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: unable to connect
this is curious because I had my client open for some good 4 hours, than an update came, I clicked to restart (like 3 hours ago) and it updated just fine and I could login fine... I actually finished a game like 10 or 15 mins ago... maybe this update introduced some new feature or a change and some setting in windows/antivirus/firewall or something else is blocking it?
Diävolo (EUW)
: >I got told that many (toxic) players don't like girl-gamers for some reason I'm toxic to inters and braindamaged people. But who the %%%% is toxic to a girl for existing ? There are many girls in boards which are smarter than most of boiz here and dudes respect them. So the person who told you that is a liar. So, about the whole thread. Toxic people needs to be calmed and treated like kids. Everytime they play well throw a "wp/you're so nice/uwu"... I solve it like that lol. + Riot isn't trying to fight toxicity so that's one of the reasons. And you joined the game in the worst time ever
you don't even have the right to be toxic to inters and brain damaged people... but what you should keep in mind, is that you might find someone that is playing bad because of their life situation, there have never been so many troubled people as there is now, watch out with your words, words can either be a gun or a helping hand, a simple "you are great" or a "you are bad" can turn into very different things for that person, although for you it doesn't impact at all... it's easy to judge when you don't know the details for why that Silver 3 player is playing like me (a new player), just take into account you don't know the details, so save your words for yourself, you never know to who you are talking to and you might actually hurt that people with your words, it's not like your flamming will make those players play better, they will actually play worst anyways... so why talk? it's better for you and better for them. let me tell you an example: there was once a guy, in metin2, a very bad player, that when someone said "go die to the wild dogs", the guy attempted suicide (in real life).
: New 1v1 ranked gamemode?
don't believe that honestly... not for ranked... remember the core game is a 5v5, you can be AMAZING at 1v1, but then you go to 5v5 and you look like a level 5... unless, it's ranked, but a different ladder, like you have for ranked flex.
: The most TOXIC player ever
I wish riot was more reasonable in this kind of situations... honestly what I would do was give a straight IP ban to people, at the very first life threatening situation that happens...
RogueDek (EUW)
: Riot needs to get their shit togheter.
I mean riot games is owned by Tencent, what would you expect? Tencent thinks players shiet 500 bucks when they go to the toilet and you can see that clearly in mobile games made by them... it won't surprise me that much if in the future if they come up with something in league of legends that's basically a status thing (like some big and glary border) to which you need to pay real money to get it so you can go show it off in your games...
CJXander (EUNE)
: League of Standards
something similar happened with me yesterday. I was playing naut with a kai'sa as adc. she got a bit fed because I was having really good hooks and we would like emote each other and stuff... than she became greedy, was like using R to get into a 1v3 situation, trying to kill them all, but couldn't, so she got annoyed. there was this play, it was us and yi vs their bot and the jung. our yi killed soraka and died because he went into 1v3. short after we got there we were 2v2 but it was me and kai'sa vs their jungler and adc, their jung was kinda fed, so I started retreating because we wouldn't have damage for them, I didn't even had ult. I started pinging her because the enemy jungler was more fed and had ult while we didn't had any and also because kai'sa had just made a killing spree a bit ago so if she would die, she would give them extra gold... I used my Q and E to slow down their jungler and while doing this I pinged danger so kai'sa would go away... when I finished this off I started retreating but she insisted on the fight... I continued to ping (total was like 3 or 4 pings)... as I predicted, she died, she almost got the enemy jungler but he killed her... soon after she died she says "stfu you and your pings", to which I said "I wanted you to go away so you didn't die", she goes like "I could've had killed" and I say "but you didn't and just gave them gold" she says "muted" while I am typing "even if you killed their jungler, the adc was there to finish you off"... we were winning the game, but since this she started going like crazy dumb, even into a 1v5 situation... because of this we lost the game... she had a really nice damage and we both could get fed from the kills she got, but her decisions...
: Good chance that the enemy smite was at the exact same time as yours but slightly before so yours went off but the enemy got it Like lunobi said if you supply a replay clip we can figure it out much easier
I know league has clips in the match history but I didn't thought of that at the time. i'll try to check it later on
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: As you can see I am level 237 so I can't remember what you get at each level. Beside When this system was introduced I was level 20 or above. This is why I put that link in my comment Scroll down until you will see a table with levels and what you get. Also there are moments when you need to relog to update the game because this game have a lot of bugs.
so basically I am lacking a 1350 shard + 130BE and 950BE from levels 11, 13 and 14. or if I got them I am not aware of it, I indeed have 1000 and something BE, but I think I have that since level 10... anyways, I'm almost going to level 15 and I'll see if I get the rewards or not.
: I remember this stuff, when I would level up I would get one of those capsules, but it just stopped when I hit level 10, I never got another one, although when I leveled up this last time it showed that I got another capsule, but I went to the chests inventory or whatever it is and there was no capsule in there. so if you get them each level up, I haven't got the capsule from the last 4 levels.
actually, I got 1, at level 12 now that I think of, but it didn't give me champion shards, it just gave me 450BE straight after opening.
: In this game are Chests and Capsules from which you can get champion shards. You get Capsules by leveling up (you just need to play the game to get XP). In the moment you level up you will find in the Hextech crafting a cylindrical object: * at normal leveling up * if you get lvl 30-40-50-60 and so on In this capsules you get shards of the champions and if you disenchant them you will get BE between 810 and 1260. If you see a shard from a champion that you like then keep it and try to level up again to get another Capsule. The champion shards are shortcuts for the real champions that you can buy from the shop. The problem is that you can't choose the shards so if you really want a specific champion then you can disenchant all the shards and go to buy that champion from the shop. The chests are rewards for your performance with a champion (S-/S/S+). You can still have a lower score performance and get a chest if you play with your friends and one of them get this score. You can get only one chest per champion and when the season end all your chest get reset and you can get again chests with that champions in the next season. You start with 4 chests available and get a new one every 7 days. You can't hold more than 4 chests so you need to win one to get another one after those 7 days. You open those chests with key that you get by just playing the game. Keys are obtained by crafting them with 3 keys fragments in the Hextech system. Here are more info: * Hextech system: * Leveling up system:
I remember this stuff, when I would level up I would get one of those capsules, but it just stopped when I hit level 10, I never got another one, although when I leveled up this last time it showed that I got another capsule, but I went to the chests inventory or whatever it is and there was no capsule in there. so if you get them each level up, I haven't got the capsule from the last 4 levels.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: the same reason items in your local market cost 10.99$ instead of 10.00$
so, are those 99 cents you acumulated on your 99 10$ purchases that is gonna make you go to the market and buy more? the psychology behind the X.99 is that you overlook the 99 cents, so you go check the price on something and it says 2.99 and than you go tell your mother or wife "hey, it's 2$"... that's the psychology behind the X.99 in markets and other stores.
GLurch (EUW)
: You wouldn't have this problem if you'd pay in Romanian Leu, 50 Romanian Leu get you exactly 1650RP :^) You see, I think the problem here is if they'd make it so that the pass would cost 1520 RP, the polish would complain that they need to spend an extra 10 zloty just because of 80 RP, or the Danish would complain that they have to pay an extra 80 Danish Koruna just because of 120 RP and so on. You wouldn't solve the problem, you'd just solve it for yourself and create it somewhere else. The real problem is that in a continent like Europe, we have a lot of different currencies with different values, hence these problems.
there's a simple solution for that: differentiate pricing and prices based on the RP you can buy. besides all the currencies in europe, every country is different, even under the euro currency... for example, for me 10euro for a chroma is too expensive, just for comparison, with 10 to 15 euro I can go dinner in a restaurant for 2 times!!! but for the germans for example, 10 euro might not be that much, considering their expenses are way above my country's expenses and also the salary is like the triple you get here... 10 euro for germans is what? the price of a breakfast in mcdonalds or something? but for me, the prices that rito practices take away my quality of life, hence I haven't and probably won't ever buy anything on the game using real money. than, they can just put prices based on the money you pay for RP and diferaciate the prices btw countries... so in an example, for the OP 10 euro get's him 1520RP, for me it's only 1380RP, so the pass could just cost 1520RP for him, and 1380 for me... if I wanted to buy that pass, I would need to waste 20€ on this game... way too fking expensive... the problem is that things have a different cost than the RP you get, so for me for example, I would need to waste 20€, buy the pass and the remaining RP would serve nothing at all, as I wouldn't be able to buy anything else with them, forcing me to waste another 10€ at least, to buy something else... but anyways, as long as rich countries continue to give rito money, they won't care I guess... for me, I will never be able to buy skins or anything, I won't take away dinners or even a T-shirt or some jeans to buy something on this game that will actually do nothing for me in real life except a little show off that everybody can have in-game...
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: If you have a limited amount of time to play/invest into the game then the high ranks would probably become rather obnoxious to maintain to begin with (decay,new metas, learning the roles over and over) If you play just to have some fun then normals are practically ideal.
I wasn't talking about ranks or anything, I was talking about the general average person like me, this game makes me feel like I have to give 110% of me and wants me to play way more for the sake of learning a champion and play it decently... other games on this genre aren't so hard on the player, I remember playing HotS and it was way easier, great tutorial, had hints everywhere and way easier to play, it didn't took me that long to actually learn the basics on a character, here there's so many variables that makes the game really hard to learn, specially when the matches are long af...
: game does't lunch
try checking your firewall, that happened to me a while ago, my firewall would prevent the game from launching. try also checking your antivirus, some antivirus, specially if you use third party antivirus like AVG, kaspersky, etc, they scan the programs before they open, so it might happen that while the client is trying to open the game, your antivirus starts scanning the leagueoflegends process, preventing it from starting till the scan is completed, because automated launches trigger an antivirus to scan the program before opening it. if everything fails, uninstall league of legends and reinstall again, if the problem persists that something is wrong with windows or some program is blocking the game from launching.
: game does't lunch
you guys mocking another player just because he made a mistake while writing or he might actually not be English and doesn't know the word... where is your common sense? not everyone is forced to know perfect English like you.
: Do you ever wonder why certain easy champs no longer appear in high elo? because they are so easy to read and limited in their options that they're basically unplayable once people actually know how to face them
but we are bronze, silvers, golds or even unranked players, we are not in the higher elo area, most of us play league just for the fun or to kill time, we don't play league because it's a 'job' or a way of life like higher elos, the normal player will never put so much time into learning a champion just because that champion has 1001 different reads or even abilities and than realize they played like 100 games with that champ and lost them all because they have school/work and can't put in that time it needs to actually even play a champion decently... me for example, I am new on the game but I work and study, I have a house that I have to clean and maintain, a car to clean and maintain, a dog to walk (I think you get the point) so I can't put all that effort riot want's me to put for the sake of learning a champion... I tried Qiyana, she seems fun but not that easy to learn, even champions like velcoz, I suck with velcoz because I simply don't have the time to improve, despite I like that champion very much, so I limit myself to AD champs most of the times as they are basically point and click auto attackers, thus easy to learn. I understand that they need high intensive mechanical champs for the sake of the pros, but releasing easy playable champs for the sake of the general player would be a good thing...
: Locked screen vs unlocked
honestly, when I started playing (not that long ago) I was on fixed camera. but my brother, who plays with unlocked camera, told me to play unlocked. he told me that I can play unlocked but holding the space bar, as it will lock the camera. he says the advantage on doing this is that if you want to look somewhere else, like in front of you or the sides, you can just release space bar and it will unlock, allowing to move the camera freely. and I honestly got used to it already and it's better because no matter how big is your screen, there's always some space you can't see on the monitor unless you lower the resolution and you can see that situation fine when you use the camera unlocked, you can always see a little bit more when you move the camera. just try to get used to locking your camera with the space bar, for me it only took me a couple of games, because normally your left thumb is already on top of the space bar, you just need to press it so it makes it fairly easy to get used to it.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is it so frustrating getting a chest?
the problem is that the game does statistics into what it takes to get an S-. I don't remember already but I was reading about it last week, because I am trying to get an S on Hecarim, but let's say the game picks up the best scores and other information like vision scores, etc from the top 10.000 scores. than it does some maths and gets the average score, from all of those 10.000. so let's say the average score (to simplify, just the KDA) is 21/2/12 on katarina, that means you need an equal or better score to get an S-. problem is, whenever a player gets a better score than 21/2/12, the average score you need gets higher, so it reaches a time when the average score stops being 21/2/12 and becomes 22/1/13 for example and it goes like that forever, that is why you no longer can get an S as easy as when this system was made. *I am basing this on stuff I read, I don't know if it's true, obviously*
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