: Asking for reports is bannable.
asking for report its bannable what about inting and afk? it seems riot prefers to give bans to people who are actually trying to win and get mad because of their teamates just playing around. i dont mind losing i just dont like losing when i feel i cant dont anything because of these teamates.
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: Glad to see the system works
yeah, ban the ''flamers'' forgive the inters and afks
: I'll explain why the system tagged you. You might agree or disagree with that reason. The biggest offense in your chatlog is incessant and constant asking for reports against Brand. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, it is possible he deserved to be reported and punished. However spamming chat with demands for report is not an acceptable behaviour. Some people consider any report calls toxic, but even those who are more tolerant to that behaviour do not accept repeating the call multiple times. Consider also your generally negative attitude. You weren't overly insulting, but by focusing so much on that one player and spending lots of time on complaining you made the game even worse for your teammates. Having 1 toxic person - assuming Brand was indeed intentionally feeding, is bad enough. Having a second just spam chat with complaints about the first one is even worse. Now, you might still think it is unfair, as is your right. However be warned, that this is how the system works and it is considered to be working as intended. So if this is a 14 days ban, behaving in similar manner in the future will result in permanent one.
thanks i dont think its fair for me getting banned while they dont
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