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: just learn turret placement for different matchups.
: 10 seconds is a pretty decent cooldown, and I was mainly talking about her mana. Her base mana is 341, her w cost is 70 lvl one. Up untill lvl 12 (at wich point laning should be long over) she can cast it about 10 times before being oom, withouc counting her q spam as you put it. Your q costs considerably less. On the other hand, you could just opt to level your rockets and trying to poke her instead (your q can block any binding she throws at you)
ye but morgana bought a mana crystall and had manaflowband ^^
: Hard counter, play against it, she can't really spam it 24/7
umm ur wrong she can Q CD 20sec lvl 1 morgana W cd 10sec so she can use one for wave and the other to poke my q down nice ^^
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: Well, Adaptive stats are based on what you build. If you build no AP, then it is going to enhance you AD as you have more of it.
ahh thanks ^^
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: Since 8.1 i've been disconnected from around 15 games and been given leaver buster twice
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: Zoe right now has a 62% ban rate in pro play, a 61% win rate in pro play, and a 53.5% win rate on the Korean server. Even though she can punish mispositioning with potential one-shots, she doesn't fall off compared to other punishing champions such as Darius and Pantheon. Hell, she even scales pretty damn well. Through one of the most controversial kits in the game, she has managed to be a pain in both solo queue. Let's pick apart why, and NOT from the perspective from a single champion. I'm a Braum main, so when I'm on him I laugh heartily to see her picked. When I ain't on Braum though, I know she's still going to be a threat. Passive: Not inherently awful in design, kinda like an AP Riven without chargesm but it basically means that if a low hp champion is sleepy trouble bubbled, they're dead. While her Q can be body blocked, autos can't. A lich bane passive auto can still still finish off a lot of squishies, as her passive + Lich bane gives her autos a 75% AP ratio + her passive base damage. Q: Ok, in all honesty her Q's damage isn't the issue. It's more to do with the range and angles she can use to consistently poke and farm. With her Q she can maintain a silly amount of pressure and clear effectively, especially when combined with her Q. Hell, even if she uses her Q to clear she can still poke with her autos more effectively than any other mage. W: I'd actually argue this is the most BS ability in her kit. Summoner spells are one of the most impactful elements of the whole game. An early teleport could create a massive exp advantage for Zoe. A minion dropping an exhaust or heal could completely negate a power spike a counter pick has in the match up. Most egregiously, if a champion flashes they have to know that the Zoe can steal their flash, then use it negating any positional advantage gained. E: Going to address each of the points you made for this one. 1. It tends to not be bubbles that travel the width of the wall, but the length. Most Zoe's know they should fire from awkward angles and will take advantage of it. b) You're assuming that no one else on her team will CC or force you to position in a way where she can land her E. However, walls until the only way to land your E, which I'll explain more in R. 2. The issue with the duration is that her CC is two-fold. First a 2 second slow, followed by a 2 second stun which inflicts extra damage from the next damage you take. Cleansing the slow means that you still get stunned, meaning that at the absolute minimum you'll be slowed and hit with a base damage Q which still smarts like crazy. 3. Honestly, I think they'd be better off not having any initial damage when the E first connects. Even the fact that it also offers true damage on an AP ratio makes me uneasy (600 Ap ratio will give 240 true damage) R: Honestly I like the idea of her ult and Q. If I had to rework Zoe, I'd keep those two together since they do offer some interesting gameplay. However, the big issue with this is simply that she can use her ult to land a point-blank E. On the practice tool, even if you don't max out range of your ult and E for the set up to maximise your Q later, you'll easily do 1400 to 1500 damage with a full AP build without any magic penetration. (Build was Lich bane, Zhonya's, Morello, Rabadon's, banshee veil and lucidity boots). The dummies have 100 MR AKA 50% magic damage reduction, so you can imagine the damage it'll do on 40 mr carry. In other words, the issue isn't just that she does a lot of damage under certain conditions with a Q E combo, but it's that she can achieve those conditions too easily. Simply put, low risk, high reward. The shitty thing is that I do find the champion fun, but I feel like an absolute douche playing her. If you enjoy her or don't mind playing against her because of your main, fine, I can relate. Again, Braum main. However, just because we have tools in our favourite champions' kits to deal with her doesn't mean she isn't overwhelmingly obnoxious for everyone else.
Well i got a point: She is Early strong Midgame strong Endgame strong. I got a idea how people would accept her more; You W spell unlocking over time wich spells can be dropped from minions,(example) like 0-10min you can get heal barrier ghost exhaust and then 10-20min you unlocking flash protobelt ect... Or you need to lvl you W to pickup stronger spells like Ghost lvl 1 W Flash Lvl 3 W protobelt lvl 5 W E ; I think it would enough if you see where the E comes like if kayn comes to you with his W (you see at the ground a little circle where the Zoe E is comming out
Rismosch (EUW)
: It's funny how you say she is fine just because she has only 1 damagespell. But you see, that one damage spell has like a 2 second cooldown and it oneshots you if you get hit. And ontop of that it has an insanely high range. That isn't fine, is it? Veigar at least has a cooldown on his ult and when you dodge his stun his W is fairly easy to dodge. but Zoe, she can throw out her CC every second and when she hits she winds up a Q and kills you.
I think Riot have to balance her earlygame
: she has kinda endless mana and I cant spam 6wards over the whole game.. she can onecomb every mage easy and that every few seconds... she needs to hit her spells only 1 out of 50times to win the game which is just dumb.. having no brain.. fail everything.. get one time lucky and victory
Try if you see next time Zoe heimerdinger :D
Snowbrand (EUW)
: Pretty much my experience too. She is vulnerable to assasins and champions with mobility, but if you stay behind minions, she can't really do that much.
Heimerdinger is a op counter aganist her
: I'm nothing if not inefficient :^) Shit thing is that I'm not sure what they can do about her W. While it could be argued that the chance of getting a less useful niche spell like Cleanse or Smite balances it out, balancing a champion through RNG is rarely a good idea. Getting lucky is frustrating for her opponent, but if she doesn't get what she wants then it's no biggy thanks to the rest of her kit being solid. She either doesn't benefit but doesn't lose out, or she hits the jackpot. One little thing I didn't include in my tirade earlier is that summoner's spell book rune is currently being taken by almost every mid-laner in the LCS simply because of the power having flash or TP up a minute earlier gives you. If they tried to balance her frustration factor through some consistency on her W so both she and her opponent knew what she could get e.g. shards only drop for spells and items that she or nearby champions have, she'd be absolutely bonkers because players are only going to take useful summoner spells into lane. The numbers can be fiddled with on her other abilities, but I have no damn clue how Riot thought this ability could be balanced fairly. I'd argue that using spells that your opponent and teammates have used is already strong enough for a basic ability.
Well you guys dropped good points i agree with them too, i think it would be help if zoe drops a E that its shown like if Kayn go across walls, and for her W i would add that like 0-10min just can dropp those spells and then 10-20min you unlock more spells and at 25 you can get all items/spells for W
kiwishrew (EUW)
: ***
1 sorry for my grammar im from germany ^^* 2 CertainlyT published Tresh kalistar and other champions too, is there any ploblem with them? If you skilled you can have a big impact in game if you bad you are feeding
Smerk (EUW)
: I feel that Zoe is hated simply because there is no other champion that punishes bad positioning and bad vision game as hard as she does.
youre right, if you good zoe isnt a other enemy like veigar
Hydnoras (EUW)
: It isn't because you can use one of the other ult choices. It's your fault if you use an ability that can be hard countered in that situation.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: She is very bad if her team is behind but very oppressive if her team is ahead. She is very team reliant. Also sucks against tanky teams.
if you skilled you might can win aganist a ahead team
: > [{quoted}](name=kiwishrew,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WNEMXRME,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-29T02:48:42.400+0000) > > Don't worry, CertainlyT won't be designing a champ for a while now did he got fired? ye i feel since yasuo got released couple years ago, champs have just gotten out of controll.
why he shouldnt in my opinion he doing great champs and high elo people accept his champs, if you dont have enough skill its you own ploblem
iSneez (EUNE)
: The only thing I knwo about Zoe is that she's ginger, and if you watch the great documentary called South Park, she has no soul!
Hansiman (EUNE)
: I dislike playing against Yasuo, but it doesn't mean I don't think he is balanced. --- I hate playing against Zoe, but it's just because I don't know how to play properly against her yet.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: He can use q on any minion or monster and heimer turrets are all counted as minions. You can also smite them and you can do it to tibbers and daisy too. It's counter play to them.
but its too unbalanced if you can counter a ultimate with a Q and heal 1000hp
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TTekkers (EUW)
: So, if I dodge 80%+ of skillshots, but get hit by ONE sleep bubble in late _through a wall from fog and over a screen of range_ I deserve to get 100-0'd because I'm bad? You can give a champion a skillcap without making them super obnoxious to play against. Please refer to Azir, Draven, Aurelion Sol, Cassio, Ryze, Gangplank, Riven, Rakan, Shaco and Volibear (jk) among others.
They all have more then one real damage spell ^^
IzzŸ (EUW)
: Yeah I have to agree - Zoe and Yasuo are both very weird champions that don't quite fit in the game. Kalista and Thresh are both fine though.
Guys play with a heimerdinger aganist a zoe then you find hear weak points or with a malzahar, if u can play you champ and you can spawn units u easy countering zoe without plobs and guys her q is soo op cuz she have like 0 other spells to do dmg
B0dI (EUW)
: Black Dots appearing on Lol Games
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