: You broke the rules, now you face the punishment. There is no excuse to being toxic, especially to the level of perma ban toxic. "Having a bad day" doesn't mean you can tell someone to jump off a cliff. Sorry dude, permanent means what is says.
thats the thing the worst i ever said was 'i may be feeding but at least im not useless' :/
: No.
ive only been banned once before tho shouldnt they be fair like 3 times and your perma banned?
: i've been permabanned before, when i feel like im having a bad day i just unbind my enter key before playing
if i didnt spend money on this game i wouldnt give a %%%% but all my skins are now gone :(
Shamose (EUW)
like 5 grand i meant im really broken right now i had a bad day because someone got me started by flaming me when had bad game now im suffering for it ive been so good since i got suspended months ago
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