: I'd limit it to the 15 second window where you can't leave the fountain yet. You could also allow to change your runes in that time frame. I personally never have wrong summoners but sometimes I forgot to change my mastery page in past seasons... Still would require the enemy to wait this 15 seconds before deciding on items themselves. The better option would therefore of course be if you were allowed to change everything but your champion during the loading screen or for the first 15-30 seconds of the loading screen to avoid getting interrupted while changing stuff. When the game starts everyone can press Tab and buy items against the opponents accordingly. You could even hide all this information during the loading screen so nobody changes stuff just because the enemy has something shown on the loading screen which they change for ingame. Then again you could just add 15 seconds to champ select so you could change everything there. I have to say it's quite little time if you're last pick to select your runes in time... With the new system I can only have 7 rune pages... So should I be autofilled toplane what I never play voluntarily I would have to google a mastery page - I mean RUNE page for the champion I selected and then select all these runes in like 30 seconds... And please make it possible to have an unlimited number of rune pages. Optionally to buy with RP/IP. Then I could actually have a rune page prepared for every occasion...
I don't know if they have this yet, but maybe a type of notifier (i.e. an effect or textbox) around your summoner spells. Pretty hard to miss that. And yeah... only two rune pages is pretty annoying lol.
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: Or you can learn to pay attention during champion select and not forget your smite
Sure, that's true. But I guess you're the type of guy that enjoys playing with 2 tops? :)
: Lets say there is Yasuo and maokai in the game. You think it's yas top since maokai had smite in the loadingscreen so you Take dorans shield, but haHA they changed summoners and Yasuo is in the jungle EXPLOITED since you wanted dorans Blade against a maokai
Mmmm, maybe a system where you add 10 seconds if someone has changed it + game chat announcement? And lower the base time to 15-20s? **Or you could scratch it all and make it that you can only switch to smite ofcourse...** Also, although it will kill early invading, you can wait 30 seconds and see if an enemy has changed... Guess it still has to be perfected :x
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