: Serious Ranked 5 Team - [Gold/Plat] - LF Toplaner
**-Main role, current 3 main champions in this role.** Im playing mostly AD and TOP (main 3 picks - i dont feel its necessary in situation in which im adapting to meta so from typical tanks like {{champion:57}} through {{champion:245}} to some bruisers like {{champion:114}} **-Current Rank.** Platinum 3, around 50lp **-Age** In next week 19. **-Why you're looking to join a team.** Im bored of playing alone since my friends dont like LoL **-What your ingame weakness is.** I'm bit too passive. "Offgame & communication" weakness - im shy guy.
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Kifi (EUW)
: Polacy poszukiwani do Dynamicq . W NARODZIE SIŁA.
Rejnols (EUW)
: [S5 Plat+] - LF Jungle & ADC for Dynamic Queue Team (SERIOUS)
IGN: JosNyPL Role: ADC Rank (S5 & S6): S5 - plat 4, right now g2 How Active Are You: (If possible, write what time you are online for the most part like 18-23 GMT+1): in next 2 weeks i will be almost always on lol, cause i have a bit break, after that i will be avalible in evenings From: Poland My Englando Is Good: Enough, if someone is interested (level B2; that mean 4th ; 6th is the highest) Age: 18 School/Job: School http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=josnypl
Maxflu (EUNE)
: Making a new team Tenacity blacks
Hi, Im main ADC. In Season 5 i was Platinum 4, now im Gold 2 after placements and im coming back to platinum asap. More on priv if u are intrested. PS. I will be avalible around 18-19
Stacardi (EUW)
: setting up: High Gold - Plat team
Hi, Im Patryk, having 18yo. Actually im plat 5. I'm playing mostly midlane, but im fine as adc aswell. Picks: theres no point to write my champs, cause im always adapting to meta, so i can play almost everyone. Im not creative so if u wanna ask add me in game. JosNyPL
T0n1ght (EUW)
: "Team New Horizons" looking for members [G+]
Hi, im Patryk, same as u but written a bit diffrent. I'm having 18years old. Im playing mostly adc, but last season i was supporting so im able to be support aswell. Champion Pool : I'm adapting always to current meta, so i think theres no pooint to type every champion there. Actually im Gold 2, last season i was plat 3 and want to come back to that elo. My biggest problem is that my micro with headset is fucked and i need to use the other one, and can be a bit worse quality. IGN: JosNyPL
zidic (EUW)
: Recruiting ALL GOLD team for weekly bronze-gold tournaments 1600RP prizes
Hi, I'm playing mostly adc and supp (in that order). Actually i'm gold 2, cause im not playing ranked, just draft normals. (Last season i was trying to tryhard a bit and reached plat 1) I'm playing every champion, cause im adapting to current meta. Timezone GMT+1. More ? Add me in game :).
: [Sigmar] Searching for Mid And Top! (G5-G1)
How old are you ?: 18 Where are you from ?: Poland What's your english skills (from 1 to 5) ?: 3,5(enough to understand and talk) What's your main champ on Mid ?: {{champion:103}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:61}} What are the champions you can play (keep in mind that we might require you to learn a new champ) ?: Everyone, im always trying to adapt current meta. What's your division ?: Gold 2 How much time a week can you spend with the team ?: Im online (or i can be online) : 12-17 and 18-22 Are you interested in participating in tournaments ?: Yep, i have desire of being better then oponent (prolly from sport) Which status would you like (Main player or substitute, this will change according to your performance) ?: Main
Stano (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=MNRJoIKc,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-07-20T08:29:47.676+0000) > > How do you lose a friend tho? :( add "Suro" as a friend and tell him "Stano" misses him? :(
Done, Good luck :)
: PolicyT Gaming LF a Supp & Mid or jungle
SUPPORT **Personal Name** Patryk **Age** 18 **Where are you from?** Poland **Champion Pool?** Depends on meta, im flexible. But if i need to take my favourite it will be thresh. **How long have you played LoL?** Im playing lol since end of the season 2. **Current Solo queue elo?** Gold2 **Playing times ** Actually 24/7 if needed. **Previous LoL experience? (S1-S2-S3-S4)** At the end of S4 i was Platinum 3 **What kind of attendance can you sustain in our team?** **Computer specifications ** My computer have 2 years, and i have stable 30-40ping and 80-100fps (if here should i write parameters just say and i will improve it) **Internet-connection?** http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4514462653 **Do you have issues with D/C due to internet or computer problems? **NO **Do you have a microphone and are you able to communicate on voice comms?** Of course
Stàrgirl (EUW)
: LF Duo queue partner (G1 Support Main)
http://iv.pl/images/89812917996178981465.png Some stats, dont wanna write to everone so if u are intested, pm ;) PS Last season was plat 3, and slowly im backing on that elo
: Looking for support to duoq with! (G4-G1)
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: [Apocalypsis Gaming] Looking for Gold / Plat Members !! [16+] #2
IGN: JosNyPL Age: 18 Country: Poland Division: Actually Gold 2/ before break Platinum 3 Main lane(s): My mains are AD Carry and Support. Main Champions (3+): ADC: {{champion:236}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:429}} SUPP: {{champion:412}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:111}} PS. I'm always trying to addapt to current meta.
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: Ranked Team Recruitment (Summoner's Rift) Click for more Info.
Division: Gold 3(come back to play after a break, previous plat IV) Name: JosNyPL Roles: Support Age: 18
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