Elita (EUW)
: Can we ever expect a client fix? (4 AKFs in 1 game)
I had the same issue, but ever since i switched to linux and emulating the windows version it's mutch more stable. (not an actual fix, just fyi) Being honest though, i doubt they will ever do anything about it. It seems like they're not competent enough to fix it. Last update they made to the client changed the login time from 5 seconds to about 5-6 minutes depending on luck. Riot game's a parody
Leαf (EUW)
: Thank you riot really
Hold your horses, you're aware they announced 4 mobile games right? (yes, exactly 4!) If there's ever a signal that league is dead and is turned into a mass money making machine for the Chinese, this is it. Nothing good will ever come from this.
i Overthink (EUNE)
: My old account is still banned,can i get a unban i beg you riot..
What do you expect from a company that is so transparently on the radical left? Ever since the protests and that lawsuit, it's all gone to shit in terms of politics for riot games. I personally manually disabled chat in the config so this wouldn't happen, because i know as have been presented multiple times before by my friends that no matter what you say or do, whoever cries the loudest to support wins. Never mind that there are on average 2 smurfs in a gold game, or that in about every 2nd game someone runs it down out of frustration for losing the lane, those are as clearly stated by support not bannable offenses.
: Discussion Thread About Riot's Envisioned Future (Please Join To Give Your Opinion)
: On how you say this looks like you have a problem with France, but no matter what country will host the event the problem will be the same. I didn't do researches (just what this post have) and sounds really stupid. Hope is just a misunderstanding and the event will gonna be in English (not that I will watch it anyway).
They have a completely backwards law against doing an event in english, that's why they can't do the finals in the language most europeans understand, according to riot. Although what i don't understand is, why even try putting an international worlds championship watched by hundreds of millions in a country that doesn't allow it to do it properly, should be a no brainer to stay away from france and spain.
: Worlds Finals Tickets- AccorH Arena website/ ticketmaster.fr not working
Same, this year's worlds has been the most poorly organized one yet. Not even gonna be in english so i guess most europeans can just give up trying to attend a finals or semifinals
kwimbik (EUNE)
: Worlds in France
Agreed, i was so hyped that worlds is finally going to be in europe but then it's not even in english.............. What a failure, whoever was in charge of organising this was high on something
: I personally hated Odyssey. It got me more frustrated than anything else in League. When there was always that uneducated idiot that couldn't count to 2, and always brought more augments, completely wasting my time. I've always been nice to other people in League and never flamed, but in Odyssey I just got so frustrated that I flamed every game and went afk, because if they ruin my mission, I'll ruin theirs too. You can't imagine the rage when for the 5th game in a row, someone always brough more augments.
That's true, the missions were poorly designed, but i was mainly referring to the gameplay which was really good.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: both odyssey game modes were successful especially the last one and urf was never about winning the game so you going in to win was your personal mistake and the last iteration of urf was so successful that they kept it up for nearly 3 months
You didn't read the blog post, they said event modes are cool but they didn't see it attracting enough players to make them anymore. As for URF i never said it was about winning the game, i said it is pointless without an objective and the lack of goal for which players can work towards it's just sandbox with sped up key smashing.
: Last year we got Project: Overcharge mode, this year nothing?
I agree, event gamemodes were the most fun in all league of legends, too bad they're replacing them with a mobile game.
Rioter Comments
: Cant even imagine there is any place anywhere in Europe where you need 20 hours and 3 transfers to get to Athens lol. And it is one of the biggest cities in Europe.
I don't think so with 600k pop in the city area it's pretty small. It's not dense enough, most of the population is spread out which makes it mostly suburban and therefore terrible for travelers and tourists and just in general for high density businesses.
: Get your tickets for LEC Summer Finals in Athens!
Was planning my trip when i saw there are barely any flights to Athens and i'd have to transfer 3 times through more than 20 hours. It's not even that the flights are full, it's just that it's a crappy and small city.
: > And it works flawlesly It doesn't. Neither does any other system. But it has less false positive than any other currently known system, if that's what you are worried about. > At this point , either the system doesn't work , or they make it not work on purpose Or your and Riot simply have different opinions about what kind of behavior should be punished.
It has more false positives than any other esport game out there according to me and tens of other friends playing league and almost every other esport game. At this point we can not even use chat because even the simplest and most light hearted interactions with any other teammate can cause us to get banned, as we have experienced several times before. Of course the evidence provided for the ban is almost always non existent, but the game still shames us and denies every reward and bonus for being "dishonorable" Apparently the textbook honorable player according to riot doesn't use chat


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