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: Doing a study on toxicity and negative behaviours in games
People are toxic because they can't stand idiots, morons and fuckers in general. In all honesty flaming should be encouraged because so many people in this damn game needs to be flamed so they can understand how incompetent they really fucking are. League would be a funnier game if lack of skill could get you banned from ranked play.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: May I see evidence of this? I've been part of the Player Behaviour community, and I've literally read thousands upon thousands of threads and Tribunal judgements over players. I've seen less than 5 false cases where players were banned by mistake. And in all of those cases, Riot quickly reverted the punishment when it was pointed out to them. People don't get banned for a bad game. They get banned for consistently destroying the gaming experience for other players.
Trolling, feeding, afking is destroying the gaming experience for others. Having bad manners is no issue since you can mute it. Yet i've never seen anyone banned for the first 3 reasons stated.
Kageryu (EUW)
: Thats why singleplayer games exist. Just because you had some horrible events happen does not mean you should fuck over other peoples days. Because thats what you do.
That is assuming many things. Like the person in mind has money to spend on singleplayer games or the interesst to play anything apart from League. Also, its not "fucking over people". You simply can have a less than great attitude and get banned for it.
: Today I quit League of Legends after nearly 4 years of play
I feel like everytime Riot tries to improve upon the behaviour in their game by adding more punishments the game just becomes more toxic. A few seasons ago I remembered that you could safely call out your team for being bad when they were feeding and not have to worry about a perma ban coming your way. Now when you accuse your adc of overextending when he towerdives 3 towers to chase a tank, you get accused of being toxic beyond belief. Riot Games have failed, and they are killing their own game.
Wipoulou (EUW)
: You almost never see someone getting banned for no reason, it happened but in most casses you did something. Riot also has logs of everything and you could still send a ticket to ask the reason why you were banned.
Someone can be in a foul mood from having a relative die and it can result in a ban. "Dont play then" is a moron argument because when one feels shit video games is a good out.
Sourury (EUW)
: To all the nice players : Do not ...
Are you demented or something? First off, as far as odd things go AD TF is not a horrible idea, especially if your team is packed with AP already. Secondly, nobody owes you a damn thing just because you wanted to spend RP on something trivial. If someone gave me a free skin for one game I might say thanks, but if I intended to go full AD Garen then I will go full AD Garen no matter what. Also, i'm guessing this friend of yours is not having the same problem you are having. Seeing as it's not the person who'se lost RP that is complaing, it's you. Some bystander. Seeing as you reffered to this friend as a she it feels as if there is BONER written all over this post. You are overreacting in an attempt to stand up for someone because you are being horny when in reality in the perspective of the girl in mind you probably just look embaressing and pathetic. Grow up.
Ovityy (EUW)
: Master yi
I'd advice you to learn how to play the game better. On my new smurf account i've encountered about 4-5 Yi's as i've gone through ranked. Beat. Them. All. And that is without a devourer jungler myself.
: A big problem in Silver right now
There is a reason they are in silver.
Sdars (EUW)
: Am I the only one who thinks Kindred should use an early game nerf and mid/late game buff?
Agreed, I hated how a ranged jungler got so much early game power. It's a menace to play against. Riot shouldn't implement champions that are straight up boring to play against.
You got wrecked by Riot. They want your money, not your appreciation. Im afraid you got nothing to do but accept the fact that Riot can steal from you whenever they want as long as you purchase Riot Points. So basically, don't purchase Riot Points.
Eir Nipun (EUW)
: False reports holding me back from spending money in this game.
Don't spend money, don't risk it. The ban system is realy dodgy and you can never play safely.
Vexxed (EUW)
: Amazing 2 vs 5 Bard nexus defence in diamond ranked (Must see!)
And im pretty sure people on the winning team were flaming and pointing fingers at eachother up to the point of them winning.
: Yes, its so hard to use... press 1 for a ward... WOW! So complicated. No, how about I don't like {{champion:412}} because he's an overloaded piece of crap that has been a bane on this game since release. He is just basically {{champion:53}} 2.0 and I will NEVER play him on principle. {{champion:43}} may not be considered "good" in the meta but she is actually my main and she does fine in the support role because I ENJOY using her and she has fairly decent poke damage because that is 10x more fun then waiting around on {{champion:16}}, {{champion:40}} or {{champion:12}} (The last one is totally overrated and only popular because he's spammed in LCS)
Guess why you won't get out of silver :)
: When sightstone gives decent stats, I will buy it, otherwise its just a useless item slot. I like to use {{item:2301}} and btw, thanks for calling {{champion:43}} useless because she's not. Not all of us get off on playing boring supports like {{champion:12}} or overpowered horribly designed champs that don't even need to build damage to get damage like {{champion:412}} .
Boring because you don't know how to play them ^^ Thresh is the best goddamn support in the game. Also, that meta karma support.
Sandara (EUW)
: why should i get banned in the game i didn't flame, there is no clue that i insult someone..
: [BUG] Zac's passive VS ezreal's w
You can teleport to them, no bug. Not hard to figure out.
: Tier 1 Support Masteries are just awful for poke supports.
Because poke supports arent suppose to be a thing. It's what bad players do when they are stuck in the support role. They'd rather try and kill the opponent than support their carries. Suppose you are on of those guys that would rather buy a deathcap than a sightstone and pinks.
Ruskronos (EUW)
: RIOT why do need a Q skill Hecarim?
You can weave them in with auto attacks and do additional damage.
: But it's a video game! it's meant to have fun with it and try your best. Sorry but i still think that "rule" is BS. I have no idea if Maokai devourer is ok or not. I can't say anything about that. But doing something in a reasonable manner ( not obvious trolling) is allowed.
It's also a game for everyone else, why should their fun come at the expense of yours? It's way healthier for the game if everyone play to reach the main objective, to destroy the enemy nexus aka winning. Devourer Maokai goes against that directly. Thusly by going devourer Maokai you go against the reason of which why people entered this game, to win, and have fun by doing so.
: So he can't try new champion out? That's what you're saying right? That "rule" is utter BS. as we all have fun at the expense of others every single game. That "rule" needs to be thrown out.
It's not BS. You aren't above 4 other people on your team. If you intentionally hinder yourself by doing something stupid and silly, like devourer Maokai, you are insulting and disrespecting your entire team. When it comes to trying new champions I preffer to do so with friends that will put up with me having a poor game. I try not to waste peoples time.
: How can this be worthy of a permaban?
Bad grammar, plenty of reason to ban.
: this is why LoL Is tier 1 pure trash community and will always stay like this..
I'd say "this doesn't happen in higher ELO" but I still recall watching Bjergsens stream once where 3 games in a row would end immediately because someone in one of the teams would afk / troll cause they didn't get their preffered role or champion.
: This game is for fun isn't it ?
If your fun come at the expense of 4 others, no it is not. You are not above those you play with.
: Never Been Banned Club
That club is going to backfire real quick.
: > [{quoted}](name=2Bibby,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=adLEcIr4,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-03-09T23:31:13.291+0000) > > Yeah, let's give the troll what they want. That will reduce their numbers for sure. > I can barely imagine anything more stupid than to comply with the trolls and just accept that they are there and can ruin your game whenever they want without punishment. And I mean without punishment. I trolled on a seperate account for a week or so and got no ban at all. I did however get other people punished when I reported them for raging at me. > > I admit, I intentionally tried to ruin a game and I was rewarded for it. I'd continue if I didn't find it more fun to play those epic League matches. Yeaaaaaa, this tells me all i need to know about you as a person. Permaban incomming. I wont rub it in if i see your qq topic in a few weeks. But it will please me to know you are a goner. Raging troll less in the game. "but i only troll cuz trolls trolled me, I HATE TROLLS" **_MUST RESIST TO TELL YOU WHAT I THINK ABOUT THE STATE OF YOUR MENTAL AND SOCIAL CAPACITY_** Oh wow! i did it.. or didnt... Guess i wont end up permabanned =D
I got literally nothing to say to someone like you. It's as if you actually think you are right. Well, suppose this is why the word moron was invented.
Mepodis (EUW)
: Why do girls get boosted just by naming their gender?
Because testicles. As long as testicles exist and do what they have always done girls can get a lot from guys which are single. When there is a steady supply of vagina however the guy is not so easily swayed. It's like trying to bait a fat guy with a salad. This was... weird.
Nergál (EUNE)
: Because while in a game the most important thing is to properly type out each sentence rather than typing fast so that I don't waste time. People like you are the reason I get enraged and lead to situations like this.
Because you look like a bloody idiot. You all do. Typing shit like that makes you look as if you never got educated in school. I cannot fathom why anyone willingly would want to have people view them as such. Also, it doesn't take any longer to hold shift and use punctuation. You got ten fingers to utilize when you type and a finger can move very quickly. When I see shit like "lul i no rite" I immediately label that person as a moron, deservedly so.
: > [{quoted}](name=2Bibby,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=adLEcIr4,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-03-08T01:27:02.915+0000) > > I'd rather lose LP than carry a toxic troll to victory. This attitude towards your 3 other teammembers among other things is what gets you banned. There are rager people like you and trolls. Many trolls are only trolling because they feel offended by some rager. I dont defend trolls and agree with punishments towards them, but i am not letting you use trolls as an excuse to be toxic for your entire team and i also agree with your punishments. It is up to you and ONLY you to prevent your permaban. Good luck
Yeah, let's give the troll what they want. That will reduce their numbers for sure. I can barely imagine anything more stupid than to comply with the trolls and just accept that they are there and can ruin your game whenever they want without punishment. And I mean without punishment. I trolled on a seperate account for a week or so and got no ban at all. I did however get other people punished when I reported them for raging at me. I admit, I intentionally tried to ruin a game and I was rewarded for it. I'd continue if I didn't find it more fun to play those epic League matches.
ImpulsZ (EUW)
: 3 premade reported me now perma banned didnt even flame.
Bad grammar = perma ban in my books.
Hyperal (EUNE)
: What's your biggest win streak?
In season 3, the first season I decided to take ranked seriously I managed to accumulate 17 wins in a row in my push from Silver 1 to Gold 5. All games Jungle, all games Xin Zhao. The first loss occured in my second game in Gold 5. Didn't mind it to much at the time.
: Another one unable to ignore the chat or mute people who annoy him. The day you start putting your head into carrying those people, instead of yelling at them via chat... it will be the day you enjoy the game again and also improve your elo. #NERFMUTEBUTTEN
I'd rather lose LP than carry a toxic troll to victory.
: If this is your attitude, it might be your problem not ours. We all are unlucky sometimes, but if you think that you have all the toxity in your team, take a look at yourself if you are toxic. Even if you think it's justified it's not, being toxic is never justified.
League is the only game I play where I encountered toxicity frequently everyday. Not in every game, but every day at least. Also, if being rude to someone toxic makes yourslef feel better I endorse it. I will only ever blame whoever started it, not the person that retaliates.
Nergál (EUNE)
: So just got a 2 week ban for no reason.
I would have banned you on the grammar alone.
: Considering that we are talking about a that really who you want to be? A guy that wishes ruin on people because he isn't happy with their attitude in a game? What kind of person would that make you? I understand your frustration, I really do....but don't exaggerate. It's not THAT big of a deal.
It's not just that their attutdie is horrible. It's that their attitude is literally wasting my time. I'd rather play anything else than a game of league where people troll and afk. But when i'm in that game I cannot leave because system. That's why I get annoyed. I'm literally stuck, forced to having my time wasted because of people that spend their time just to ruin it for others.
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=2Bibby,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=adLEcIr4,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-03-03T10:21:07.751+0000) > > Atleast from my perspective they'd be banned cause I can no longer play with them anymore ^^ > > **But yeah, I just want to ruin the life of all of those people.** Please leave
: > I would sacrifice my account for the ability to ban anyone I wanted. But you cant. So if you get banned due to your behavior, you sacrifice your account for nothing. Not really worth it.
Atleast from my perspective they'd be banned cause I can no longer play with them anymore ^^ But yeah, I just want to ruin the life of all of those people.
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: cant play for more than half an hour without my pc to be turned off bec of overheating(not bug)Help
: There is a Bug with Lee sin R
Welcome to games created by Riot Games.
: Devourer Junglers - Rageblade should get the same mechanic as XZ's W.
Sounds great to me. Sick and tired of Devourer Junglers.
: How Often do Players Pay Attention to "SS" Pings?
They never listen, thats why I don't ss ping. I ping lanes to retreat instead.
: Do you guys play whilst drunk?
No, and it should be a bannable offense.
kiksenx (EUNE)
: Make the punishment for queue dodge harder.
I believe you should remove queue dodging penalties for the first 3 games of the day. Why? So you can dodge those pathetic, unhelpful, disatrous morons that ruin it for your team in champ select by not cooperating or listening.
Faca4 (EUW)
: you dont need a slow if you are faster then everyone else.... and btw if you do some math you will see that devourer is way to goldefficient...
Yeah, it's why it's a late game option for junglers. But jungle is very rarely about the lategame. It's about early game pressure and creating advantages for your lanes.
Enlight13 (EUW)
: No matter what you've been taught in real life,let me be your guide to the virtual world. Virtual world is a simulation. It does not have your being. Therefore,when anyone attacks you,its a bunch of 1's and 0's popping at your computer screen. If you think you're being brave by defending yourself against a problem that isn't physically there,you are currently standing up to 1's and 0's. He can't hurt you. He can't touch you. He can't make you be. And the only thing he has power over is himself as much as you do. And how much power of you you want to give to him is up to you. So if you don't feel like being abused, simply don't. Mute him. Just like that, you negate their voice as an existence. And after the game,his being. You can play a God. Don't play the fool.
You must not play much league to think that toxicity derives from chat alone. You ever played with a teleport / smite teemo support? I have.
Viavarian (EUW)
: Not sure what you are talking about, the toxicity is on the lowest level ever. There were times where you had to report someone every second game, it's much better than that at the moment. The current automatic 4-strike system is far more effective than the slow-moving tribunal which sometimes resulted in punishment only half a year after the offence (not to mention the first "punishment" was just a formal warning).
Have you played the game? People intentionally ruin it for others way more than before. In older seasons when people got mad they just flamed, simply mute and ignore. Now you have to have your time wasted completely because they literally go out of their way to make your time miserable.
: And we care if you reached diamond why?
It was you who responded, why on earth are you trying to make a point about not caring now? It's a bit to late.
: >Riots new "improved" system only made things worse. Yeah, this system would be so much better if we had some sort of confirmation that toxicity gets punished. [OH WAIT....](
I've gotten a lot of people punished. Many haven't deserved it yet I reported it none the less because it's amusing. People which are frustrated over afkers, feeders or trolls. Yet never have I ever manage to punish a troll or a feeder. And when I say feed, I mean intentionally so, not those having a bad game. It's the troll that ruin the game, not people flaming in chat. Flame can be muted, trolls can not.
Parza (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=2Bibby,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=4X3jNa01,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-02-18T15:30:47.494+0000) > > Bad grammar from yet another banned player. Seems to be consistant. Perhaps educating grammar would improve peoples behaviour in game? Didnt your mother teach you to use your salty behaviour with your foods? Poor lad
I made a perfectly valid observation and stated my conclussion. The only butthurt I smell here is you.
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