: I was a princess back then, now Im fabulous please unban me too. I promose to tell people nicely to GTFO my lane next time >_>
: > now i am looking to comeback to the game with a adult vision As an adult you should accept responsibility for your own actions. So just do the adult thing to do and accept the ban you deserved instead of trying to wriggle out of the affair. It's a good thing that you are sorry and it takes some guts to admit one made a mistake...but this doesn't mean you can escape responsibility. You did what you did and you felt the consequences of it. I'm afraid there is no way back. Why am I telling you this? Well, I wouldn't do you a favor if I told you "Hey, just ask the Riot Support to unban you, maybe they will do it", because that would be a lie. Permabanned accounts stay banned forever and Riot has very good reasons to stick to that rule. There are no exceptions, no matter how sorry you are. Thats why my advice is, that you just accept the consequences of your past behavior like an adult...you have no other choice anyway.
u sure about that? how many pro players were banned and then unbanned? jensen for example. if they unban him they gave him a second chance then i think we deserve it aswell. and if he said back then he wans't a adult please use ur mind back in that time he was a kid. now he has grown up and looked back at what he did.. your comment makes no sense. pro players deserve 100000 of chances and we none? stfu.
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: Is it possible to recover RP from a bought skin that i dont like?
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: i didn't know that 5v5 ranked teams were disabled. This is a bad idea .The 3-4 premades in solo queue, btw, is the worst idea ever imo. They only flame the one who is not premade with them, plus they tend to troll a lot. Imo solo queue should be just what the word implies, solo queue.
true i agree with you.. but now who's going to make riot realize that? i seriously prefer ranked team 5v5 then dynamic Q... help me spreading the word out m8
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: "... For what? ..." Every single server has Dynamic Queue and the new champion selection, while EUW has nothing DUE to issues. EVEN if Riot wont give us any compensation, WE ARE NOT GETTING THE SAME SERVICE AS PROMISED, YES Riot is working theirs butts off and we, the EUW community appreciate it, but compensations are needed. And this isnt about getting free sht, this is to compensate for our problem, that isnt even our problem. While the rest of the world enjoys the new features, we will not get them until they get fixed. Riot had months to prepare for this, and they should have expected something like this to happen, SO NO SURPRISES should have been shown by Riot, which I dont think they are surprised at all. If they were 100% confident that the new Dynamic Queue and Champion select were NOT going to fail, its their fault for not taking any precautions. And as such, IF they did not take any precautions at all, Riot SHOULD IN FACT give out a compensation, for their miss-judgement. We were promised something, its not working, crowd is getting angry, Riot SHOULD give out something to compensate as an apology. "We are sorry this occured, have a free [place something here] as an apology for our troubles." A copany must stay proffesional, and keep their customers happy, NO MATTER WHAT.
i totally agree with you .. they don't care about EUW the server that gives them more money that has more players.. playing.. they only care about others.. only our server got shut down with problems "issues" others everything is okay... and what we get ? nothing 0.. NA AND KR get like skins or RP we 0
Riot tmx (EUW)
: [20.01.2016 EUW] Dynamic Queue System disabled, previous Solo/Duo Queue re-enabled
the funny thing is that this only happens on EUW on NA is always everything alright but on EUW there's always something wrong.. funny... right.. well.. u guys have no love for EUW but anyway thanks for ur time..
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: I have been hacked and can't recover account.
thank you so much guys and that's what i am going to do.
: Fizz...
just learn how to play agaisn't it.. he's laning phase isn't as strong if u fuck he's laning phase then u can make him useless.. find a way to counter it.. instead of crying.. and saying He's OP and crap.
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