not a handicap. It is actually nice. What annoys you is the few LP gain. Well, man up. It is what it is. It will change eventually. Again, your last matchup had 1753 MMR average. That means it is 100 lower than expected. Therefore, the few LP win... When the average MMR of the game is equal to the average MMR of your division, the LP Win will be around 20. EDIT: By the Way, could I add you in game with this account? Want to see how you deal with lame Twitch lanning phase and learn a bit about it. If you don't mind to add me, I would thank you.
You're right, I guess it's just kind of annoying. Really picking twitch is just about knowing that you are probably going to lose lane if your jungle/mid laner don't help you. As long as you don't feed and just play safe and farm you'll be fine mid-late game. After that you just need to have the mechanics to make good use of his ult and stealth. Also for lane I like to take Fleet Footwork + Overheal + Legend: Blood line + Coup de grace from precision. From sorcery I take Absolute Focus (this makes the first few hits from your ult do A LOT of damage) and Gathering storm. You don't want to be the one to engage unless you are so fed that you can literally 1v5 and 1 shot the whole enemy team. Usually you want to let your team engage, get cooldowns/cc wasted on them and then you flank and appear with your ult to kill everything. I've added you so feel free to spectate me sometime.
: According to your OP GG your current MMR is around 1835. That is average for plat 5. It states that your past games were quite lower than 1800~ This might be a cause. But, we don't really know. Riot doesn't supply player MMR and OP GG is just a calculated value. So it is an assumption. Anyway, hope this explanation helps.
Thanks for the reply... but I still don't know why my MMR would be low when I'm winning more games than I'm losing. Doesn't make sense to me. Edit: I just hit my promo to plat 4 and I still have that warning on my profile. Totally senseless.
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