: Is there anything that would help me with the fact that I'm simply utter trash at virtually everything in the game?
The game has yet to remove busted champions that were released early. Because the game was new champions were basic, very strong and don't require allot of skill. Champions like jax, ammumu, nunu, annie, warwick. Not feeding in lane is a big one, if your lane opponent beats you, farm and try your best not to die. Fed lanes throw games. gl
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: If there was a rank worse than Bronze, I would say I'd stay there, in that I wouldn't be able to get out because I'm so trash
Along as you keep playing, you'll go up. Watching gameplay commentary's on youtube and tips and tricks videos for your role helps allot.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Well a rank for fresh 30 would be helpful since that 1200mmr breaks silver elo hell
Yeah, I don't believe unranked people should be placed in silver 5.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: rookie would be better
Yeah, but some people arnt "rookie's" , there just not very good.
: you said you have been playing for 4 years? I'm not trying to flame if it sounds like it but for you to have to learn another roll to climb out in that amount of time is kinda shocking. I climbed out of bronze after just 3 months of playing this game. I'm sure there are lots of others that have been playing for a longer time as well and are actually stuck in bronze the reason for this is they simply dont learn/ or dont want to. After all climbing out of bronze can be something so simple as watching 10 challenger replays and watching watch that said person does and how to then implement that into ones game play. A lot of bronze players think they are good but in fact its not true they blame there team but that's also not true you win 50% of you games and lose 50% of your games out of lets say 1000 and the only person who can change that factor to a positive one lets say 55% is you ie if your botlane feeds im a mid laneer how would i play around that? id pick a early snowball champ that has alot of map pressure that can gank early a good example would be talon and then push that lead into other lanes. to sum everything i said in a few words bronze players are bad its not there teams its them so no blaming your 0/10/0 trist! even tho you want to instead look at ways to improve and evolve as a player i know this has gone off topic but it had to be said!
Yeah, I only play league because of friends. I was carrying one of my friends out of bronze 5 and the slow climb out of bronze was slow due to feeding teammates, my newbie duo and throws. ADC is such a better way of carrying + the game gets boring so learning adc was a fast and fun way to carry as 1 person and 4 meat shields. I could just play katarina mid and go straight up, but there's no fun in that.
: unranked is all about skill i got a unranked account and i get matched with gold high silvers then again another unranked can be matched with bronze 5 players it all comes down to how good that person is on that unranked account
Not the point, but I agree.
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: i dont think another rank is needed bronze alone is easy to climb out of if you know basics and what champions do a rank below this is kinda pointless tbh and i dont see riot putting it in even if this board gets 1000 upvotes the system in place works just fine how it is
I appreciate your input. It doesn't sound like your at an elo in which you encounter and play with the rank of people in question. I'm not looking to start a movement, I just like discussions and positivity in such a primarily toxic game. I climb to silver 5 for the End of season rewards and stop. In my trip out of bronze I can see why it is easy to get stuck. I had to teach myself to main adc, the only role I have not played atall in 4 years of playing because botlanes always feed and throw. After skipping through the rank, there is a divide of people going up and people going down.
Ιgnite (EUW)
: To be frank, people in bronze are lower than an Unranked due to the ELO system, so when you're unranked you start at 1000 MMR which is the equilevent of Bronze 3 - 2, Bronze 5 is like 800 I think, not quite sure.
Well in unranked doesn't even count as a rank so it must be below I would think. Like someone who didn't complete a race is behind the person who came last.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pornstar Udyr,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=TAtYieNQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-27T00:16:16.809+0000) > > there's bronze 5 itself, the pit of fire that swallows up souls and keeps them there for eternity, due to bad mentality, or just not playing with your screen on I shit you not, I have a friend that **was** Bronze 5 0 LP for about 2 seasons. Me and the rest of the gang would "encourage" him to change is attitude on the promise that he would climb in rating. I say "encourage" because the rest of the gang just made fun of him for being Bronze 5. I played a few games with him and experienced first hand the "Bronze 5 mentality". He's not an amazing player, as one would expect, but he isn't "Bronze 5 material" either. If he changed his attitude then he would climb. I told him this. Now the funny part. Last time we talked he said "Hey Febos, I'm Silver! Well, I'm Bronze 1 but almost Silver". As you said, Bronze 5 is mostly about mentality. Some of those players are actually really bad, but I'd wager a good lot could climb easily. *** > [{quoted}](name=Pornstar Udyr,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=TAtYieNQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-27T00:16:16.809+0000) > > I personally wouldn't create another rank, but implement the challenger LP system but going below 0 I don't like this. It's like "circle jerking" someone for being bad; exactly what my other friends did with that poor soul. I believe being Bronze 5 0 LP is enough shame.
I've dabbled in a friends account that was bronze 5. It was like a 1 v 5, I don't think that the new players learning and the less skilled with a bad mentality should be sent to the same pit imo.
Ιgnite (EUW)
: Bronze is worse than Iron, technicly speaking so maybe a change to Bronze > Iron > Silver > gold > Platinum > Diamond > Masters > Challenger
Yes, that's true. But I think that copper is more elegant and prestigious. Silver, gold, platinum, diamonds. All precious metals, id think copper is above iron, opinions may vary. Either way, same effect, different name. Another rank to filter out bronze from the hopeful and the hopeless. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: It should be called "Plastic" or "Wood".
Id say copper or Iron, but yours may be more accurate {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Must be why they were trying to ban that Korean singed support main for trolling. They did, because he wasn't playing support. He even admitted that himself. He was abusing the "support"-role to get short queue timers, but played jungle instead, regardless of what the other players on his team had to say about it.
This original point has become blurred and faded. Considering I'm talking to a senior, Is riot going to deal with the fact that auto filling people support is downgrading the quality of the bottom lane?
: > where my support without notice, without communication of any kind decided to last hit every single minion in the game intentionally despite being notified and asked to stop. This might surprise you but as long as the support is trying to win the game, there's **no rule** against taking farm. Going against the meta isn't a sin. The fact that in the bot lane, adc is usually the one taking farm is just *courtesy*.The supportis under no obligation to not take farm. > A little note, the tribunal was one of the best things to happen in the game. It was also the *slowest* way to distribute punishment. It was a great ideea in the first few seasons when the community was still relatively small. But after the explosion of players in season 3 or 4 (I forget which one), the tribunal was so slow in giving out punishment that it sometimes took literally months to punish a player for bad behaviour. The IFS is wayyyyyy faster >Would you have stayed and had my farm taken or left. Consider its a normal game. Yes. Besides, as you said... its just a normal ;)
1, there's no rule to taking farm and its a courtesy lol? Must be why they were trying to ban that Korean singed support main for trolling. Its not a rule, your just punished if you disobey. 2, Saying something is " wayyyyyy faster " doesn't compensate for the fact its non-functional. Of course its fast, its clearly skipping over cases. I got temp banned for using the word coon, - definition, short for racoon in a positive context in an upbeat game to refer to someone with the username racoon for racism. Yet I report someone for saying " Nazi scum n*gger " and I might as well have told my wall because the " wayyyyyy faster " IFS missed those low-key, hard to spot derogatory terms like " Nazi scum n*gger ". The things garbage. 3, If you would stay in a normal game where your partner, support, is actively trying to disadvantage and sabotage you, you have too much time imo.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > So while the tribunal might have been slow, at least it worked. And handled far less cases, much much slower than the current system. --- The old Tribunal voting system didn't actually handle intentionally feeding with much success either. It was pretty much only handling verbal misbehaviour.
Why couldn't tribunal have been used to handle verbal misbehaviour alongside the current system then. The racial joke and jab here and there isn't something to throw your arms in the air about, its one of the best kinds of humour imo. I'm no snowflake but I've seen some of the most horrendously offensive, racist things said, reported at least 20 people where extensive and unnecessary racism towards another has been used and I haven't received a punishment notification once, checked there accounts just for curiosity and there seems to be no punishment whatsoever. The current system to put it lightly is non-functional and garbage.
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Infernape (EUW)
: You know the fact that you got punished means SOMEONE reported you? Maybe one of your premades didn't like what you said.
Someone on there team reported me because I played " noon champ " thresh. Could have been that maybe idk. We were laughing the whole game in a premade call so I doubt it
Smerk (EUW)
: There was only one requirement to join tribunal: clean account with no previous punishments.
Eg , new players. Doesn't quite work. Probably why it boiled down to people skipping through cases .
: I know what you mean, it all depends on where your from as to what people use as racial slurs. I only know about monkey as there were cases of footballers being taunted by fans with it, in some cases throwing bananas onto the field. Not too long ago there was a noteable increase of people calling each other bonobos (a type of monkey) as an insult in league. They do take into account the context tho as normally racial slurs get perm ban first instance. As for the tribunal, there were a few reasons contributing to its removal one of the biggest being that an increasing number of people were simply voting to punish as quickly as possible without actually reviewing the reports to get the rewards.
Yeah I get that but there calling them monkeys because there black. I have no way of knowing what there skin color is and calling someone an animal has no racial intent. I get what your saying but it feels extremely flawed Then the timers should be increased and constant incorrect cases should warrant a suspension or a ban from tribunal. It was a good system that needed tweaks. The game is in desperate need of things that bring the community together, ive never seen a game be so toxic for this amount of time and get worse imo.
: The tribunal was removed because it didn't work.There weren't enough people to get to each and every report, and the process of reviewing games was very slow.
That's because you had to apply to the tribunal , If your going to filter the applicants instead of implementing a system where for eg, you get lvl 3 honor and you can enter the tribunal. Or gold and above only sort of thing. Its not exactly like this system works perfectly as shown lol
: I know coon is also short for racoon, it doesnt change the fact that its a racial slur. And as far as not assuming which your using it for consider monkey, we all know what a monkey is right? Now im not saying you cant use the word monkey but if your calling someone a monkey it will be seen as a racial slur. Its the same with coon.
I didn't know it was a racial slur tbh. Even so, if it has 2 meanings and theres nothing to prove I'm using the racial meaning then in shouldn't be punished imo, not a ban atleast lmao. Not sure how calling someone a monkey would be considered racist, in league I wouldent have any idea of what the person looked like behind the username, theres no suggestion that I'm using it in a racist way + nobody on my team was black for the cheek lel.
: Actually only 1 report is needed per game, and if the keywords are juicy enough (which some of these most certainly would have been, racial slurs and such) then the automated system won't need multiple times to pick anything up either I would imagine. also "3DIABLO: report my adc for coon" looks to me like something that would have been said on the /all channel, no? So possibly not one of his "friends" was offended by his "funny" use of offensive and racist language.
BOI! Coon is an abbreviation for raccoon! Google coon, first primary key term, short for raccoon. If a word has multiple meanings then you cannot assume that it is being used for the latter !
Infernape (EUW)
: You know the fact that you got punished means SOMEONE reported you? Maybe one of your premades didn't like what you said.
I think one did as a joke and the reason why box was filled out with " ban " ironicly 😅 still doesn't explain how this went through lel not bothered I just find it funneh
Riryz (EUW)
: one? one isnt gonna be enough to get him a punishment though. more like multiple and on multiple occassions. some friends he has.
Not possible. I mute all the team at the start of the game and only say wp to my ADC when we get kills. This was the first time in a while I'd talked. I called one of there team van der viel whilst being chased. Van Dee viel is a football / soccer player lol 😅
Fajerk (EUW)
: It's amazing how far have machines analysing chat advanced isn't it?
Its revolutionary. People in the 90's speculated flying cars in the future but where still designing a functional reporting system lol
: You clearly have no idea how the system works.
Simmer down , were all friends here lel
: No, one works just fine. Riot has stated a bunch of times after their system was updated a while ago how 1 report = 9 reports. A report only triggers an investigation into the game in question. If found guilty of whatever you were reported for, you'll get punished accordingly. Likewise, if found innocent, it doesn't matter if 9 people reported you, nothing bad will happen to you. PS: The system cannot tell if his IRL friends decided to report him for lulz or not, nor does it recognize between friendly banter and toxicity. About a month or two ago, I saw a guy complain how this happened to him (IRL friends reported him for kicks and giggles, didn't think anything would happen to him - and he got permabanned). I am not a 100% on what happened, but I think he might have gotten unbanned after his friends contacted Riot and sorted things out. I'm not guaranteeing it, so take it with a grain of salt, but I think that's what happened.
Still dont understand why tribunal was removed, they were onto something good. Idc about the ban I hardly play the game, just uploaded it for the giggles
FeefaAll (EUW)
: I'd be offended if you called me Ribéry tbh
I think I was a dirk kuyt away from a perma ban lmao
: > [{quoted}](name=3DIABLO,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6iozalgl,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-13T21:17:03.979+0000) > > Game 1 > 3DIABLO: who tought this space coon to talk eh > 3DIABLO: COON! > 3DIABLO: report my adc for coon Since coon is a racial slur i can see why you got banned, only surprised it wasnt a perm ban. Its funny how you dont like this game and yet still play it and post on the boards...
Dude wtf coon is an abbreviation for raccoon... I had to google this I thought you were joking. Thats dumb af. I've played 1 game in 2 months because my friend asked. Google coon RN, short for raccoon.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: It's been considered, but the issue is that you'd get a lot of people just queueing up for the less popular roles with the intent of the bonus reward, but without having the intent of actually filling said role. How would you also treat cases where people trade in the champion select, so someone that was provided a popular role trades with someone that was provided with a less popular role? The person that was given the less popular role will get the bonus reward, even though he's playing the most popular one.
I believe thats easily fixed unless im missing a deeper issue. Have a range of rewards depending on the frequency of there participation of the role. Rewards would be given out after a month or so and league of legends should detect and notify you that your frequency of a role is sufficient for rewards. Just a on the spot thought. And players positions should be recorded from when champ select is over, NOT when champ select has just started. This would cancel out the issue of trading roles. Again, just thoughts
: Autofill is needed to keep the queue healthy. I understand that you don't like it but i ain't gonna wait an hour for a game because no one wants to play adc or support. And you are not able to get 3 THREE hextech rewards a day? That is perfectly normal you should be able to get 3 key fragments and 1 chest every week. Not 3 a day lmao. And why should we reward support to support with hextehc items?
Reward people who frequent the less liked roles to improve the wait times, ammount of people in that role and the quality of the role
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LazySlav (EUNE)
: well man, maybe you dont care about "shit" on page but many others do acutally read lore :)
lore????? nonce
LazySlav (EUNE)
: you were told man, you just need to check up riot page more
I shouldn't need to go to the riot page to be told about a new icon. ingame homescreen filled with trash that honestly nobody cares about or takes notice of, a notification saying "don't miss out on the limited edition zaun icon" would have been so easy to do. Step it up riot, challenging call of duty for the worst game in terms of listening and rewarding the community in my and many others opinion {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=3DIABLO,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=d6e2jgzq,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2017-02-04T13:56:58.971+0000) > > Can I still get the icon? The icon was only available until the 2nd of February I'm afraid - if you did not claim it by then it is no longer possible :-( Sorry!
Why weren't we tolddddd. Thank you and all the riot staff for the lack of updates and notifications and the constant lack of effort you put in. Appreciated.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Shélton, For EUW, you should be able to obtain it [HERE](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/piltover#zaun-champion-tales) https://i.imgur.com/lKX5p7b.png If you cannot see the claim button, please ensure your region select at the top right of the page is set to EU West correctly. https://i.imgur.com/u0RqYtj.png
Can I still get the icon?
: Hi, There's no reward for downloading the alpha client; > [...] being cooler than other people is the reward
actually you receive an icon. Please make sure your giving correct answers. Have a Gucci day.
: > Don't forget that anyone who participates on the live LCU Alpha will be receiving an exclusive summoner icon! You can earn this icon by login into the LCU Alpha Look for it to hit your account by November 29th! He is just unpatient like everyone else here
that's not what being impatient* is. if I knew it was being given out on the 29th AND still questioned why I didn't receive it that would be impatient*.
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: awesoooooome. I love collecting things that are limited edition like vaulted skins n stuff. is there an image of it?
1. oh nvm I saw the link. sweeeeet {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-622-notes yes, you get an icon
awesoooooome. I love collecting things that are limited edition like vaulted skins n stuff. is there an image of it?
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The Stump (EUNE)
: Your "Brand" perfectly describes the answer you are searching for, Britain may leave European Union but that doesn't mean it's leaving Europe since you can't move a country to freaking Arctic... know what I mean ? XD
yeah , i had my hopes up i would be out of the cancer that is euw :(
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