: they are not weaker, but inexperienced. i dont think u value experience as much. and 1 Split is nothing compared to veterans like froggen and xpeke etc.
lol is all about experience, the more you have it the better you are. if I had more experience I could beat faker 1v1 and 1v9 skt, but for some stupid reason riot does not let me play in korean lcs
: Sprattel is new. Gillius is relatively new compared to other junglers Steve started in 2015 its not a discussion of the rooster. but compared to Fox and Mr Rallez, the rest of Schalke's team are rookies in experience.
anyone who plays pro since 2015 is considered a veteran in lol, new player is someone who is playing 1st split. anyway all what you are saying is that a weaker team should qualify for lcs just because they played well in challanger. eu is already complete garbage and all you want is to make it even more garbage, maybe put in some b5 team as well just for fun....
: Yes i am aware of that. But the problem is that qualification is really tough and more of a edg for teams holding onto staying within the LCS. Misfits forexample had to play..twice BO5 to get into the lcs, they basically lost their first bo5 and then had to rely on a desperate last b05 vs yet another lcs team.. their only luck was that schalke itself was a newly formed team. Other Old guard teams like Origen/Roccat/Gaint had no problem crushing challenger teams with their experience. These teams had many high quality scrims and matches vs top teams and thus have a experience edge. While many challenger teams lack those setups, but have raw talent.. So rather teams like misfits showcase that challenger teams have a hard time to climb into the lcs and gain experience.
schalke new? oh ok I guess changing 1 person in the rouster makes them a new team and relegatets the rest of them to the rookie status.
Kxlista (EUW)
: Plans for Kalista?
her kit is overloaded, so any sort of buffs to her damage would result in her beicoming next permaban champion, maybe if they removed her op ult or op passive then they could buff her damage.
: Promotion series is unfavorable for challenger teams.
waf are you talking about? misfits won 3-1 over shalce and are now in lcs....
Xêm (EUW)
: I think playing jungle is harder than ADC, indeed positioning is hard and getting yourself not killed lies in the hand of your allies, but the jungler has to keep all lanes safe, has to make an enemy laner's lane hell, give his buffs to his allies, control objectives, counterjungle, prevent enemy counterjungling and still farm, whilst the only things laners have to do is poke the enemy, farm and ward sometimes
or just afk farm... that's what my junglers do 90% of the time.
: Is it just me?
out of 3 fill games I played I got 1 top 1 mid and 1 support
: The way you changed it now just destroys the way a lot of us play the game, ranked duo with same skilled friends and ranked 5s with mixed elo groups. Playing 100% solo is fucking boring and with ranked 5 gone the only way to play with mixed ranks is normals where you have 0 progression and wins or losses feel completely meaningless? -_-
you can still play your funruining duos in dynamic queue... nothing changed there, apart from being able to invite more friends alongside
: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/HGblb9fH-the-2016-ranked-season-updates-on-dynamic-ranked-and-your-feedback Wish granted.
ty jinny love u. best news I read like ever
Teahyun (EUW)
: Dynamic Queue
I play solo a lot and going to continue playing solo. I also view dynamic que as something that makes the game unfair for anyone that is not playing in the group and thus ruins the competitive spirit of ranked games. basicly they should either force everyone to play in the team or allow solo players to que only into other solo players to make it fair. as for being toxic, well I didn't recieve a single ban in the last few years, i did get a few warnings... but they were from people randomly reporting others for no reason or just cos they lost the lane/game to me(kinda sad).
Dessem (EUW)
: Will we get a "trial" period with Dynamic Queue and new Champ Select?
I played on na a bit today to see how it is and unless you are braindead 5 year old kid you should be fine
Xíà (EUW)
: You've never got pre-mades bot in your team on old system? kappa
plenty of times, does not mean i liked it. always prefered all solo 5v5 cos it's fair. if I had a choice to not que up with premades in the old system I would definately use this function
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: I don't believe 1h queue or dead times of the day where you can't play at all would make anyone happy.
don't like 1h ques play solo... nobody is forcing anyone making 4 man premades and going into ranked to ruin someones game (the solo player)
Analogy (EUW)
: What's the point in calling something bad if you've got not 1 thing to say about how to improve it?
I have 1 samll sugestion, let all the solo players have an option to que into other solo players only. this would make everyone happy
: solo que in normale
enjoy the same bullshit in the new dinamic que ranked games
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Has there ever been
when{{champion:421}} was released a vast majoraty was confident that she was op, even after the first few nerfs she had to become permaban. the others that come to mind is {{champion:82}} and {{champion:122}} jugerbullshit changes
TriviumGG (EUNE)
: Matchmaking is one of the worst I've witnessed!!!
the worst part is that ranked games will become the same with a new dinamic bullshit
MrBunnyFluf (EUNE)
: Can we stop with....
enjoy the new ranked system where you can have fun playing solo with other 4 premades. eh the only reason why I played soloq was to get away from those premades of 4 and 3
Kartagia (EUNE)
: IT does not require premades to get odd man reported. It happens with random people of same nationality.
who cares about report, if you go as a solo with other 4 you are in for one bad game a) they will be all using skype so you will get 0 info through chat or pings b)you can safly expect 0 help from the rest of the team c) you will be heavily targeted by the enemy team cos you are the only solo player= easy pray d)after being hard camped and after losing your lane you will be blamed and flamed by 4 other people so have fun
: Not keen on the Poppy tweek
actually I used to miss my q after e if it was not into the wall 40% of the time, it sometimes went into different direction from where I was clicking for some reason... hopefully that fixed it
: so this patch you decided to label mordekaiser as a marksman
they aslo nerfed his ult by redusing burst even futher... it's not like morde was doing well with his 45% winrate before the nerf
Eveninn (EUW)
: Kinda odd, how I never really _feared_ Ryze's Cage cus 'meh, he's so low range'. But as soon as I face a fiddle... oh my... And it's not only his fear! He got a multitarget silence with even more range!
I'm quite the opposite, always felt that fiddle does not have the dam to kill me without ult while ryze can 1v2in mid game quite easy, 1v3 in lategame. as for range of cc it's actually not that much of difference, also it's harder to follow up on feared champ since he is running away
: As long as he has instant point and click ranged hard cc he should stay weak :D
lets all praise riot for following this logic, oh wait {{champion:13}} still exists
: Ive won 3 games as ap urgot in silver 3 (100% win rate) Ap urgot let that sink in
you should try winning with ap wukong, the combination of his ult+zonya is fun. also his only scaling ap skill is w making for some fun and surprising damage combos. anyway feeding on purpose for 1k games is quite an achievement
Moonmast (EUW)
: I'm not the one of those terrible people anymore , don't worry:) Hope they will contact with me again soon ~~They will not~~, because that's really stupid to create topics here and on reddit after three tickets in a row in the support. I didn't use any kind of 3rd party programs, it's the smurf account that I made to play champs for the first time / test something / play duoq with low elo friends / something else But this account is expensive thing for me anyway. Well doesn't matter. Thanks a lot for the answer!
a smurf with 2k games... if u say so. just of of curiosity, if you are a true diamond player how on eatrh did you manage to lose so many games to bronze/silver/gold (makes 0 dif to diamond)? all diamond players I know can stomp these mmrs with 1st time janna jungle bullshit. did you lose over 1k games on purpose?
: BEWARE of the fiddlesticks!
yep now that he can cast his e for 10 less mana he will become permabanned
: i always laugh myself since im korean and all the NA and EUW people talk of korean imports as their own. NA is even worse because of EUW + Korean imports. Just hilarious. Why not just make worlds KR vs KR vs KR+EUW and let NA cast because lets be real, nothing else they are good at.;x
lol so true, especially considering that china is p much full korean as well
: That's cuz EU LCS is boring as fuck when compared to NA LCS
quite the oppsoite, na is boring+low skill. 0 actual na players in na lcs, just korean and eu
: No, they are not getting punished. If someone wants to surr the game and then intentionally throws the game -by playing subpar INTENTIONALLY, think not buying wards as a support or building non meta items- for one time, he will not get punished. I know because I have friends that are like that and have never received even a warning. When a person does that multiple times intentionally he becomes a Troll, and will get punished eventually. I'm talking about the first type of people. And what if I told you, I want to play the game it's meant to be played? That is, 5v5. We're playing video games to have fun and have memorable experiences. We are all aiming to have a game that made our adrenaline pumping because our nexus was at 1 hp and we had some chances of coming back. If you approach each game with a "surr@20" mindset, not only you make the game unfun for yourself, but also for 4-9 more people.
but they are getting punishes - while maybe the comebacks are rare, people who give up have smaller win ratio what results in slower or no climbing at all. you win some and you lose some, but it's generally the comebacks that make the difference and the more you have the faster you climb
: People giving up too easily
the reason why people at higher elo give up so fast is basically cos they know that their chances of winning are very low, sure comebacks are real but if the team is losing 3 towers to none, lots of cs and let say 5/15 on kills chances of comeback are 10% at best, so it's faster to just give up and play another game and thus get more points per minute spent in game
: As often happens with new released champs, it's quite likely that he will be OP (remember, remember and don't forget: _"Jhin’s fastidious to the extreme"_), and at that point, all those haters will suddenly "like it", "love it" and he will be spammed like hell. Two weeks later he will be instanerfed (_"Yes, Jhin’s fastidious to the extreme...maybe a bit too much, we are going to tone him down a little"_), and that's it. People will be back spamming Vayne or whoever else. That's the harsh life of any ADC.
the last few champ releases were not so bad on balance.. so there is hope, that being said his kit looks overloaded, maybe not as bad as yasuo, but still his abilaties looks too op
: How to play mordekaiser?
sure i played this champ a lot before the evil hand of riot fisted mordekaiser. 1 tip wait till he gets remade or deleted... total pile of shit right now
: Should I start playing Morgana?(read please)
I had a few moments in my league life so far when i did really well with some chapions (like 70% winrate over 70 games) and they were not even considered as some sort of op at the time, however after about 50 games I tend to just get bored of playing that champion. if you are having fun and winninng or even just having fun there is no reason not to continue playing that champion if you are that lucky type of person that can play thousands of games on one single champion and never get bored, sure morg is a decend champ that can carry games in good hands in any elo
prof1cy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=0 skill noob,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ALTuxfEA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-01-12T17:10:01.426+0000) > > good luck doing flash plays with 140 ping human reaction time is around 240ms, dunno what you mean.
prof1cy (EUW)
: NA server vs EUW server (questions about power leveling and attitude diff)
SKT Apathy (EUNE)
: Tryhard Does not exist, Not in Ranked, Not in Normal... It just doesnt exist.
just one question, why do you get furstrated playing ranked? practice wise it's better to practice in ranked cos you are matched with similar skill lvl of opponents, while normals are generally dicided who has more diamond friends (hello future dynamic que)
Torreon (EUW)
: Different Solo queue MMR for the same account
you better delete this thread cos riot will permaban your account
Stell (EUNE)
: Yeah i just scrolled the comments and most of them were about "LOL 25 GAMES HURRDURR" when that wasn't really the point here. Even one normal game before entering ranked would be better than nothing. Coming to ranked and starting the game by reading what the skills do.. well.. someone said "it's not against the rules so everyone's allowed to do so" well kinda yea but on the other hand the summoner's code says that you can have fun but not at the expense of others. which you clearly are doing if you join a ranked , a competitive mode, just to try out a champion.
I'm afraid the game is designed around having fun at the expence of others, every time you kill and win means someone did not and most peole get at least a bit upset about dying and losing
Sayainji (EUW)
: Champions like Brand and singed, Teemo that do DOT would find death fire touch the best mastery
if u think deathfire is better on teemo then thunderlors go aplay a few games with both... tl on teemo op
Rismosch (EUW)
: I don't understand why you are saying, that he is bad designed, just because you don't like him. Yasuo is very unique and no champion is somewhere simmelar to him. He has his Q which is basicly his Auto Attack as a Skillshot, his W is a freakin WInd Wall, his E has unlimited dashes and his Ult only works when people are knocked up. I mean has any other Champ simellar abilities? It might to be frustrating to face him, but maybe try to play him. He's in my opinion pretty difficult but is very fun to play. He's rewarding when you outplay your opponent.
SoulBawz (EUW)
: actually yasuo got nerfed so much times over and over, and it has been pretty long since riot went on a nerf spree with him so i doubt he will be nerfed again, i think he is fine as he is.
no.... definately not fine. I would rather face 10 teemos than 1 yasuo
Four Star (EUW)
: How long till season 6?
it should start before february
: Season 6 is coming soon, yet the game is unbalanced like never before. And Riot is doing nothing.
there is smng happening, haven't you heard about the new dynamic que? why bother to balance the game champions when everything will be decided by who has higher skilled friends and not by your own skill anymore.... have a few diamond friends? freee elo
A Ocean (EUW)
: No one at Riot seems to know what Vel'Koz even does
the worst thing that can happen to vk is what happened to mordekaiser. imagine if they decide to make him immobile mage jungler that can controll baron... how cool would that be? ofcource it will be totally op so he will become 100% ban win rate and after 6 months or so during wich you will be able to pick him 2-3 times, he will be nerfed to oblivion and become a weak shade of what he used to be before remake... but hey he would still be able to send baron to the face of your enemies XD
A Ocean (EUW)
: Wrong, VK won't ever generate much revenue because he is simultaneously hard to play and hard to master.
yasuo who was apparatly also hard to play/master generate a decent amout, if you remember correctly he was crazy op after release and he received massive nerfes a few months later, once everyone who wanted to win bought him.
A Ocean (EUW)
: Yes, the Gangplank they continued to nerf after worlds was over until he reached his state of ideal balance.
the only reason why gp is not as op as before is that games are much shorter... that's all, if games become longer gp will become op again and he will be back on 100% ban win rate on pro lvl
: Is this application considered unfair to LOL and get you banned?
I think binding keys is legal(not sure through), but using 3rd party apps is illigal. you will need to ask riot to make sure that it's safe, otherwise one day upon login in you will recieve a permaban message anyway you are beter off just learning to press your keys faster, even if it's legal.
: I honor who diserves. And i honor alot of people per day because most of the games i play only have good teammates , good opponents and a very nice scenario of gameplay ^^{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
sounds like someone wants to be honored with friendly, on your knees bitch
: Which champion did you have the most fun with in 2015?
I used to love play {{champion:82}}, but riot decided to make a remake that made him op at first and now nerfed to shit, I dunno i never liked the idia of melee adcs... if only I could play old morde lol would be so much fun again currently I'm having a lot of fun with {{champion:17}} and {{champion:78}}
: I started playing about a month ago and found exactly the same thing. Im now lvl 22 and find not much has changed. The suggestions for avoiding it and dealing with it are all rather redundant in my experience too. Playing against AI...no point, you get games lasting 10 minutes because its full of lvl 30's and smurf's either speed lvling their alt account or helping someone else. YOu can barely learn anything in AI games as games are over so quickly. Report system is one of those that sounds good, but in effect seems quite useless to me. For the most part its used as an abusive tool rather than its intended function. You dont get any kind of feedback on what use it proves or who else actually bothers to use it. Have a guy calling someone every name under the sun, cancer this cancer that....come the end of the game, 3/4 of people leave the game so quick they clearly haven't bothered to report. Then you have to worry about trolls ganging up on people which occasionally seems to happen. Had a game the other day where the opposition team had 3 players go top lane because none of them wanted to accept they didnt call it first. By the end of the game, all the enemy team had seemingly joined forces against the guy who did actually call top first and reported him. In that game i said quite civilly that whoever called top first should get it, and seemingly got reported by all the others and had a harassment warning at the end. The Match-making becomes a massive pain in the arse at later lvl's too. Bunch of lvl 10-20's matched against a team of lvl 30's with gold/plat status.....brilliant. Best thing to do applies to most games really, dont expect anything good from gaming communities any more, dont bother trying to defend yourself or others unless you want to get wrongly punished yourself. Personally i think they should make the honor system worthwhile, currently there's no actual advantage that i can see and no benefit to being decent to others. Make it worthwhile and it might have an effect, 100 honor = free skin or summet.
yeah that's why I never play normals, only ranked cos that way the skill lvl is relativly close and since a lot of people tryhard in ranked for some reason you will see a lot less trolls and flamers
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