: This post is so interesting do you know his name cuz i want free skins
he got banned ofc lol "Ze herr doktor" is his summoner's Name
: IT"S A TRAP!!!!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Shacownly (EUW)
: TBH, is it just me or is this super weird ? I mean person A send skins to Person B, their so called fool proof ban system detects if the IP addresses from the 2 players have played more games in the past and if so they are friends. so perm ban for person B (the accepter) Now if they never met before it would be super idiotic to ban person B for receiving a skin from a total stranger. IF riot bans players who get skins from unknown players, this would be a really nice troll way to get massive amounts of innocent players banned. Now in my experience, one of my accounts got banned for 2 weeks as they suspected me of being boosted. Which was total BS but i can assure you, (was 3 seasons silver and was still silver) :P Yes riot is pretty fast with responding to tickets, but they had 0 proof of me being boosted and i had all the proof to show i wasn't, still they stripped all my rewards from 2 seasons + the current season rewards i would not receive. So in all fairness, sometimes even RIOT is at fault cause even riot has humans at work so mistakes will happen (sadly)
A i played with this guy arround 4/5 Games to be honest and the greed took me about the gifting thing and 100% i dont know this guy Since you can gift after only 1 day instead of 2 weeks or after 1 game , B i wasnt the only one here and you can read quit well the comments because already there is 6 of this case , C aint Mad of this thing i just said its not Fair thats all , all we know is that a Hacker is able to bann anyone in his Way and you cant deal nothing about it , Why ? because you dont have the proof of your story so Riot Games wont actually give a damn about stories like that ... Perma bann = Perma bann Nothing will change in this in Riot games's System which make it 100% not fair already a friend of mine in S3 he quit the game of the same case here and he was really really high elo , they dont care about elos or nothing , This game works for Money not for Fun and thats 100% obvious .. Rest in peace Seasons 1 2 3 4 :)
: you know...they know who connects to their servers...so basically... you got that account...and sent the gift from same IP or same zone...
yea exactly i wanted to get free skins so i can play my voli more . Please i play only 1 champion why do i need other skins for ? makes no sense Mr agent 007
Trias000 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Elena1405,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=T5drIqMu,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2016-03-30T11:32:59.525+0000) > > and how was that not suspicious to you? i mean, if some random guy starts gifting me legendary skins i'd be like uh oh something's wrong with this guy 100% True. But then, why is there post-match gifting in the first place?
problem is , after the game he is able to gift anyone he wants , so that means after the game he is able to bann anyone he wants
Catchdown (EUW)
: It's disgusting even riot does that here. I can remember my soldier front 2 account getting perma banned too cause the gift someone send was with a hacked currency. How am I supposed to know and I cant cancel a gift! xD
Yeaa lol you cant do nothing about it like 100% nothing , its like you have the Hacked rp and you can bann anyone you want to ... its sick a lot
Wulvz (EUW)
: I gift my friend all the time, gift after gift and he hasnt been banned{{champion:17}}
then your RP is not Hacked , its Legal so Enjoy of it mate
: Getting gifted multiple skins for...nothing? is kinda suspicious. Maybe you really met a persian prince with too much money. Maybe you just met a hacker. Either way, i don't think you should get banned. However, Riot should remove the skins you received, maybe with a love-tap of "one more skin" to make you think twice before falling to something like this again.
exactly :/ thats what exactly happend , 50% of the greed ... i dont even need skins or other champions all i do is play voli on all roles ... then i met this guy from hell , i dont know but what makes a hacker feels when he do that to other people ? he is sending free perma bans to anyone he wants he play 5v5 game in normal after the game he gift 9 people ... holly 9 perma bann waaw i didnt think about that intill now
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Ye it doesnt, but it would make sense if you did that RP hack on a different account did the thing you said about geting those gifts, got banned, but in case you got banned you got this excuse that this complete stranger was only a complete stranger.
well Mate he is hacker stranger , Me ? could be you , imagine you played with a hacker like that and after the game you dont even ask for skin or anything and he gift you One then you get a perma bann like me ? what you gonna do about that ? its like someone sending you a virus and you dont have any protection . Does that makes sense to you ? if it does then i deserve it and i accept the perma bann . Peace
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Ok, im gonna be rather sceptic here and pick Riot's side on this one because i find it unbeleavable that a random stranger would give you 2 legendary skins after 2 games.
A Random stranger with an Hacked RP alot and alot and alot of its wont be a problem for him already im not the first one or the last , just like i got a 20k Rp and i play with you and i dont even know you then i gift you after the game then you get a bann ... so tell me is that makes any sense ?
: Dunno what the game itself has to do with how Riot deals with breaking the rules. Also I dont know what your rank or your stats with a champion have to do with the case you mentioned. Help? File a ticket to the support. I get a respond after 2 days maximum.
i said that because im not a person who is looking for skins or stuff like Hacked Rp or accounts like a lot , i focused on Volibear cause i do play for Ranking not searching for skins and rp .. i do only play the game as it should be and this is what i get
: "Im the seconde Euw Volibear", nope.
well yea i came here to lie so you guys can beleive me and give it a help so ...
: I'm pretty positive you can't send gifts/skins to people you've just added.
after the game yes you can the after game gift + after 1 day as well its no longer 2 weeks
Fatgum (EUNE)
: Sounds scary to be banned like that if that is indeed what happened. If that really is the case, I don't want anyone to gift anything to me. Hopefully you'll get a response. Our beloved Riot Eambo will probably be at work in a matter of hours I believe (We love you Eambo <3) and hopefully you'll get help and I suggest you try Riot Support if this thread isn't seen by a Rioter. If that doesn't help, then...... I'm sorry {{item:3070}} {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
I did the riot support and thank you so much mate , it is Weird a lot to be honest cause the dude just gifted like 20 other people , so all of them perma bann already just like me and that totally makes no sense at all so , again thank so much {{summoner:7}}
: isnt gifting avalaible after everygame even if its your first time playing with that guy?
He invited me to a Bot games , the day after that he start gifting me like arround 5/4 skins after 10 hours i get perma bann and i dont even know him
: Yes! Thats true. You cant gift someone stuff immediately... something is foul abut this guys story. RIOT Games is not stupid ;)
The After game gift mate it is immediately + its no longer 2 weeks to gift someone , its only 1 day now so instead of the way he gifted me after the game . he coulda just giftet me the day after it and Boom a perma bann ofc and i dont even know what happend so what you gonna say about that ? is this a system ? or banning people for no reasons ?
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: Need 2 experienced players for 3v3
Why not , im in you got a fat fat fat af Voli over here lol so i guess we need the last one now?
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Riryz (EUW)
: these skins will not be "rare". everybody can get them if they really want it. also they would have to make a lot of skins becasue every champion needs one then, meaning that (if this will come out) we would have to wait a couple of months before another skin will be released because they have to make champion skins for the 500k reward. personally i dont like the idea of receiving a skin just for playing a champion. an icon would be nice but a skin is to much imo.
agree , i think you're right about this one , i guess the icon would be better than the skin idea ... ahaha my imagination pushed me so far
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