Stormraider (EUNE)
: The new clash sms verification problem
Seems to be a general problem, quite expectable that it wouldn´t work right away i guess lul :^)
: I didnt even get the SMS, it is just stuck at " request in progress "-- sigh
> [{quoted}](name=Zariyah Vaeros,realm=EUNE,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=tekg9Y5A,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-20T11:32:07.839+0000) > > I didnt even got the SMS, it is just stuck at " request in progress "-- sigh For me I was already in client and got it because I was able to directly enter it as step 1 of 2, now I relogged and the first step is enter Password of acc it it already stucks there xD
Weïk (EUW)
: Creation Team Clash - "Request in Progress"
Same here, got the SMS but the Request is still in Progress for Step 1 :|
GLurch (EUW)
: Thanks for reading my wall of text, whenever I write them, I'm scared no one will actually read them, so I'm really grateful right now! If you have any questions or my word isn't enough and you want some more sources on anything I wrote, feel free to ask (it's just that always searching for these links on ever single thing I write can be bothersome and take quite a lot of time, so I tend not to do it anymore unless asked to) ^^
I really like walls of texts :D Most people these days sadly don´t write much more than like/dislike/yes/no without any explaination :/ Speaking of Explaination, the part about the mechanics behind the report system were really interesting :D Are there any places to find more about the backend and how it works? As a programmer myself it´s always nice to get some more detail about some others work :D (Because it´s no open source project I don´t expect any public sourcecode, even though that would be quite cool to see the spaghetti ;) )
GLurch (EUW)
: >It feels like reporting people for toxic behavior like "pls uninstall", "die on cancer", "worst <champ> ever seen, pls go afk" doesn´t matter. Currently I report 1 Summoner per Game on Average with getting maybe 1 out of 100 punished. A few years ago I had to report 1 Summoner in 50 games maybe and in 70% of the cases he/she got punished. I´m wondering quite often, if Rito either just don´t care about reports, the players don´t care to report people or if I am reporting people for things that are allowed because being toxic is overall okay? Toxicity definitely is not okay, even the kind of behavior you listed. You can even look around the [Player Behavior subboard]( and you'll find people claiming to have been punished for doing exactly what you listed. Usually, when someone gets punished for verbal toxicity or negativity, the system punishes them according to the following escalation path: 1. 10 Games Chat Restriction 2. 25 Games Chat Restriction 3. 14 Day ban 4. Permanent ban (Keep in mind if you're showing signs of hate speech, such as racism, sexism, xenophobia, death wishes and the-like, you will in most cases jump immediately to the 3rd stage and receive a 14 day ban as a first punishment. It's even possible to jump directly to a permanent ban, but that is very rare.) Riot has tried different systems over the time, for example, extending the chat restrictions, giving more longer bans before the permanent ban, giving shorter bans, basically everything. However, this system has proven to be the most effective so far, with the highest reform rates. You have to keep in mind that there is no way for you to know if someone got punished after you reported them. Yes, there is a "report feedback" message, however, it is set to rarely appear. Back when it was introduced, it was set to always appear, however, Riot found out that about 20% of the community was annoyed by these messages and did not want them, so they tuned them down. >I have said things I shouldn´t have myself aswell, things I think I should´ve probalby got a temporary suspesion for as well, but what did I got? nothing.. Riot knows that everyone can have a bad day. While flaming is not okay, doesn't help anyone and at most makes everything worse, we all are human and we all get mad from time to time. It happens. If it just happens once in a while and you're not showing signs of hate speech (as earlier mentioned), the system may note this game of yours down and if shortly after that you happen to flame again, punish you, but if it really stays at this "flaming once in a while", you won't get punished. The goal of these punishments is to reform people. However, you can't reform someone when they're just being a human and got mad this once. Most of these people will recognize themselves that they misbehaved, just like you did. >Also it seems like the place is quite important, like being toxic, afk etc. in a ranked is more impactful than in normals. I know some people that got permabanns for being so toxic, but they just started leveling up another account. They were as toxic as always, but the 1 week of leving the account to 30 nothing happend, but then when they started playing rankeds it only took 2 Days to get the account banned, even though their behaviour was the same the whole time. Does this mean I can be unsportsmanlike in normals like I want to, because the reports go direktly to Oscar in his garbage can? Riot treats normal games the same as they treat ranked games, at least if you believe their word and mine. However, this has not always been like that. In fact, Riot tried giving people "ranked restrictions" as a punishment in the past: If someone misbehaved in ranked, they would have to play normal games for a while before being able to return to ranked. The idea behind this probably was that ranked is more toxic due to the competitive environment. Riot found out that this doesn't seem to be all that relevant, because what this mostly did was shift toxicity from ranked to normal games instead of reducing toxicity. Now, I don't know the exact reason for why things happened as you're saying they did, but it's possible that below lvl. 30, most players don't know how to use the report function very well yet or maybe they don't pay attention to the chat. I remember when I started playing League of Legends, I had next to no help either and it was one of the first online games I played, so it actually took me a few months to realize that there's a chat in which I can write to my teammates (though I may have been an exception). It's also possible they remember things a bit wrong or you do, after all, our memory isn't perfect. >I would consider myself a friendly player over all and even though I often think about my adcs "why are you such an idiot and go in like that?" I don´t write that, is it that hard for others to do the same? I often play one game and that get´s me pissed of enough for a day. I keep returning because I always hope it might got better, just to get dissapointed again and again. Am I just to easily offended by trash-talk? I mean I would immediately ban everyone who writes "gg ez" when no Ezreal is in the game. Sadly for me even pro players are like that, trashtalking about how they´ll stomp the other team. Why can´t just someone say "I´ll hope we´ll have some nice matches against them and may the better team win"? For some, it is hard, for others not. It's different for all. My personal experience has been that it's not that hard for most, however, there are always these few exceptions, this "loud minority". When you're in a game and you have someone who flames, you'll have to keep in mind that in your team alone, there are at least 3 others who don't flame. Often, when someone has a flamer in their team, they shift all their focus to that flamer and not towards the other 3 that don't flame, which can make it seem like there are many people that flame, when in reality, it's just this "loud minority". Also, you have all right to be offended at whatever you want and actually, you are not alone with your opinion that the term "ez" is negative attitude (or harassment) when not referring to an Ezreal. Riots system is made in a way that it analyzes the report behavior of everyone and the reasons as to why they report certain people. If enough people report for a certain kind of behavior, the system will start punishing it automatically. So in short, the system is an AI. Actually, the term "ez" was the first term the system learned by itself to punish, this has been confirmed by Rioters and as such, we also know that the system currently punishes for "ez", though it is not seen as highly offensive or anything and as such, if all you do is write "ez" once, you won't get punished for it. However, it will contribute towards your punishment along with other factors. In fact, even if you're offended by something that the system does not punish and something that others may think of as "ridiculous", I wholeheartedly encourage you to report this kind of behavior. The system will never punish you for anything like "false reports", but at most, it will learn from you what you consider unacceptable. Note however this only counts for verbal toxicity. Why I mention this? Because I don't want to encourage players reporting others for something like "playing bad", even if in their opinion, it should get punished with something like a ban. At most, this will hinder the system from punishing actual intentional feeders and is actually one of the rather big reasons the system has problems detecting intentional feeding. You'll also have to differentiate between pro players thrash-talking and normal people thrash-talking. Riot actually did, along with pro players and other people, an article about trash-talk: When pro players thrash-talk each other, they often know each other very good. Most people there are challengers or masters. At that level of play, you tend to play with and against the same people a lot, so you get to know each other and you get to know what others are okay with and what not, which can sometimes make it seem like they are toxic, when it's in fact only "banter among friends". ######Sorry for losing myself a bit there and writing this huge wall of text <.<
First of all thanks for that wall of text, always nice to read something that has some thoughts in it :) > Yes, there is a "report feedback" message, however, it is set to rarely appear. Back when it was introduced, it was set to always appear, however, Riot found out that about 20% of the community was annoyed by these messages and did not want them, so they tuned them down. < That is good to know, I thought I´ll always get the message, that explains why it got less over the years ^^ And thanks for explaining the hidden side of the reportsystem a bit. :)
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: old tab screen please
same here, it´s not only looking bad like it is, it´s a major change to quickmovements for pinging etc. and if you don´t want to care about older designs make it possible to customize things like that completely, so it´s not necessary to hate even more parts of the game, because they get disimproved
Wen294 (EUW)
: "Why is Riotgames only caring about bugs in pro play? " Because Mordekaiser isn't played in pro play. This saves them a lot of time doing bux fixes.
Well but why is the playerbase worth less than proplay? That´s basically the same like Riot is intentionally preferring LCK over LCS with the gamenumbers, to get LCK more experience.
Smerk (EUW)
: I fixed this problem by deleting all my runepages. when you have only one page you can't pick the wrong one
> [{quoted}](name=Smerk,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=2aIuggnA,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-02-03T12:58:49.921+0000) > > I fixed this problem by deleting all my runepages. when you have only one page you can&#x27;t pick the wrong one I´ll try that, hope it´ll work ^^
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: there were 8s left before the game start and i got that error, lost lp because of that.
: couldnt join a game because of a client problem
same issue here, but after games finish (in the honor screen). The cleint seem to work as normal behind the error-dialog ^^
Smerk (EUW)
: Way futuristic? Not really, it actually fits the Lore, hextech stuff and everything.
Anyway that wasn´t the main point. The Old Client looks better then the new one (for me at least for example out of that reason, that I don´t like the style[would be like giving WoW now super fancy HD grafics and stuff. Just doesn´t suit the game and his story anymore])
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