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Balzano (EUW)
: It could work in 5v5, 3v3 ranked teams. Other then the risk for people trolling is to damn high! It's a good idea, i just don't see how people wont abuse it when their nexus is going down etc. They could have limited pauses though, like 2 or 3?
It would only be a 3 minute long pause and there is no guarantee the pause would be passed. Either all members of the team or all except 1 would need to pass the vote for the game to be paused. If this were in Normal's I could see a lot of people being trolled by it, however in ranked not so much. I play both normal's and ranked mode to have fun, however like most people I take ranked more seriously because it gives me a different sense of fun. I get that sense of achievement being promoted. I don't see this being abused to troll people in ranked mode since I very rarely find a troll who simply just plays to make people have a bad game.
Bàri (EUNE)
: I would like to have one because something might come up that distracts me and I need like a minutes but it's a teamfight so I can't leave the pc. For example someone is knocking the door, need to go to the bathroom, my dog pooped the floor or something lol. But in all honesty I don't get why this thing doesn't exist. Dota has it, Starcraft has it and i don't know what other games support a pause option. But it should be a really good improvement
I do agree that would be a nice thing to have it for and everyone does have times they may have to leave there PC, however I feel this should only be available to the team when a player disconnects from the game completely. The majority of times a player disconnects its through no fault of there own, however your dog pooping on the floor is your issue. Let your dog out before the game!
: That feeling when u play a support like Braum or Janna and ur ADC is DC....
I play a lot of support and jungle and this is why it mainly annoys me, having to play a solo lane bot as a support who sometimes cant really do much or having to play top lane or mid lane with a Jungler with smite and the complete wrong masteries and runes.
TeiX (EUW)
: the only place where this MIGHT have a chance of working(a pause feature on pvp ladders) is maybe on ranked teamgames and even then as an optional feature Dcs are unfortunate but sometimes unavoidable,technical reasons being the big offender(player side or stuff out of their control)
I thought something similar myself, perhaps a separate lobby with the pause feature be created for people willing to potentially have that stop in play or for people who are unsure about there connection. Then the normal lobby without the pause feature for people who have faith in there connection and trust that no one shall disconnect. I completely agree with you, sometimes you cannot help it that you have disconnected. It could be windows updates you have forgotten to postpone and it could reset your computer and disconnect you however at least having the pause feature allows players to try get back online!
Sharkai (EUW)
: There should be certain restrictions tho. I mean, I can already imagine people trolling with it the moment their nexus is going to die.
Perhaps the pause feature only be allowed during certain situations such as when someone disconnects it prompts the pause feature or when everyone is out of combat they can try to pause the game. I do agree though there needs to be certain restrictions!
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