: The truth everyone is thinking but none will say: because it's an obnoxious champ that it's always better to nerf a little more, just to discourage those who still plays it.
> because it's an obnoxious champ that it's always better to nerf a little more, just to discourage those who still plays it. > just to discourage those who still plays it. Tell me more about those brilliant arguments. What made you write that? Are you not aware of the counterplay options that you can employ when laning vs a Pantheon? I can see why you despise Panth (Even with all the counterplay you can use...), but if all you have to offer in this discussion is how you hate this champion, dont comment at all please.
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: They said he has other builds he can use. He isn't a duskblade or unviable champion.
Duskblade made him not rely on winning lane super hard in order to be relevant, and we all know that in this current meta and when playing in decent ELO Pantheon doesn't win lanes like he used to anymore. Keegun himself said that Pantheon doesn't have any winning lanes anymore and his best playstyle atm is farm and roam, which is also getting gutted in the next patch with the minion changes. The poke and die playstyle was super toxic and non-interactive, but he'll literally have nothing going for him starting in the next patch.
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: He doesn't need it. He can easly go back to old poke em till they die playstyle
DShield+Bone Plating+Second Wind+minion aggro made this playstyle no longer viable. Unless the new Fervor actually suits him well I don't think the old poke playstyle is coming back.
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: Fiora MAY be borderline OP after her rework.
Thanks for all of your opinions. Okay, maybe old Fiora early game wasn't as weak as I believed. But when I went against a Fiora, 70-80% of the times I would win lane. Maybe I am under the impression that old Fiora early game was bad because I was matched against bad Fiora players, and I am by no means the most knowing about her old kit. As I said, maybe players don't know how to deal with her yet. I play in low Silver elo (1100-1200 elo) and she can always get her ultimate proc, which in a teamfight means "team won the game" unless they are seriously behind. And unless the passive apeears behind the target(lets be fair, in a circle, thats a 25% chance of happening, that is LOW compared to the 75% chance of the passive appearing on the sides or the front), then Fiora has an easy time against (generally) melee champions with her lunge, procing the passive with ease, and procing it comes with a lot of rewards (true damage, heal, MS boost). But that's my two cents.
: Fiora MAY be borderline OP after her rework.
Hey, thanks for your opinion. Sure it may have less snowballing potential than old Fiora, but here are some points to retain about her abilites: - Even if new Fiora doesn't snowball as hard as old Fiora, it has more tools to do it. Old Fiora didn't have a laning phase as stronger as new Fiora. If the Fiora player is smart and if your are playing a melee champion, she can zone you (and if she zones you, she will try her damnest to proc the passive, succeding more times than failing) AND potentially get a kill on you be with a jungler gank or not, basically turning the lane into a nightmare for you. Even if new Fiora doesn't snowball as quite as heavily as the old one, it has more tools to do so. - That's the ult i've been talking about. Even if Fiora gets behind, she has still utility, which is a BIG plus, that she can win games even if behind with that AoE heal. Maybe a slight tweak, idk (?) - Even if you cant parry a CC ability, you can parry a AA, which still grants you enormous sticking power considering Fiora's kit. A stun is a reward for you having quick reflexes and can grant you a kill 1/2 of the time. Maybe i'm overestimating the power of Fiora, and yes, i just got my ass handed to one as Cho (went 2/10). Maybe players just don't know her weak points yet or how to lane against her. After all, she's a "new" champion on it's own... But looking forward to more opinions.
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