: Do you see the clouds above Amsterdam. That my dear boy are the leftovers of the EUW Servers.
No I do not live in Amsterdam so i have to take your word as granted^^
: Game Online 1 Network Operations – a few seconds ago The platform is currently unavailable while we perform emergency maintenance. Have a nice day :)
Just saw it aswell. Thx for the notice tho
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Hawkzorz (EUW)
: "What’s next for Clash? Before we try to release Clash again, we want to be as confident as possible before announcing a new global launch date. We believe we’ve pinpointed the underlying issue, but we need to keep testing, and are implementing more diagnostics to see if our fixes are working out. We’ll be testing Clash in one-day betas in every region. More details will follow! Once again, we’re sorry for how things went down, and we’ll be working flat out until we’re sure we can confidently launch Clash to everyone." Riot five months ago :D
: my client has 600k processcors btw xD hard core lag its so slow game doesnt load XD no offence!
: A short poem for League right now
The gentleman cho gath in me approves
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: Trapped in a game, cant exit
Dont worry you cant start a new game anyway i get an error message if i try to start game


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