: Most senseless ban ever
If you have been banned before there is a thin line that prevents your from being banned again (this lasts quite a while). I do no see any reason in your chat log for your ban though... Compared to many other people you are responding politely. I mean, I have said worse things myself lol. Though, you might want to get rid of "the script that blocks my chat" as Riot in general does not appreciate scripts.
: Hey, Dutch speaking midlaner here. Would love to play with you guys. I am currently in Tier 2 though (D4 soloq), so im not sure if that will move the team up to T2 or the average is still Tier 3. Let me know if you are interested.
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: Clash 14 & 15 december
Anyone have another update?
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: 0 cooldown Ultimate with 4 Wind Dragons in Season 10
I think the max of 1 type will still be 3
: First off, I wasn't going off of the boards I went off of op.gg. You're diamond in flex which means absolutely nothing at all. Secondly your logic is absolutely hilarious I gotta say. By what you've said Riot could announce Season 11 changes that they intend to make the game easier to understand for new players so they're moving all champions and simply implementing 10 new ones. They're cutting the abilities down from 5 to 2 and removing jungler in place of having a duo top. Community reactions with Riot those are stupid changes NoGloryFound replies with:Lol you guys can't adapt wait to play this could be really good. You don't go play another game if the game you are currently playing is good and enjoyable you got play another game if you're bored of it so how about everyone whos getting bored of league goes and plays something else and those of us who actually enjoy the game can keep playing the game we enjoy without people who are desperate to change the game to suit them getting what they want rather than the people who like what they actually already have getting what they want.
> [{quoted}](name=Just Chrissy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nkE6ty1J,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-20T21:23:37.841+0000) > > First off, I wasn't going off of the boards I went off of op.gg. You're diamond in flex which means absolutely nothing at all. > Sure it means nothing, haha. You are an absolute joke. You are a butthurt hardstuck dia 4/5 person with a bad winrate (also based on op.gg), which is basically equal to plat 2/3 elo (which is my soloQ rank). You are Gold 1 in flex and not even playing well in there. Try climbing in Flex queue to Diamond on your own like me. Flex queue above gold is 8/10 people that enjoy playing in a team rather than trying to perform a 1 -man show. So in short, simple terms for you: I am basically the same elo, if not, better. Secondly, I find it very sad of you that you say that the "community" is saying that these changes are stupid. Not even 1/3 of the community is complaining about it cause they will have to wait out how it is going to impact games. Which is also the point I was trying to make, but apparently your narrowheaded mindset cannot grasp such a simple point. Also, you're example makes no sense. Riot is not trying to make the game simpler for new players, they are just trying to RENEW some aspects of the map and how to play around those things. Thirdly, I am not bored of this game at all. I just think it is going to be interesting to see these changes and how it is going to open up new strategies to play with. I am not going to respond to you any more after this, so here is a take home message for you: Stop being such a butthurt hardstuck diamond 4 player and try to open up your mind to new ideas Riot is trying to put out to make the game more interesting to more people, not only you. Riot has had 3 kind of rough seasons in a row in which their own community has been complaining about everything. So give them some credit for at least trying to work things out.
: Given that I'm en entire league ahead of you in elo I'd say I do just fine adapting to change. I can play the game just fine it's just simply the fact that I don't the need to risk ruining the game when it's already good. People getting bored will go play other games thats not going to change coz they messed around with the map 20 minutes into each game but ruining the gameplay for the sake of variety will alienate far more players than people just getting bored of league.
Given that you are complaining about change tells me you apparently cannot adapt as well as you think. Also boards displays last seasons rank, I am diamond this season as well :). If you do not like the changes, why don't you go on and play other games? Just stop complaining and wait how all the changes turn out in pre-season. No point speculating...
: Every single time they've introduced big changes in the past it was for the purpose of fixing known issues with the game. Season 5 introduced the rift scuttler and new jungle items to help not make jungle a 1 dimensional role around either playing a tank like Jarvan or Master Yi. Season 6 was a series of ADC and ADC item reworks mostly successful in diversifying a role where you would pick incredibly similar champions and the same build every game. Season 7 brought mastery changes and rift herald because there needed to be more to do on the map than just farm and gank for junglers and the mastery system was massively outdated. Season 8 brought the new rune system which again updated the previous mastery changes although this time how successful it was is arguable. Still it was nice to not have to buy runes anymore but not so nice that they power creeped damaged in the game massively. Season 9 they introduced tower plating to stop early games exploding out of control with 5 minute tower divers leading into 6 minute first turrets botlane. Again this one came with a massive issues which no need to be fixed but it still follows the pattern. So you're noticing some similarities I hope? Every single pre-season change was to address and fix a known issues or group of issues with the game. Variety for the sake of variety isn't an issue with the game. There are more possible team compositions than can ever be experienced by an individual. Again my point still remains that every other pre season the changes we asked for implemented but this just doesn't follow those same rules.
It seems to me that you just have a hard time adapting. Updating the game doesn't necessarily mean you have to fix anything. It could also just partly change the way you play the game. This will renew the look of most players onto the game on how to play it and how to play around important objectives. Again, that they might have been giving pre-season updates to "fix" things in the past does not mean they always have to do that. They are always looking to test/bring big gameplay changes in the pre-season.
MusicaroN (EUW)
I know it is very tilting, but that is just how the current remake system works. IMO it needs to be adapted to these cases, but after I submitted a ticket and got a response I understand it a lot better. So ,I have talked about this to Riot employees in the past because I got mad about it one time too: ME: ​Today (24/09/2019) around 15:45u I played a game with my duo. At the start of the game (0:00) Darius was AFK/Disconnected for the first ~4 minutes of the game. Expected result: Darius did not move in/from the fountain, did not buy items or participate in the game at any moment. Actual result: No remake possibility, resulting in a 17 LP loss, because Darius was 3-4 levels behind when he reconnected. I have seen remake possibilities in games where everyone bought items and even a guy died and ragequit. So I do not understand why in this game it wasn't possible. RIOT: Alright, so, I checked that match out to see what exactly happened. Basically, the moment that Darius disconnected was around the 2:12 mark. The remake option becomes available at 3:00 if a player is disconnected or flagged as inactive for 90 seconds. First blood against a player's team before they leave/dc will prevent a /remake vote. Hence why there was no remake option set. :( Losing LP in that way is something that sucks a lot. Happened one time in one of my Flex games and lost, because we were in a 4v5 situation, so I feel you. :( That's pretty much it regarding the reason why you couldn't remake. If there's anything else that you'd like to add or ask, I'll continue to do my best and help you out! ME: I'm sorry, but how can Darius not be flagged as inactive when he has not moved from 0:00 till the point he disconnects? Also, I have had plenty of games remade (in my disadvantage or advantage) when first blood is given/drawn. It's not that I am sad about my LP loss, mainly because of the system that does not seem to work properly in my experience. RIOT: I've checked the game in question and the reason you couldn't remake was because the player was still reconnecting to the game. You see, there are 3 stages to loading into game: Completely disconnected Connected but not in game Connected and in game Until a player hits the 3rd stage, they will not show up as connected in game, even if they've reached stage 2. On the other hand, if the server sees that a player is almost back in game, or in a stage that is close to being back in game, it will cancel the remake option to give the player those last few seconds they need to load into game. Unfortunately, this means that you might not see anything different in your game, and so it will look like the remake option just never proc'd. I know it isn't necessarily the answer you might have been hoping for, and I truly am sowwy for that. I do hope you can understand our concerns though :/ ME: In that case I would like to adjust this report to notify that these three stages are not good for the gameplay when someone is disconnected. At 1:27 orso, the midlane has already started its first wave. 3 minutes in game the level difference is already 3-4 levels, which (in most cases when your opponents knows his/her shit) means that the lane is already lost. This results in being bullied into oblivion and the xp and gold deficit only increases during the first 10-15 minutes. Additionally the early phase AFK leads to a lot of frustration with teammates, especially if it is not remakable. In my opinion the option for a remake should be inevitable when a player is AFK 2 minutex in game. This option will show at 3 minutes, but the team can still decide when the player reconnects. Is there a way to make some sort of request about this, which will actually be read? (That means other than Boards) RIOT: I'm sorry this is such an unpleasant situation for you. Unfortunately, the only thing that could be done in this case was providing an explanation, which has already been offered by my colleagues, so I won't go into it again. As for the feedback, I will thank your for taking the time to suggest this in regards to the remake system. However, the best place where this is to be posted is still Boards, I'm afraid.
: Karma is not a support anymore. Karma is mod and toplaner. And the last nerfs were because of pro play, where she destroyed everything. Also her winrates aren't really so bad: (in plat+) 48.2% support 48.5% toplane 47.3% midlane 51.0% ADC Buffing her just because her support winrate is at 48.2% would also buff her ADC winrate. I personally think that everything between 48 and 52% is okay. Oh and as we are talking about win rates of supports... 47.6% Alistar 46.6% Braum 43.5% Tahm Kench 41.6% Yuumi So there are at least 4 support champions below her (I didn't mention poppy support or other viable, but unsual supports)
I agree. 48% just means she is viable, but not necissarly a top-tier pick. The people that know how to play karma will still win quite a lot. People that don't play karma a lot will be punished for mistakes they make (e.g. not utilizing the effects of Mantra +W/E, instead of only using Mantra for her Q).
kitsomo (EUNE)
: mathmaking system sucks
A few tips: 1.) I would recommend to stop playing ranked after 2-3 losses in a row. If you lose 2-3 games in a row you might think you are still doing alright (not being tilted), however these losses impact your subconcious (if written correctly). This will impact your future games in terms of your own capability. Hence you will not be able to carry as well as you usually do after snowballing the lane. Not continuing to play might help to stop tanking your elo. 2.) As hard as it is try not to flame your allies at any point (except when they are genuinely inting/trolling). 3.) IDK what exactly you are doing in your games, but try to play around important objectives as much as possible (either splitting for turrets or grouping for drakes/baron/herald). Get vision control around the herald (Assuming you are a top main) so you can potentially take it between 12-17 minutes in game to take 1 or 2 turrets in top. Just TP down in bot if you wanna do the drake after they have secured a kill and are doing the wrong thing after. Ping as much as possible. 4.) If you are playing safe due to not winning the lane, save your TP and try looking for a TP play down botlane. If this works out you get kills/assists and potentially a drake/tower.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: The 1903 update? I installed it myself 2 days ago, and I now have random stuttering in places I didn't have it before, both in Windows and in games (not just League). Pity, as I deliberately held off on it until such issues would have been weeded out (we all know the 1903 beta horror stories...). I still have the 2-4 second screen freeze (FULL screen freeze) whenever I open the ingame shop for the first time every match though, and that has been like that for 2 patches at least. Not what I would expect with games installed on a dedicated SSD...
yea the 1903 update that came out around 3 October (I postponed the update on my pc for a week orso). But now I regret doing it as my pc detects the update to be update 10+ days... aka no revert possible
: Freeze and FPS drop patch 9.20
I think it has something to do with the latest windows update. I have installed it shortly after 9.20 came out and my fps drastically decreased.
: So can we talk about the proposed season 10 changes?
If they wouldn't introduce big changes every pre-season we would be playing the same game for years and years without any variety. These new changes open up new strategies and terrain to play around. I myself am pretty hyped about the changes.
: I think the most hype thing for the moment is their anime tbh, but I think it was great for Riot Games to becomes Riot gameS and not Riots game :-P
I am pretty hyped about the pre-season changes and Senna as well
: Venom Looking for P2-D3 Jungler - Support
Dekara3 (EUW)
: Dont play ranked.
I have seen some high elo players claiming that Riot has failed at the start of this season which led to an increase of smurfs. At the start of this season every 5th division was removed and Iron and Grandmaster were introduced. All this was done without an appropriate reset of the players. This resulted in players rushing high ranks (players that were once platinum to be in Diamond 3/4 and Diamonds to be in Master or higher). Something like this has happened, so hopefully it will be slightly less next season.
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: no its not: Active: Kai'Sa Hybrid resistances icon shields herself and dashes to a target location near an enemy champion recently affected by Plasma. The shield holds for 2 seconds upon arrival.
They give 2 descriptions it seems : 1. Kai'Sa warps to a location near an enemy champion affected by Plasma, gaining a shield that absorbs {{ rcalculatedshieldvalue }} damage for {{ rshieldduration }} seconds. 2. dash However the effect of Poppys displacement takes place after her dash. I think you will need to approach it as a buffered skill, just as tristana can jump away with her W when cc'ed if buffered correctly.
Cyrdach (EUNE)
: Twisted Treeline champ select music
IMO this was the best champ select music in the past: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC67gFsnEiQ
Cyrdach (EUNE)
: Twisted Treeline champ select music
I think this might be it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FjHN2fi4u8 It is the old champ select sound
: Kaisa ult didnt get counterdashed
If you really look closely Kaisa tries to ult a bit further than her end point. You can see a small displacement when she lands. She doesn't get interrupted here cause the poppy dash is still underway. The dash time of kaisa ult is very short and therefore hard to interrupt. As for another skill you named (panth W). Panth will dash to her previous position and kaisa will be stunned at the position she dashed to. EDIT: Kaisa's ult is not defined as a dash, but as a "warp", so I think there lies your answer.
McJesus14 (EUW)
: 10 year anniversary idea
Their stream is coming tuesday. If they will be doing something for their 10th anniversary it will probably be announced in that stream.
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Ikr it's so %%%%ing dumb. And you the options on "do you want to exit this client" went from "yes" and "no" to "exit" and "sign out"
Those options if you want to exit are actually pretty handy if you have multiple accounts :)
IamRed (EUNE)
: 2 Launchers
If you press the "stay logged in" you only have to click the League Icon on your desktop to instantly load the client. Some other aspects are unclear to me too in terms of 2 launchers. I think they are preparing a transition in launchers. But we will have to wait and see.
: ***
A 14-day ban is called a warning in this system, as it is the lowest ban. Being toxic in chat (no zero-tolerance words) results in a warning in the form of a chat restriction. Since you had chat disabled and have been inting (and spam pinging for no reason, see other comment) the ban is justified. You were playing with fire, so now you gotta suffer the burns.
: ***
Again, learn to see differences. Pinging objectives a lot is situational, when you see an oppurtunity to get them. Spam pinging when there is no reason for it is toxic.
: ***
It is indeed toxic to spam pings... because you are disturbing the game.
: ***
Ignorant? Mate, you are straight up dilusional. Your int alone results in a justified ban.
: ***
If you have no clue to what playing properly is, then I am going to advise you to just quit playing this game in general. No one enjoys players like you: inting and then being toxic. You tell me that you weren't toxic that game, but from all your comments here I can already tell you are a toxic person. You might not have typed that game, but I bet you have spam pinged your allies. Please do us all a favor and get your toxic ass banned perma after these 14-days.
Emïly (EUW)
: Dutch team looking for support
Welke dagen willen jullie toernooien spelen?
: Going 0 and 23, can happens in rank. And many people did not get banned. Why did i get banned. Hashinshin. Always goes super negative KDA. In which he looks like he ints every game??? Cant compare, and so the AI is trash, and it is all their fault. First time ban ever. on this account. {{sticker:fiora-cool}}
Going 0 and 23 (in 26 mins cannot happen in ranked UNLESS you int. Report those people and they will receive their own punishment for it. Also, there is a difference between having a bad game vs. inting. Dying a lot in let's say 12 times in 30 minutes can happen. But if the player has tried to play the game properly, has played with his team and has not been toxic, so be it. Shit happens. But running it down in a lane is not playing the game properly, so has to be punished.
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: Rito'o; You %%%%ED UP. What a disgrace.
Since you haven't supplied us with a chatlog of that game it isn't really to judge whether the ban is justified. Given the fact that you have died 1x/minute shows you have intentionally fed that game. Given the fact that you are only level 9 (so the deathtimer isn't very long) shows me you have not been in lane much to gain xp. These facts combined tell me that you ran down the lane and died to the enemy over and over. Therefore the ban is justified in my opinion.
: Riot should remove this ban system its ridicilouss
FullMonsterGarou: hope he gets hit by a bus tommorow morning anyways FullMonsterGarou: Get slit man You are basically telling people to get killed/kill themselves, which is a zero-tolerance policy. Despite that, you fully deserve the ban IMO, you are being toxic asf in multiple games. Probably the ban is a result of multiple reports...
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Few questions
> [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JmrEsA1b,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-10T00:19:58.789+0000) > > So let me understand this game is about balance ,every adc champion is kind of average early ,but draven outstand that normal average ,taking extra ad on his q... , now let's speak about teemo 500 range.. , 0 chances for him to actually play vs multiple top laners who have bigger range than him , his attack range actually expose him to be close to melee fights... , this is not okey , and you have to struggle to pull good games with teemo... . > First of all, are you honestly asking for a Teemo buff? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Secondly, most toplaners do not have any range besides their abilities (except Jayce, Gnar, Kennen and two or three more). But the majority is melee. If you are getting caught as teemo vs. melee champs in Toplane it means your positioning or wave management is failing. Because most people do not like a matchup vs. a good Teemo in toplane when they're playing melee champs. > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JmrEsA1b,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-10T00:19:58.789+0000) > > > If i must continue there is not just that ,there is kalist having 525 attack range , less with 25 ... ,while there are heroes who get 550 attack range + taking extra range on levels up ... , so how is that fair idk... , then i see her as 1 vs 1 champion , for her is very difficult to play team fights good , considering high base of the game with champions who are strong playing from safe places ,or extremly strong close range ,such as zed /xerath , so is questionable how riot balance heroes... . Because in my opinnion there are heroes who suffer very much from Riot decisions. > Riot has admitted that Kalista is hard to balance. If she gets buffed, pro play will abuse it. Therefore she remains in a bad shape compared to what she once was. Due to the extreme high learning curve few people only dare to pick her up to train. > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JmrEsA1b,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-10T00:19:58.789+0000) > Let's talk about something else , about leona , well in fact leona with w maxed , she is really hard to be killed , on top if you buy armor and hp , you make her in no time tanky frontline... , is too simple for her... ,3 stunns , engage, range ultimate ... , i can keep going on with this ,but in my opinnion a hero with 3 stunns , slow on w + extremly tanky is serious not that much balanced... > Without her W Leona is gonna be punished for every engage she makes. It'll make her a really passive support due to the fact that she is only allowed to go in when kills are assured. Otherwise she will just die at any chance. Removing/nerfing this W into the ground will make her very weak compared to other tank supports (e.g. Alistar (has R to get out), Nautilus (has W to tank damage), Thresh (has R and E to get people off of him)). About the three stuns... this kit is sort of necessary to make her even close to viable in this meta. Almost every game there are multiple champions with dashes in the game, so the ranged ult can (often) not even be used as ranged and only be used as follow-up CC. The other two... I am not even gonna start about it... just buy a goddamn QSS. > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JmrEsA1b,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-10T00:19:58.789+0000) > And if we take a look at some champions transitions like zed , i understand he is 1 vs 1 hero ,but he literally not anymore give his targets a chance to survive or to outplay him , if they have no zhonya... , maybe is hard to play zed and hit every time every skill .. ,but serious now ,his ultimate literally pulls him right to his target , how someone can be overbuffed because he can miss spells and not kill target ... ,and still he can do safe plays and get back on shadows in a safe place etc... > I mean, I am not a Zed-fan myself, but he is in a pretty balanced state at this point. A nerf will make him near to unplayable, however, IMO he doesn't need any buffs at this moment. You are giving the answer to his counter-play already: Zhonyas. Use it when you see the mark of his ult and all his extra damage of his ult is gone. The only thing you have to do now is to learn how to lane vs. a Zed. Because... If you play safely you will be able to farm up and then wait till the team groups. An underfed Zed won't be able to do much in a teamfight. Unless he's good. > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JmrEsA1b,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-10T00:19:58.789+0000) > > Some adc champions , have some ultimates really weird design , for exemple i am main adc jinx , the fact i use ulti and a target is just 10 mm behind me and the target dosn't get hited at all , starts to really concern me... , likely it feels weird... , when you realise ,that you have an ultimate who may hit or not target ,as he can flash, dash, zhonya,blink himself if is shaco etc.. , and you can miss ultimate ,and the damage is really weird for jinx or ashe... ,regarding to what scale have ezreal ultimate ,or jhin , i think ultimates who can be missed should be balanced somehow to make it worth the skill .... , it does happen that i hit ulti and i don't kill targets... ,even if i hit top/mid ... ,and travel lot's of distance , and tehnically is really easy to dodge it as a pro player... , and if you are noob you can dodge it , if you pay attention ... ,but riot dosn't consider that relevant... > I know what you are TRYING to complain about here. But this feels like you are just butthurt. You're grammar in this part is really bad, but if I understand you correctly you're saying that Jinx' or Ashe's ultimate is more punished, if missed, than Ezreal's or Jhin's? Nah, I am not even gonna go deep into this. Ashe's ult is an engage/safety net for her. Jinx ult is an execute. Jhin's ult is single target. Ezreal's ult is an ult to be used early/mid-teamfight. That's all you need to know, all you need to understand. > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JmrEsA1b,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-10T00:19:58.789+0000) > There are heroes like shaco , who you literally can't that simple outplay , and you can't just find him and kill him ,because is very difficult ,he have that escape kit very good, his attack kit is also very strong ... , played good is always a problem , before in season 1-2-3-4-5 pink wards were having purposes , now just have the purpose that they never expire and offer extra vision range , and the fact it proofs you enemy have no wards near... ,but still a pink ward can't see over the edge of a cliff... ,or if i walk and there is a wall near... it dosn't show me if there is a ward behind a wall... ,is not that much usefull as i think it should be... > > Invisibility and full build ,always been broken... , twitch and shaco are broken when we speaking about invisibility ... > > Some heroes are really hard to catch or to engage ,such as pyke... , or sometimes blitz/malphites/sejuani/ornn/veigar/maokai/rakan and i could keep going ,there is a problem to play vs some of these champions when it comes about team fights... , as the fights tend to base on if enemy loss patience or not... , you just stand defensive ,or pull some targets and bum you have your advantage... ,veigar can now stunn much more easy etc... I am going to use this quote to conclude my comment... To me you seem really butthurt and frustrated. Because all you are complaining about is how champions are "not balanced" or "not to play against". If Riot was going to listen to all these complaints we might as well just play Tetris. Yes, the game would be that boring and simple. I have played this game for over 7 years now, and admit, the game has become harder to play vs. all champions with a dash. HOWEVER, all champions can be countered, you just need to know how.
Krazzos (EUW)
: 2019 Worlds Song
Can someone try editing the worlds song in terms of speed to the following: Every verse on 0.75x (e.g 0:00 - 0:52) Every chorus on normal speed. (e.g 0:53 - 1:17) I think its pretty decent
Sunwise (EUNE)
: What am I supposed to do when Queued up with a Yasuo exactly?
Play something that synergizes with Yasuo then. You are basically blaming one person for your loss. It's partly your own fault you aren't winning those games tbh
SirLevi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NoGloryFound,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QbAA5tA1,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-10-05T16:53:12.303+0000) > > To climb you need to be able to carry. If you are only winning lane (as you state in a comment below), but are not able to carry the game you will need to improve to climb. I do not mean this offensive at all, but try to focus on improving on your midgame as that seems to be your struggle point. (e.g. macro, making the right calls, etc.) Take the role as leader in your games. If you want some feedback on what to do just ask. I can be of service for info till around Platinum/Dia4 elo. That is very kind of you! I will try to improve my macro play etc. I do have one breaking point in my games; Or I am farming seriously well or cant get farm at all. The last part is especially vs champions that win vs me. So, lets say I am Xerath vs a Zed/Yasuo, I always lose this matchup, what do I do to stay relevant?
In cases vs a good Zed/Yasuo (assuming they are not legendary players in your elo): Zed: Most Zeds in low elo are pretty passive pre-6. As Xerath you can harrass him a lot pre-6 with your Q and W. No need to use your E if he is not close (save it for his engages/ ganks). To avoid his trade damage make sure you aren't in his shadow range, so he cannot use his E to slow you. Playing versus Zed I always rush a Zhonyas. As Xerath that is even more possible given his passive. Play really careful and safe (if needed, under tower) and only push hard if he is bad/out of lane. You should be able to farm the wave/poke him from a safe distance. And if he engages/ults you just instant zhonyas when his mark is visible, it neglects all his extra damage from his ult. Yasuo: I am not particularly good vs good Yasuo's myself. But vs average yasuo players I stomp them. All you need to do is try to poke him, and get really well at farming under the tower, dodging his Tornados and pinging for help to your jungler. If you get engaged on/ ganked by your own jungler. Do not instantly throw your E, try to bait out the windwall first, without being attacked massively by yasuo. In this case I would not rush Zhonyas, but go for the regular build, as your Q and W are not blocked by his wall and you could potentially poke him down easily by throwing your abilities inside the wave when he is dashing (first use W then Q, to make your Q easier to land). In general as Xerath you should be able to get the backline minions easily with your Q during laning phase. After laning phase, when your bottom lane is generally coming to take farm in midlane (annoying as %%%% sometimes), try to take the farm in one of the sidelanes. HOWEVER, do this after you and your team has set up sufficient vision in the jungle so you cannot be suprised by roaming enemies whilst farming. Hopefully this helps slightly to perform better. If other questions, feel free to ask, I will probably answer tomorrow afternoon !
: Clash matches don't grant world tokens
Clash finally worked almost properly and THAT is what you are gonna be complaining about? Can't you be happy it worked for once?
: okay. If you find a solution please inform me immediately , thanks.
Also, In my understanding the lock-in phase today was only if you wanted to play TODAY. To me it wouldn't make much sense to lock in today if you only wanted to play TOMORROW. My team wants to play tomorrow, so I hope it gets fixed
: okay. If you find a solution please inform me immediately , thanks.
I hope a solution is gonna be there. Cause I wasn't available for the lock-in phase today :(
: Clash Mistake
I got the same issue. I thought this lock-in was only for today (?)
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SirLevi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NoGloryFound,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QbAA5tA1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-05T16:39:17.891+0000) > > 18 LP is the average LP gain/loss since they reworked the Ranked ladder at the start of the season. So gaining 19 LP and losing 17/18 means your MMR is at the same level as your current rank. Might be wrong, but I think that's the case in your situation. Wierd part is that I know that I had games (last week) where I gained 21 LP and lose only 14. Nothing much has changed; I win and lose the same :( I am 68 wins and 66 lost games. If its correct or not, I find the system not working! I will never be climbing out of silver....
To climb you need to be able to carry. If you are only winning lane (as you state in a comment below), but are not able to carry the game you will need to improve to climb. I do not mean this offensive at all, but try to focus on improving on your midgame as that seems to be your struggle point. (e.g. macro, making the right calls, etc.) Take the role as leader in your games. If you want some feedback on what to do just ask. I can be of service for info till around Platinum/Dia4 elo.
SirLevi (EUW)
: LP system broken?
18 LP is the average LP gain/loss since they reworked the Ranked ladder at the start of the season. So gaining 19 LP and losing 17/18 means your MMR is at the same level as your current rank. Might be wrong, but I think that's the case in your situation.
Normaxxx (EUW)
: End of season rank
Your highest rank will show on your profile. The borders are Queue - related.
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