: Everyone agrees with you, riot can't design hitboxes properly as a ton of high impact skillshots such as blitz anf thresh hook also suffer from huge hitboxes.
Amumu q is kinda BS too sometimes like http://i.imgur.com/z3L6x.jpg
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: if you play lux and hover over her ult you can clearly see that the hitbox is wider than the actual spell, as you can see on your first screenshot as for the second the hitboxes are not the borders of the models, there is a circle around them on that screenshot your actual hitbox is still close to the tree as you are standing there just starting to move and not on your model, there is nothing wrong with those 2 screenshots but i do agree sometimes the hitboxes are wonky as hell, but not on this 2 screenshots you showed
the thing in the 1rst screenshot is: Do you see the q, 10 miles away from me? Now look where my name should be, it displays "rooted," which means that q hit me for some reason? And on the second one, I was already moving, with my E up, so I was moving, and when I run, I always press space (shows where your character is and the said circle), and the lux q was nowhere near it.
: League has a general hitbox issue aka "What?" I think what happens is that your client isn't 100% showing what the server thinks that you are doing. Evading a skillshot is very nuanced so it could be that your client is like 100ms further than the server's calculation. This in fact means that 100ms earlier you would have been caught by said skillshot. Hence why you are caught now. (100ms is of course bullshit) For a game as complex as League though, relying on response times like an egoshooter, it's not too bad. I mean - this happens occasionally but not like every game. I've played thousands of games and though this happens at times, it's really, really rare. And don't play over wifi - you deserve it otherwise ;)
the thing is, in the replay, there is no delay, it's all as the server thought it was, and no, I don't play using wifi, I use the cable
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